Chapter 1: Surviving

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huge step up from this.

So I'm taking a swing at the classic AU highschool setting blah blah blah ("But what happened to your "be original" deal! :( D: T_T") I wrote this before I came up with that. But I did set it a bit apart from the other stories.

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"Ms. Maple..."


"Maybe you can answer this question: If 38.5 grams of potassium react with excess oxygen gas, how many grams of potassium oxide can be produced?"

May Maple thought for a moment, her mind reeling trough everything she had learned recently, doing several quick calculations in her head.

"46.4 grams of potassium oxide..." was her answer. The teacher smiled and nodded.

"Very good Ms. Maple, okay, class is dismissed... Remember, there will be a quiz tomorrow, so make sure to study chapter 28 as much as you can!"

Everyone in the room sighed in relief. They collected their books and papers, not that they were of any importance, all they had were doodles and pencil smudges on them. Nobody really paid close attention to the chemistry class.

Except of course... For May...

May Maple was a quiet person; she had long brown hair and sapphire blue eyes. She kept mostly to herself, only speaking up when asked a question. The most important thing to her was her education. May Maple was a smart girl, she knew she could do well and go off to some big name college, forgetting the horrible nightmare that was high school.

"Out of my way, Dweeb Girl!" Someone shouted pushing the poor brunette to the side, knocking her many books from her arms.

You see, May wasn't exactly the most well respected teen in the school, she was rather different, automatically making her an "Odd ball" or "dweeb" as the other students called it. The Oddballs was where students who seemed different from everyone else who were categorized, and typically, people in this group weren't treated with much respect by the other children.

With a sigh, May leaned down and began to pick up the books she had dropped, avoiding the merciless feet that would step on her thin fingers if given the chance.

"Here, let me help you."

A girl with black hair leaned down to help May. The girl wore a black hoodie, a white and black striped T-shirt under it, black, torn jeans, and black shoes. One her wrists where thick, black bracelets and she wore black eyeliner.

"Thanks Dawn," May said gratefully.

"No problem, don't worry, I'll deal with that jerk later."

Dawn was also a girl who was considered an Oddball. How was she different? Dawn was emo. Although she had been categorized in the lowest group on the chart along with May, people tended to veer away from Dawn, because they knew she would go to any level to get a satisfying revenge for doing something that made her angry. The only time May ever felt secure at school was around Dawn, because she knew nobody would dare lay a finger on her without feeling Dawn's wrath. But Dawn was not just May's guardian, but was also May's only friend.

The two outcasts never did much together, May was too busy studying to hangout, and Dawn hated the sun, explaining her pale skin. Dawn would just talk about what mischievous thing she did during this or that class while they ate lunch in the cafeteria, or how she planned to get someone later for sticking gum on the bottom of her desk. May normally just listened, she would occasionally help Dawn figure out a problem in her homework or help her pass a test, but otherwise, the two never hung out after school.

"You will not believe what Gary Oak did!" Dawn said, handing May her books back.

"What?" May asked, raising a brow.

"He unplugged the pencil sharpener as I was trying to use it!" Dawn exclaimed furiously.

Gary Oak was the only person who, besides May of course, was not afraid of Dawn, and seemed to have a strange passion to annoying the crap out of her. It didn't matter how many rotten banana peels she put in his locker, he never gave up trying to annoy her. May found him to be rather childish and immature.

"How immature of him..." May said. Dawn huffed in agreement as her rage built up simply thinking about Gary Oak.

"OOOOH!" Dawn growled in frustration, "I'm going to tie the jerk to a tree, stuff his face with sauerkraut, and pull every single hair from his head... One. By. One!"

May of course, being the girl she was, replied, "That would take a long time, there are over-"

"I know... I know..." Dawn cut her off, "I don't feel like having my head explode right now..."

She often referred to her head exploding when May gave her an excessive amount of information, or simply a fact that blew her mind. Dawn wasn't exactly the brightest bulb of the bunch, but thanks to several of May's tutoring sessions, she was able to make it through each grade.

