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An Uneasy Relationship

"Grr you know you can be such an ass sometimes!" Maka said shaking her head side to side. "I just don't know what to do with you!" She said. Maka was talking to her increasingly rude boyfriend. All she's done this entire basketball game was get made fun of by Soul, her first boyfriend.

"Well I'm sorry if tiny-tits doesn't know how to handle her balls!" Soul said winking suggestively at his meister. Maka blushed beet red.

"Makaaaaa~ CHOP! PERV!" Maka screamed launching her newest read, Legend (*1*), at Soul's head before storming off.

"Geez, you think you could have taken it to far there?" Liz asked looking angrily at Soul, but she couldn't look at him angry for that long as his signature smirk grew on his face. Liz had a crush on Soul, but it was obvious from the start that Soul was in love with Maka, so Liz being a decent best-friend did not try to ruin her best-friend's love life because she had a crush on the same boy she did. Liz had to keep her secret for 3 months, the same amount of time Soul and Maka were dating.

"No..." Soul said. "But where's Kid?" He asked looking around. Everyone looked around after Soul mentioned that except Blackstar, who was standing on top of the basketball hoop.

"HAHAHA! STOP WORRYING ABOUT KID! WORRY ABOUT THE GAME! SINCE TWO PEOPLE LEFT WE CAN CONTINUE!" Blackstar said jumping off of the basketball hoop. "OUR BALL!" He screamed pointing to himself.

"I'll admit he took it too far." Kid said looking down at his fellow meister Maka. She was sitting on a bench under a tree about 5 blocks away from the basketball court. Hearing the familiar voice Maka looked up.

"Hey Kid." Maka said trying to fake a smile. She'd hoped that Soul would be the one to comfort her, but instead Kid was comforting her and although she was still upset it wasn't Soul, she was glad Kid came over here to comfort her. "Why aren't you playing basketball?" Maka asked, trying not to sound rude she added on quickly, "Not that I don't mind your company. It's just that I don't want to ruin your fun." Kid let a small smile appear on his face.

"You're not ruining any of my fun." Kid said sitting on the bench next to Maka. "I don't really like basketball anyway plus I must give you your book back. How is it?" Kid asked nodding to the book.

"I just started a few minutes before I came here with Soul, so I really don't know." Maka said shrugging her shoulders.

"Well tell me how it is. I need a new book." Kid said.

"You read?" Maka said too surprised causing Kid to smile again.

"Yes, I read. Do you think I live in a cave? I read for fun just like you, it's just that no one cares about the fact that I read, all they care about my love of symmetry as if it's some terrible contagious disease." Kid said scrunching his nose in disgust.

"Alright then, I can see people thinking that even though they shouldn't! As for a new book though, have you read Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Maze Runner, Percy Jackson Olympians series, To Kill A Mockingbird, The Book Their, that one's told in your father's perceptive(*2*)." Maka said pointing to Kid. Kid nodded at each book.

"I hate to say that I've read them all." Kid said getting up from the bench. "I have a huge library at my house if you want to see it, plus I've also thought of a way to cheer you up a little bit more as well while sitting here with you." Kid said sticking out his hand to help Maka up.

"Really? Thanks Kid you don't have to do this." Maka said grabbing his hand and getting up. She let go quickly afterwards to grab her book that she left on the bench.

"It's not a problem, you're my friend and I feel like both of those two psycho maniacs wouldn't apologize to you for what they did anyway." Kid said nodding towards the direction of the basketball court. Maka sighed.

"I guess I've just learned to ignore them." Maka said as she turned to walk down the street.

"Maka, where are you going?" Kid asked.

"Your house." Maka said knowingly looking at Kid like he was an idiot.

"It's down that street." He said pointing in the opposite direction. Maka blushed bright red whispering multiple sorrys as she followed Kid to his house.

"Kid... this is amazing!" Maka said running her hands over the multiple books in Kid's library. She looks like a kid in a candy store, Kid thought looking at the over excited meister.

