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Part 1: Club

He saw Paxton busy at the bar, and Oli on the crazy dance floor. He sighed loud, just loud enough for the beautiful woman beside him to hear. Josh shifted in the couch, seeming to only move slightly away from the woman instead of closer like most young American men would.

The foreign woman cooed soft nothings into his ear, brushing her small black fingertips through his thin hair. Josh swallowed and closed his eyes for only a second. He was slightly uncomfortable which was totally out of the question for her. She was beautiful and young and just gorgeous. He took in a deep breath of the stuffy atmosphere before assuring her he was okay and fled for the back door. Damnit, what the hell is wrong with me? He thought to himself, mentally kicking himself in his ass. How could he just turn down a smoking girl like her? Josh was way crazy.

Trying to keep his worries to a minimum and his breathing under control, he kept his attention on the cold damp darkness that had now surrounded him. He shoved his hands into his jacket pockets and rolled the tip of his shoe in a small puddle of mucky water.

He was scared shit-less once he heard the door squeak open. He let out one small curse word and swung his arm around to hopefully lash the stranger in the face but instead of him being a stranger, he was immediately forced back around with his back to the familiar face and was relieved after hearing that little chuckle. "Shit Oli, what the hell is your problem?" Josh pouted, breaking free from the older man's hold.

Oli, the crazy Icelander smiled big and wide for a while before answering. "Well nothing, should I be asking you the same thing?" his accent rang in his ear and Josh looked over at him, scratching his neck.

"Why aren't you inside with those gorgeous women? The getting is good, my friend." Oli stood tall behind him, patting his shoulder with a rough whack each time. Josh sighed again this time in a more exhausted manner. "I am fine I think I need some sleep or something." He replied rubbing one side of his face with the palm of his hand, hoping he was doing a good job of pulling Oli's leg. Oli's brow went up and he smirked. "No, you are not sleeping yet, my friend. You are getting your ass back in there and shaking the hell out of those American hips—Josh looked at Oli strangely. His face flushed a light pink. –or else." Oli finished with a cocky grin on his lips and his hands in his pants pockets.

Josh turned away, his hands becoming terribly clammy from being kept in his pockets for so long. He pulled them out to air them

"Or else what Oli?" Josh, trying to be a jerk-off butted in, repeating what the eldest had just said seconds ago, but in a cockier manner of course. Josh turned fully around so that he was facing the taller man. Both of Oli's brows went up quick. Instead of answering Josh like he was supposed to, Oli grabbed the youngest by the back of his collar, dragging him back inside the club.

"NO!" he whined pretty much the entire stride back inside.


Whining still, Josh and Oli fled to the bar for a couple drinks while Paxton sat on the lounge couch with Izzy. A foreign woman he met here in Amsterdam and was she hot.

Paxton practically drooled and melted at the sight of her. She had wavy auburn hair, dark brown eyes and the cutest little outfit. But he had to make a move; talking to her was great but that wasn't getting them anywhere. He began to act like Josh…he was afraid.

Crossing his legs, Paxton took in a deep breath, scooting himself a tad closer as he dropped an arm up around the back of the couch, attempting to at least touch her shoulder. Minutes later after lost in the sounds of the loud bass of the dance music and flashing strobe lights, Pax shook himself out of his delirious state, returning to the woman beside him, who seemed to grow a bit impatient. He finally grew his balls back and moved even closer so now their hips touched. The girl turned to look at him with a soft grin, brushing hair from her eyes. All he needed to do was touch her and now she was begging him to do more.

"I know you come to your senses soon…"she brushed one of her fingertips beneath his chin with a swift swipe, her strong accent making her words come out in a rather different order. Pax gave her a shy smile and put his hands on her. His one hand wrapped around the couch grabbed her shoulder as the other touched her thigh.

She moved at the intimate touch and carefully leaned herself over him. "What you want to do?" she slowly started to get closer and closer, when each of her legs swung up around his waist, and now she was perfectly straddling his lap. Paxton wiggled beneath her, trying hard not to conjure up filthy thoughts with a nervous smile dancing on his quivering lips. Izzy tilted her head slightly, inching her body close with one single thrust forward. All Pax did was drop his head back and calm his raging thoughts and feelings.