May glanced down at Dawn's wrists and noticed some wounds under her bracelets that she had never seen before, adding to the collection of scars on the girl's wrists. May always had wanted to try to stop Dawn from doing horrible things to herself like that, but Dawn never budged, there was nothing that could stop her.

"Dawn... I told you..." May said, gesturing to her friends wrists. Upon reflex, Dawn tried to hide the new marks.

"My mom came home with that stupid guy again! That drunk jerk, he... He..." Dawn's voice lowered she seemed unable to continue. May knew better than to try to pursue the topic. She said goodbye to the now even more depressed than before Dawn, and left. She walked out the door and down the steps heading towards the road hoping to get off the campus before...


Anything bad happened...

May felt someone slam into her and she tumbled into the grass along with whatever hit her.

Or whoever hit her...

Several classmates laughed as she grumpily tried to get up.

"Watch where you're going!"

May looked up and saw a mad boy who had a red cap with half a Pokéball on it and messy black hair, his jeans were stained green and his vest covered in grass.

"I-I'm sorry..." May managed to say, wishing she hadn't left Dawn.

"Be more careful! Arceus! Now I'll never find Pikachu!" He said before stomping off. May looked down and picked up her books again and hurried off before any other disaster could occur.

"Hey May," A small boy with large glasses said as May walked through the door of her home, "Do you want to play a board game?"

The boy's name was Max, he wasn't as much into school, but liked to have fun, the complete opposite of his sister. May's entire day consisted of school, homework, and if she had time... Extra studying.

"No..." May said automatically. May's parents, Caroline and Norman had noticed that this had become routine. May would come home; Max would ask if she wanted to play a board game. She would always say no and disappear in her room and not come out at all except for when she had to eat dinner, which she ate wordlessly.

May went up to her room and locked her door, she took out her iPod and put the headphones in her ears and quickly went through her homework. When she heard her mother call her for dinner, she wordlessly put down her pencil and went down stairs to the table.

It had all become routine...

From May's perspective, anything that happened at home was always the same, the only way she could tell one day from the other was based off what she had eaten for dinner.

But tonight... Was going to be a different night, that would change her life forever. One fateful statement, one simple command, would flip May Maple's world upside-down.

"May, I'm going to take you to the gym to help me clean up a bit okay?" her father asked. It was a simple task, but one that didn't appeal to May, none-the-less.

"But I have homework to do," She protested.

"May, your Mother and I have looked at your report cards, I'm sure you can afford to miss a few questions one tonight.


"No 'but's young lady, you're help your father tonight whether you like it or not!" her mother said. May slammed her fork on table and stood up.

"You both are unbelievable!" She shouted as she stomped away from the dinner table. Her parents exchanged glances; they had planned for her to do it to get her out of the house. She was so quiet, once she reached high school, her normally perky and cheerful mood had disappeared.

May found herself leaning against her door in her room, sighing depressingly. She looked around her room, which was spick and span. On her walls hung a few posters of famous coordinators she used to look up to. But those dreams had been long forgotten.

"May..." her father said gently from the other side of the door. "Are you ready to go?" May took another deep breath before opening her door and stepping out to see her smiling father.

"Yeah," she said sadly, "Let's get this over with..."

May had turned her stupid headphones on full blast, but still couldn't hear anything over the stupid vacuum whirring loudly had it sucked up the dust on the floor.

As if this could be any worse.

She didn't think she was even getting paid. She wished that she was in her room, at her desk, studying.

Maybe I should turn emo too... She thought to herself, actually, it didn't sound like a bad idea, if she acted like Dawn, maybe kids would mistreat her as much. She had never talked to her parents about how she was abused at school, and the principle and teachers didn't seem to pay any attention or care...

I have to solve my own problems... She thought to herself.

May sat down in her chemistry class putting her books away and setting up her desk even neater than it already was.

"Alright kids, like I said yesterday, there will be a quiz today, counting as a third of your semester grade, so I hope you studied Chapter 28 enough to pass." the teacher said. May's head snapped up.