"Feel free to come here anytime to get any books you'd like to read." Kid said. Maka turned around and smiled brightly at Kid.

"I've said it once and I'll say it again, this is amazing! How did you afford all of these books?" Maka asked slowly backing away from the shelves to stand next to Kid.

"I don't know really, it might be because my father is the richest person on this planet." Kid said sarcastically to Maka.

"True... Thanks for cheering me up Kid." Maka said, the pure joy still glazed over her eyes as she looked over at Kid.

"No problem, but this wasn't really my original plan." Kid said leaving the library. "Are you going to come on your own will or am I going to have to drag you out of there?" Maka heard Kid yell from down the hall. Taking one last look at the library she ran after Kid.

"Here we are." Kid said pointing to the NBA sized basketball court-gym he had in his house. "I usually use this for fighting, but we could play basketball here too." Kid said looking at Maka who just sighed in utter defeat.

"I know I can't play basketball for my life. Why are you rubbing it in with a newly cleaned gym?" She asked, head hanging slightly. Kid frowned.

"Well, I thought I could teach you the rules and how to play better so you could show Soul that his 'tiny-tits' can play basketball and even beat him at it with a little practice." Kid said making a disgusted face at Soul's nickname for Maka. Maka looked up at Kid.

"Are you sure I'm not a lost cause? I'm pretty sure I was never born to play baskeball!" She said quickly, but caught the basketball that was launched at her head by Kid. "What was that about!" She screamed at Kid who was smiling.

"That proves you have fast reflexes, and like any athlete, fast reflexes show some skill level. I also know from the Kishen battle you are a very determined girl. Adding those factors together along with your DWMA training, you seem qualified enough to learn how to play." Kid said grabbing a basket ball of his own.

"Are you sure?" Maka asked worry etched on her face.

"Positive, come on we'll start with the rules." Maka nodded the fear that was on her face was replaced by pure determination. This made Kid smile.

"You did great today, see you're already getting better." Kid said as Maka made a shot off of her dribble.

"You think?" She asked slightly out of breathe. Kid nodded.

"Come on upstairs to the main lobby, I've told Soul you were here this entire time and he'll be here to pick you up soon." Kid said signaling to the clocks on the walls. Maka nodded.

"Alright, but before I leave can I go and pick out one or two books?" She asked quickly. Kid nodded as he went back to the main lobby Maka had run off to the library. The moment Kid got there, the doorbell rang.

"Hey." Soul said as Kid opened the door. Kid nodded and stepped to the side as Soul walked in, soon followed by Liz and Patty who came over here with him.

"She's in the library, she should be down in a second." Kid said nodding towards the stairs. "Is there anything I can get you?" He asked, being the polite host he always was.

"No thanks." Soul said before shaking his head and muttering, "My stupid little book worm." Before Kid could say anything Maka ran down the stairs carrying three books.

"Hey Soul!" Maka said hugging her boyfriend with one arm.

"Hey babe, ready to go home?" Soul asked.

"Sure, Kid do you mind..."

"No problem and are you..." He said making hand motions to the gym.

"How about tomorrow, is that good with you?" Maka asked. Kid nodded and waved good bye as they left.

Once Soul was down the block from Death Mansion he turned to look at Maka angrily. "What the hell was that about?" He asked.

"Nothing, we didn't do anything he lead me to his library and taught me how-" Maka stopped suddenly.

"How to what?" Soul asked aggravated, letting his mind wander. Maka smirked evilly.

"You'll find out soon enough, and Soul, Maka...CHOP! Kid would never do that even if I were begging on the floor for it! He's too much of a gentleman unlike some people." Maka said looking at Soul for one second too long before continuing her walk home.

1) I'll combine these two author notes, all of these books/ book series are amazing! read them all please!


And to those asking if it's going to be worth rereading due to changes, then no unless you want to!