A/N: Here is the second part! It is the beginning of the dark themes…but you readers probably won't catch on yet. It's just a bit slashy but it will get very dark. So if you don't like that stuff please don't read! No death scenes…yet but if a death scene it will be a minor death…so no biggie depends on how I feel anyway.

Warnings: Violence, kidnapping, drugs/alcohol, sexual themes, dark themes and language.


Part 2: A bad drug

Maryse tugged at the waistband of Josh's jeans, attempting to unbutton him free. Oli stood behind, still watching like the foreign creep he was actually assisting the little woman free him.

Josh jerked backwards harder into the door when he found Oli's hands at his zipper along with Maryse's. It wasn't right and it sort of spoiled the moment. "Oli, what the fuck" Josh used both of his hands to shield his groin from him, and even trying to hide his unexpected bulge.

Oli looked back up at Josh, and smiled. "We are all friends here, right and you have already seen my ass." He reassured Josh as best he could, reminding Josh very well of that scene. Oli really had a nice ass but not as nice as the woman before him and besides, Josh wasn't the one to go after guys. "I know, let's not go there, Oli." Josh told him, turning his head over in embarrassment as the woman kept her gaze on him. Josh could have guessed just by the quietness he was receiving that Maryse didn't like the fact that he had seen another man 'naked'. But he didn't expect what came next.

She laughed seductively, putting her palms on his clothed chest. Josh fell into the warm touch again and looked at the brunette.

"I love men when they are in the nude together." Her accented words blew Josh away. His face flushed and his eyes grew wide. Was she really serious—Josh prayed for her not to go there but she certainly did.

After staring blankly at her for a while, Josh took both of her hands and pushed them back against her. "What?" he knew what she said clearly, besides the crazy accent, but wanted to know if what he heard clearly was absolutely clear.

Oli behind her started tangling his fingers in her long hair, whilst watching Josh react to her words. The young lady didn't respond. She immediately dropped to her knees in front of him and played with his legs that were completely covered in tan cargos. "You look scared?" she tilted her head as she looked up at him with those blue eyes. He shifted his back against the door, rubbing his spine roughly against the wood. Oli glanced down at the woman dropped before him and gave him one cheesy 'thumbs' up.

Honestly he was scared but didn't tell the woman even though she already knew while she began to work on his button and fly.

Oli grew impatient with the whole situation. "What is this…don't I get a part in this?" he asked jokingly of course but Josh knew he really wanted to get in this as he stood on his feet shirtless behind the kneeled woman.

She looked over her shoulder once at the Icelander. With one yank, she had Josh's pants down in just seconds. He swallowed realizing how bare he was in front of Oli and of course Oli. Why couldn't it have been Paxton…at least he wouldn't be as creepy and he was just his age? Oli was already in his 30's and already had a child with some chick.

Before standing to her feet, the little lady stroked Josh's upper thighs, slightly reaching up his boxers with a dimpled smile.

When she stood up, the boys were totally lost, until she reached out for Oli and stood him before Josh. Oli was too close for comfort and Josh felt the uneasiness again. "Well hello Josh." Oli smiled being cocky and trying to be funny which didn't work too well. Josh and Oli then turned to look at the female who was now sitting contently on the mattress. Oli smiled his perverted smile, quietly joining her on the bed. Maryse seemed upset by the expression on her face once Oli was beside her. "You two are so silly." She exchanged the mean bitchy look for the sweet soft stare, reaching out to stroke Oli's hand.

"I am not silly, I am the king of swing." He told her, nearing her so now he had some room to breathe as he kissed her.

Maryse enjoyed most of the kiss but she remembered Josh; shy little cute Josh against the door, hopelessly standing there with his pants pulled down around his ankles. "You can have me after you give me something." She whispered into his ear and nibbled his soft earlobe.

Oli bit his bottom lip and smirked. "Yes, oh yes anything." He was currently on his hands and knees staring at the beautiful face before him. She let out another sweet contagious laugh grabbing his wrist and pulling him off the bed with her. "Your friend over there, go to him." She pointed over at Josh with a red polished nail, letting go of his wrist. Oli's brows went up in confusion. "What do I do?" he asked, really confused by the look he was giving her.

Josh started to gnaw on his bottom lip nervously, still using his hands as a cup to hide his groin even though his boxers were covering pretty well.

Maryse moved in front of Oli and puckered her cherry lips before pressing them hard against his. Oli chuckled in that kiss and put his hands on her hips. She didn't mind the touching but what she was trying to do was show him what she wanted from them.

Deepening the kiss like he did, she sucked in his bottom lip bit into it, nearly breaking the skin as he let out a deep growl. She moaned in the process before inviting her sweet tasting tongue inside, exploring every inch of his mouth. Oli seemed to appreciate the way she kissed him because she could already feel his erection strain against his pants as he constrained himself against her. "You will do just that." She pulled away with a light smack of their wet lips, while he stood there still waiting for another.