Oh no! May thought to herself, I never got to study last night I had to help Dad clean his stupid gym! Her heart sunk has the test paper was handed to her and she began looking over the questions. Some of the questions she was able to figure out with logic, but there were a lot of terms and abbreviations used that she didn't recognize. She guessed on the ones she didn't know and turned in the test.

"And then I taped the stall shut... He couldn't get out!" Dawn said. She took a bite out of the hamburger that was on her tray. She chuckled to herself as she removed her dark hair from her face, looking at May.

"Are you okay?" she asked, "You're more depressed than usual..." May sighed and laid her face on the table.

"I didn't study for an extremely important test..." she said sadly, "Now... Now..." she couldn't seem get them words out.

"Hey it happens every once in a while, right?" Dawn said, taking another bite from her sandwich.

"Not to me!" May said, getting frustrated, "I seriously hate my mom and dad right now, they did this to me! This is their fault!"

"Hey, parents disappoint you..." Dawn said, recalling past events.

"It's like they don't even care about me!" May said.


"They just don't want me to succeed! They don't care about me... Or my future... Or..." May glanced down at Dawn and saw the young girl was quite upset.

"Y-you think you have it bad? You think you're miserable!" Dawn exclaimed angrily... "You wouldn't last ten seconds in my house!" Dawn smashed the rest of her hamburger on the tray before flipping the tray over.

"Why don't you go whine to someone else for a change!" Dawn exclaimed before stomping off.

"D-Dawn!" May exclaimed, reaching out, "wait..."

Well that happened fast...

May was handed her test paper the next day in chemistry, and to her horror, she had gotten-

"A 'C'?" she exclaimed depressingly. Great her entire grade for Chemistry would drop down to a B. May slumped her shoulder in despair and laid her head on the desk.

Surprisingly at the end of class, her teacher called her to her desk.

"Ms. Maple..."

Gulp, May thought. She walked over to her teachers desk and gazed and her feet, refusing to meet the eyes of her teacher.

"Yes, Mr. James..." she said quietly, too guilt ridden to even speak up.

"I noticed today as I graded your test, you didn't normally do as well as you normally do..." he said, May just nodded so he continued, "Now, I hated to give you a C, especially for this test, would you care to explain what happened?"

May finally looked up at the teacher with watery eyes and managed to say, "My dad wanted me to help him clean his gym, and... I completely forgot to study for the test." Mr. James nodded.

"Well, I wanted to give you a second chance at the test, so that you can maintain your A grade," Her teacher said with a smile, "But you need to earn it..."

May's face brightened, "Oh yes! I-I'll do anything!" May said. Mr. James nodded and smiled, sitting up a little straighter.

"Well, you see, I need you to tutor a student who hasn't been doing very well in the class..." Mr. James motioned for a boy to come up to his desk; the young man approached the desk, his cap covering his eyes.

"May Maple, I'd like you to meet Ash Ketchum..." May glanced at the boy, he looked familiar. The boy uncovered his eyes and looked at her.

"Hey!" he said, "You're the one who ran into me the other day!" Ash said angrily,

"Now Ash, show Ms. Maple a little respect please." Mr. James said. Ash's eyes grew wide.

"M-m-Maple?" he stuttered. The teacher nodded. The boy's shoulders slumped, he had heard about May's reputation.

"I'm such a goner..." he said depressingly.

"Anyways, I'm giving you two a week, next Tuesday, Ketchum will take the test again, if he passes, I will allow you to take the test again, understood?" the teacher asked May, both children nodded rather reluctantly.

Ash then pulled his hat over his again and stomped out of the room, May quickly follow after him.

"So... When should we begin?" May asked him as we they walked down the hall.

"Just stay away from me!" Ash exclaimed before running off, leaving May in his dust.


"I'm not giving up too easily," May said; she knew that Ash could care less about her grade, and probably his grade, but she didn't care, she had to do that test again.

Day 1: Wednesday

May walked through the halls, looking for Ash, she tried asking around, but if course, she never actually got an answer, just some occasional spit in her face. May was used to this treatment though, and shrugged it off.