Damnit, not now…no Paxy Paxton told himself over and over until he knew he wasn't going to think those thoughts again. Surely he didn't but it still happened and he cussed loud enough for the entire club to hear, maybe even over the loud music.

Izzy felt his lap tighten below, and shifted herself so that she was sitting on his knees more than his lap. She looked down between his thighs and saw what he prayed she wouldn't. But she reacted totally different from what he expected. "You are a dirty boy." She said to him in that beautiful foreign accent of hers, stroking her palms down his clothed chest. His breathing slowly started up in a hurry, and so did his hormones.

He smiled at her before placing his hands right behind her butt and brought her forward. This wasn't the place to get crazy especially when it was full of people. But the music and the constant voices of the people that invaded the club silenced their own words. It was like they were the outsiders at the moment, even in a wild, club such as this one. "We should go." Izzy tugged on the front of his shirt, urging him to stand. Paxton looked around him, and brought himself to stand, after helping her off.

They both stood to their feet and he put his arm around her. "Yeah." He faked a smile but was a bit weary of Josh being alone in a crazy place like this but then he remembered Oli was much older and would make sure nothing happens, hopefully.

So they left the club together.


Oli was already finished with his few drinks and was seen on the dance floor again but this time he was accompanied with two young women shaking their booties from the front and from the back of him. Josh couldn't help but watch. He had nothing better to do and he probably would never see that girl again.

So he sat at the bar drinking his worries away with light booze and quiet words to himself. He sighed and left the stool. His eyes caught Oli again, still dirty dancing with those two girls—why did he care so much? He should've listened to Oli and taken that girl he offered him a few minutes ago but he didn't care for her as much as the other. Josh just didn't know what to do now; watch others have a great time or just stand there looking like a retard.

He chose to look like a retard of course. "You are still here, man?" Oli breathing hard showed up before Josh, and without noticing him, he jumped falling back into the bar.

He gave Oli a mean look and punched his chest. Oli pretended like it hurt, which it did somewhat and the two girls still beside him giggled like crazy. "Meet Jasmine and Layla." Oli commented, showing off both of the women in his arms that clung to his sides. Of course they were sexy and all but Josh didn't seem as interested as he should.

He wasn't really up to doing anything. Oli saw that in his face, and whispered something to the girls, which caused them to walk the opposite way. Josh repossessed his seat at the bar and dropped his head on the counter. "Hey what is wrong with you—there are beautiful women everywhere?" Oli smiled his way, trying to get Josh to smile back or at least cheer up but nothing worked. Nothing the crazy Icelander did worked and usually he made Josh smile especially after sending him that sex video of him banging some blond babe in one of the club cubicles.

Josh shrugged his shoulders and looked down at his own hands. Oli could have offered to buy him more drinks but that wouldn't help and unfortunately banging some hot chick was totally out of the question so what was there left to do?

Oli leaned against the bar, staring at Josh. "Come with me, you will have fun, Josh." Oli smiled big and pulled Josh's t-shirt, getting his attention. The youngest nearly smiled, brushing him off. "Nah…he breathed softly, claiming the same spot he was currently sitting in.

Oli gave him the most pissed off look ever. Josh looked a bit intimidated but not much. "You are coming with me, Josh. I will certainly make you!" he forced Josh to his feet with one pull of his shirt and began to drag him where ever again.


He took Josh to the same Penthouse all three of them had been to not long ago, and that's when everything got awkward again, well for Josh anyway.

"Oli I told you I am tired—he froze right there. Oli crossed his arms with his back pinned against the wall near door # 1; the exact door Josh had his eyes on at the time. "What are you thinking?" One of Oli's brows jumped high, as he looked directly at his short friend.

Josh let out a soft sigh and turned a light pink. "I-I don't know…what are you thinking?" he began to turn fully red, and Oli smiled little. He patted Josh's shoulder and pulled out a few bucks from his back pocket. "For you my friend and for me" He surprised Josh right after he said 'for me'. Did that mean he was going to be in the same room with him? He gave Josh his amount and kept his to himself. "What?" Josh looked down at the cash in his hand then back up at the foreigner. "So we are going to be in the same room, right?" He began to get an uneasy feeling as Oli bobbed his head in acknowledgement.

They could hear girly moans and grunts fill the warm atmosphere with the blue light laminating on their skin. "You aren't scared are you?" Oli moved back against the wall, staring at his friend.

