Hello again, internet. After a series of chemically-induced trips mixed in with a series of literature that kicks Twilight's ass, I've been inspired to write a few lines of prose for the files of one Harry Dresden. Spoilers abound, so read at your own risk-if you've read the whole series, then you might enjoy these. Most of them rhyme, but you may find one or two lacking in iambic pentameter in the future.

This first one is an introduction...written from the POV of Harry after Ghost Story. So yeah, an intro at the ass end of the series.

Enjoy, and please review afterwards!

I'm In The Book

I may look a little homeless,
But don't go by what you see.
You'll never find a Private Eye or
Wizard quite like me.
First appearances: My duster's black,
I'm ridiculously tall,
Forget the charms, I've got force rings
(the ones to rule them all).
There's a Third Eye on my forehead,
With nothing it can't see...
Except my child, or my death,
Or how both came to be.
I have a feeling death was caused
By a shadow in my heart:
A fallen angel, Lasciel,
(she tore herself apart)
Once shared my body and my mind,
Professing to be loyal
To me while I ran around,
She helped me with my toil.
She's gone now, though, so do not look
For her inside my mind,
Brain damage killed her, so her shadow's
Back with demon kind.
Now I've got Murphy, Bob and Molly
Some true and honset friends,
To help me now and figure out
Just how I met my end.
I used to be called Warden Dresden,
Now I'm the Winter Knight
I do not know what's coming next,
But should be one good fight.
And now we reach the end of Changes
and the Ghost Story book.
Side Jobs is now in paperback
(it's great, so have a look.)
I'm just a wizard, a spell slinger,
but don't count me among the mages.
When you need help, just look me up.
I'm in the Yellow Pages.