Eventually she saw Ash standing with a few of his friends, one she recognized as Gary Oak, Dawn's arch nemesis, and a tall blonde haired boy who's name had escaped her, the only thing she knew about him was that he was an extreme germaphobic.

"Gosh Gary! I told you not to touch me, if you do it again I'm gonna have to fine you," the blonde haired boy exclaimed as her pulled out a wipe and rubbed the spot were Gary had touched him.

"Well sorry!" Gary said sarcastically, "I'm sorry if my hand accidentally bumped your arm, Barry!"

"Guys chill out okay!" Ash said.

"Hey, by the way, what did Mr. James want to talk to you about after chemistry?" Barry asked.

"Nothing, just had to give me something," Ash lied, May twitched, this wasn't going to be easy...

She approached the boys, who all grew silent, watching her carefully, "Hello Ash," she said, turning to the raven haired boy, "When would like to begin you tutoring for chemistry?" she asked, emphasizing the last two words, Ash put on a convincing face that said, "What're you talking about?"

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Dweeb Girl? Where's that little devil that protects you all the time?" Gary asked. May decided to just ignore him, continuing to look at Ash, waiting for him to reply to her question. Suddenly, Gary shoved her knocking her to the ground.

"Answer me when I talk to you!" Gary exclaimed, when May still didn't say anything, he let out a frustrated growl and lifted his foot, preparing to kick her. "You better answer, or you'll have it coming to you!" he threatened, but May still didn't say anything, she froze, she didn't know what to do. With another growl, Gary kicked, she cried out in pain, clutching to spot he kicked. Unsatisfied, Gary kicked May again… and again… and several times more.


Everyone turned to the voice and saw Dawn stomp up to Gary, shoving him to the ground and kicking him several times with her hard pink boots. "Gary. Oak. NEVER. touch. My friend. AGAIN!" Dawn exclaimed.

Gary slowly got to his feet before backing off; Dawn gave everyone a threatening look making everyone who was watching step back and walk away. Dawn rushed to May's side and kneeled down beside the beaten girl, who was trying as hard as she could not to cry.

"Are you okay?" Dawn asked, May shook her head, she hurt everywhere. "Let's get you to the Nurse..." Dawn said, she helped poor May up and walked her to the clinic. As they waited to be checked up by the Nurse, Dawn began to question May.

"So... What happened, why were you even talking to those jerks?" Dawn asked.

May gazed at the dirty white tile floor, recounting the events that had occurred. "Uh, you see, my Chemistry teacher said I could redo the test I got a C on if I tutored Ash Ketchum, the raven haired boy." May said, Dawn nodded. "And... He didn't exactly want to be tutored, so he's been avoiding me, so I confronted him today, and Gary started kicking me because I didn't answer him when he asked me a question..." Dawn let out a low growl as May mentioned Gary's name.

"So what are you going to do?" Dawn asked, May sighed and shrugged her shoulders.

"I don't know, he refuses to listen to me, and there's nothing I can do..." May replied.

A sly smirk grew on Dawn's face. "You can't... But I can..." Dawn said mischievously. May turned to her friend with a confused, bit curious look.

"I'm listening..." May said.

"I don't know Dawn... I feel like I'm stalking him..." May said.

"Don't worry; I do this all the time..."

"You stalk people?"

"No, but I follow them..."

"That can be considered stalking..."

"Define 'stalking'"

"The act of following prey..."

"See we're not stalking!"

"You know what I'm talking about..."

Dawn sighed, "Just follow my lead..."

Dawn had developed a plan of following Ash Ketchum home, although May wasn't too fond of the idea, she would do almost anything to do that test again. Now they walked down the road, following the boy as he walked home. Anytime he would turn around, Dawn and May would duck out of sight. Surprisingly enough, Ash lived in the same neighborhood as May.

"Tell me Dawn," May asked as they crouched behind a bush in front of the Ketchums' house. "How often do you follow people home?"

Dawn looked over at her and smiled deviously, "I know where about half the kids at school live, including you!" May was surprised, Dawn must have followed her home one night and May never noticed.

"You're creepy..." May said.