Josh moved back and took the opposite wall to lean on. Josh crossed his arms nervously and Oli let out a hardy chuckle. "Wh-what?" Josh tried to pretend he was alright with the whole idea of them being in the same room with the mysterious woman but Oli didn't buy it.

Oli took his back from the wall and opened the door, smiling bright at the sight. The woman spoke a few words to him but Oli didn't fully understand. "Come on Josh…come on!" he yanked the nervous one by his shirt and once he was inside the enclosed room, the door was locked shut. The woman was half-clothed; she wore a little white bikini top, and a white matching thong, with a pair of pink fuzzy platform heels on her petite feet. Oli couldn't control himself as he gave her the money. Instead of her taking it, she took a lose grip on his wrist and aimed it toward her. His eyes grew wide as his fingers soon touched the silkiness of her top and slowly placed the bill between her breasts with his index finger.

All Josh could do was watch from the other side of the room, his back against the door. "Who is he?" she took her eyes off of Oli for a moment to gander over at the cute boy in the back.

Josh went red in a hurry. Oli smiled, turning to look at Josh the same. "A friend…Oli replied in a quiet tone, causing Josh to bind himself up again in all the surrounding awkwardness. "Joshua is his name." Oli quickly informed her as he watched her from behind when she moved toward shy Josh pinned to the door.

"My name is Maryse." She whispered to him with a gleam in her blue eyes that sent Josh off the edge in a hurry. Keeping himself still as possible Oli watched the two chat, standing against the counter. Josh swallowed, his throat becoming terribly dry when she moved closer. He noticed the green bill placed between her lovely breasts but took his eyes away once she looked down there as well. "Money, please." She said in a begging tone that made Josh much more nervous. Oli moved away from the counter and close behind the woman. "He's just nervous." Oli winked at Josh, begging to touch that supple flesh before him.

Before anything could get any more awkward and weird, Josh pulled the bill from his pants. It was a struggle. His hand was warm with sweat, which made both Maryse and Oli stare at him.

What the hell is wrong with me he said to himself watching her blue eyes wander their way down his body. God it made him feel so uneasy and frustrated. Swallowing again, Josh finally pulled the 5 free from his pants and shoved it forcefully into her face. She backed her head up a little and gave him a nervous giggle.

She definitely saw the nervousness him in. "Don't be so nervous." She said to him with a soft smile on her face, moving one step closer again, until one of her legs slipped between his own thighs. Oli's hands shook and he licked his lips but he kept his hands to himself, until Josh had his first touch that is.

His eyes closed but the lovely brunette traced his lips carefully with her filed nail, causing his eyes to flash back open. He sucked his bottom lip in, and moved harder against the door. "Here" she said in a demanding voice and he had been forced to look down where he noticed her white panties were opened up in the front awaiting his money.

The sight grabbed more than just his attention. He slowly moved down south after accepting the sweet invitation and dropped the bill down there. She batted her long glittered lashes at him before capturing his very hand in the comfort of her soft panties and soft flesh.

Josh pierced the skin on his lip and could taste the blood run between his teeth. It was disgusting but whilst his hand lay freely in her bottoms, he used his other to cling to the door.

Oli saw this and became a bit irritated. The foreign woman seemed more interested in Josh than Oli. So Oli pulled his t-shirt over his head and dropped it on the bed in a wrinkled bunch. At that moment, Josh understood what was going on-or possibly going to happen. "Wait hold on!" Josh stopped the woman from getting any closer but she didn't listen for long. Her warm breath tickled against his skin, with her lips terribly close to the pulsating vein in his neck. "No need for words." She whispered in his direction, planting warm, sweet kisses across his neck and his collarbone. Josh nearly went weak at the touch.

Oli stood close behind the woman, staring down at the space leftover between those two, whilst the woman moved further south. Josh's breathing was raspy and heavy already. He let the back of his head hit the door and his eyes closed, pleading for more.



Paxton dressed himself, staring up at the clock which read 1:43 in the morning. "Oh shit!" he cursed, finally pulling on his shoes, rushing for the door. Izzy was still fast asleep in the bed, with the blankets completely kicked off her lovely nude body, giving him another chance to stay and fuck her again. He craved it like a madman but he could live without it for a while.

He just needed to get back to that club and find Oli and Josh.


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