"I'm emo..."


"Okay, you ready?" Dawn asked, pulling out a knife, May's eyes widened.

"Dawn! Put that away, we're not hurting him in any way!" May said. Dawn just glanced at the knife, smirking again.

"I know, but if I look more threatening, he'll fall in easier," Dawn said.

"What if his parents see it?" May asked.

"Ash only has a mother who works as a nurse at the Hospital from 2pm to 10pm," Dawn said.

"You're good..." May said finally.

"The best..." Dawn agreed, smiling.

The two girls approached the house, ringing the doorbell. After waiting a minute, they heard footsteps and the doorknob jiggled, the door opened to reveal Ash Ketchum. His eyes widened and shoulders drooped ad he saw the two girls at his doorstep.

"What do you guys want?" Ash asked.

"I'm here to tutor you, don't you remember?" May said, trying her hardest to smile. Ash winced as he recalled the event.

"Yeah, whatever, I don't want to be tutored," Ash said.

"Yes, but as you know, I need to redo the test, and I can't redo it unless I help you..." May insisted.

"I could care less..." Ash said.

"Yeah, tell that to Dawn..." May said, as Dawn twiddled around with her knife. Ash's eyes widened before he slammed the door shut.

"Ketchum!" Dawn shouted, "You can't hide in there forever. I'll get you later at school."

"I-I'll call the cops!" Ash shouted from behind the door. May began to get worried, but Dawn was unfazed.

"That'll be a story to tell, the great Ash Ketchum, calling the cops like a sissy because of two girls at his doorsteps," Dawn shouted. There was a moment of silence; May was beginning to think Ash had just left them there. But the door knob eventually jiggled again and Ash peeked out from behind the cracked door, a large piece of wood in front of him, shielding him incase Dawn decided to strike. He looked back and forth at May and Dawn before sighing.

"Alright, fine." Ash sighed, "But you have to leave the knife out here..." Dawn set the knife down on the ground, raising her hands over her head showing she had no other weapons, May thought it would be best to do the same. Ash looked around outside before quickly letting in the two outcasts.

"Is there anything to eat around here?" Dawn asked.

Ash glared at her, "You came to tutor me, not eat my food." but Dawn was already digging through the kitchen cabinet.

"All you have are goldfish and oyster crackers!" Dawn said angrily, Ash sweat-dropped and gesture the two girls to follow him. They sat down in the living room on the couch; May noticed the TV was running playing some sort of Pokémon show.

"Have a seat... I guess…" Ash said, rather uneasily.

May looked at him on disbelief, "Out here? What's wrong with your bedroom?" Ash tilted his head.

"Uh, I guess it's friendlier and less isolated, I like to be here to greet my mom when she comes home from work," Ash explained.


A little yellow rodent ran into the room and jumped into Ash arms.

"Oh, this is Pikachu," Ash said cheerfully, scratching the rodent under the chin.

Stars appeared in Dawn's eyes. "Awwwww, it's so cute, can I hold it?" she asked, rather than giving it to her, Ash took a step back. "I promise I won't hurt it in any way..." she assured him. His Pikachu looked up at his trainer curiously. Ash carefully handed Pikachu over to Dawn, who scratched him behind his ears, earning a coo.

"Want to hold him May?" Dawn asked, May just shook her head.

"No, I came to tutor..." May said. Dawn shrugged and sat down, still holding Pikachu.

"Um... So how do we begin?" Ash asked. May and Dawn exchanged glances, May hadn't really thought about where to start.

"Um, I guess chapter 28, that's what the test is on..." May said.

Teaching Ash Ketchum chemistry was much harder than May originally thought, Ash barely paid any attention at all in chemistry, so May would have to backtrack and explain other things to him so that concepts in chapter 28 made sense.

"Ugh," May growled in frustration, "Have you not read the book?"

"No," Ash said, flipping several pages, stopping at the ones that had doodles on it, "I just draw in it..."

Dawn mostly stayed quiet during the tutoring session, which consisted of Ash groaning in confusion and frustration, and May trying her best to explain things to him. Dawn sat on the couch scratching Pikachu's head, which made him quite happy. At one point he hopped off Dawn's lap and poked at May, trying to get her attention, but the brunette just pushed him away, focusing on the task at hand. Pikachu would then return to Dawn's lap for another scratching session.

"UGH!" Ash finally exclaimed.

"Is your brain about to explode?" Asked Dawn.

"Yes!" Ash exclaimed, "How can anyone possible understand this pieridoodic tablet?"

"Periodic Table..." May corrected him.

"How far did you guys get?" Dawn asked, standing up and stretching. Ash looked down at the book before him.


"We didn't even finish page one!" May groaned depressingly.

"You're not going to kill me are you?" Ash said, sounding a little worried.

"No... No..." May said, "But we'll tutor some more tomorrow, during school."

Ash's eyes grew wide, "Whoa no! No no no no no no no, I can't be caught hanging out with you guys," Ash said, "No offense, but think about what it would do to my reputation..."

"You're not that popular..." Dawn said.

"Yeah, but at least I'm not at your level..." Ash said. May let out a depressed sigh.

"We should get going..." Dawn said, picking up a few books as May did the same.

"Yeah, make sure to get your knife off my doorstep..." Ash said. Dawn nodded, and with one last hug for Pikachu, the two girls left the Ketchum residence.

"Well?" Dawn said, as they walked down the road in the dark.

"Ugh, Ash is a complete idiot!" May said, "Science wise, he knows nothing about anything, he couldn't tell an ounce from a gallon!"

"He's going to be quite a challenge..." Dawn said, May nodded in agreement.

"I don't know what I'm going to do," May said, but she hadn't given up, she was determined to teach the young boy and get him to pass that test, and then she would be able to do her own test.

"Oh man!" May exclaimed, "I never told my parents what I was out doing! They're going to kill me!"

"Just tell them you got mugged or something, it works for me..." Dawn said, but May was already racing down the sidewalk towards her house. She crept up to the door and opened it as quietly as possible. All the lights were out.

Whew, May thought, they must be in bed... She tiptoed through the living room and to the stairs, and just as she reached the third step the light turned on.


May slowly turned around and saw her mother and father standing there, angry expressions on their face.

"May Maple! Where have you been?" Her father asked seriously.

"We were so worried about you!" May's mother said, "What happened did you get mugged?"

May had half a mind to say yes, but she shook the thought away and said, "N-no, I... I just went to a friend's house, that's all, and I forgot to tell you..." She glanced back and forth between her father and mother, waiting for their reaction.

"May..." her mother said, "You've been acting strange lately, first you come home all depressed and refuse to even come down for dinner, and now you're going off to places without telling us. You're not doing strange things with that emo friend of yours, are you?"

May's jaw dropped and eyes widened as her mother grabbed her thin arm and checked her wrists. May shook her head and pulled away from her mother's grasp.

"What? No! Of course I wouldn't do anything like that!" May exclaimed.

"Then where were you?" Her father asked.

"At this boy's house," May said, she knew immediately she had chosen the wrong words. Her father's left eye began to twitch and his mouth curled into a huge frown.

"Dad, it's not what you're thinking..." May said.

"Then what is it?" Her father asked.

May then told them about the chemistry test that she failed because they refused to let her study, and how Mr. James said she could redo the test if she help a boy study, and how she went over there to tutor him, leaving out the part about how Dawn had come with her and threatened Ash.

"But honey," Her mother said, voice softening, "Why didn't you just tell us?"

"Uh... I forgot?" Was May's quiet reply.

"Forgot or didn't forget, it isn't right that you left us here wondering where you've been all day," Her father said, "I don't want you going over there for the rest of the week!"

"What?" May exclaimed, "How else am I supposed to tutor him?" she hadn't told them about Ash's stubbornness.

"Tutor him during school," her father replied, "Now go to bed." with a huff, May stomped up her stairs and into her room, slamming the door shut. With a frustrated sigh, she dropped all her books carelessly on the ground, and flopped onto her bed.

What am I going to do? She wondered.

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