Josh bent over to retrieve his fallen pants. "I am not feeling too good…so—he stopped talking as soon as he saw the lady march over towards him again.

That's when he dropped the pants again, standing completely erect against the door as if he was afraid of what she might do. "Don't be so scared of me." She said softly and angelically towards him, taking his right hand and bringing it up to rest around her supple breast.

Josh was shocked. He doesn't even remember the last time he has touched a woman's boob, no wonder he was so terrified of these beautiful foreign women. "Please me, entertain me…" she surprised him with a little intimate moan that kissed his ear, roamed throughout his entire body and hit him in the most personal area. His body shook without much control as his eyes closed tight.

Oli gazed at the two, before being forced in front of his friend-again. This time was something totally different.

Josh was still shaking like a little girl. "Kiss." The woman threw her startling words at them so urgently they both didn't know how to react. Josh looked frightened at Oli, who didn't know what to do besides stare at his shaking little friend. "You mean…this fellow here?" Oli pointed his thumb at Josh, who looked just as surprised as Oli himself, staring at the woman behind them. The girl removed her pink feather scarf and placed it on the bed while she directed their eyes to her lovely breasts, as she slowly untied the white bikini top that clothed only half of her boobs in the first place.

She nodded in the process, and that's when Josh hurried to pull up his pants. Oli knew he was very uncomfortable with this at the moment, but he needed some experience with this kind of stuff and Oli was the best person to experience it with!

"Man, I think we should leave. I can't do this…I don't really care if we don't get laid or shit!" he was in a terrible flustered mess and all Oli could do was smile. "But I already pay for you Josh, and you will have a good time." He moved an inch closer towards Josh, who still held his crotch, away from Oli's eyes to see. Staring at Oli, Josh would have never thought of him as a man that would do anything to get sex, and he was doing whatever it took, even if he had to make-out with his own bud. The now fully nude woman, whom was currently lying on the bed, kicked off each of her heels and moved again.

"Come on boys." This time, crept up behind Oli, she held two twin pills in the palm of her hand, placed one of them between her teeth as she showed, and spun Oli around so that their lips met sweetly.

He fell deep into her kiss and tasted her tongue once again as she slipped that mysterious pill through, having it fall down his throat after she went to pull away. Josh didn't watch he was pretty pissed off at Oli at the moment.



Paxton arrived back at the Club where he saw no sign of Oli or Josh anywhere. "Damnit!" he stood in the middle of the dance floor, rubbing his head, paying no attention at all to the dancers.

"Hey you!" he heard that scarcely familiar female voice creep up from behind him and once he was turned on his heels, he was staring at the lovely young face of Natalya, the little Slovakian cutie. She grabbed his wrists and forced his arms around her, like she was drunk or something. He backed up slightly and caught a small whiff of something rank. "Dance with me!" she batted her lashes at him, attempting to get him to move with her, yet he didn't move a muscle. "Stop it Natalya." He pulled himself free of her grasp and walked away, although she was still on his heels.

"Come on Pax, what is the matter?" she placed her palms on the middle of his back as they walked and that's when he lost it. "Will you stop following me!" he shouted, getting a few club-goers attention.

After telling her off, Paxton stopped causing the wasted woman to bump into him. She was definitely high on something and Paxton didn't really want to know. "You fuckin' bastard!" she seemed to break out of some weird trance at the time and used all of her strength to shove him backwards.

Paxton did go back a few steps but not enough to hurt him. Instead of leaving her behind, he grabbed her by the arms and forced her to follow him.



Josh was still afraid of even attempting to get near Oli although he was close enough. "Don't be so scared Josh, it will just be a kiss." Oli moved in close again, so close their bodies were touching and Josh squirmed uncontrollably at the contact.

"Stop…he breathed heavy in Oli's direction which smelled like aged booze. That didn't bother him though. The pill he swallowed drowned in his system pretty quick. "This is for Josh." The woman held onto Oli's shoulders again, turned him around and pushed her lips against his with the last pill between her pearly teeth. Josh used his hands to push at Oli's chest but the skin-to-skin contact drove him over the edge just the same as touching the lovely woman. The dark hairs lining his well-toned torso tickled his palms and between his fingers, causing him to squirm more.

Slowly the woman left Oli's lips, leaving him to ponder on the idea of kissing his friend, who was scared shit-less. "Just a kiss Josh." He told him with the pill dissolving slowly in his mouth, after being held in a pool of warm saliva for so long.

Josh closed his eyes to think, just a kiss, just a kiss…just a little kiss. "O-okay." He answered Oli slow and carefully also terribly shaky and raspy. Just as the Icelander leaned in close, Josh shook as his warm breath brushed his cheek, and that was that. His warm lips hit his softly, almost girlish.

But that wasn't all Oli had to do to slip that pill down. Oli brought his hands forward and placed them on Josh's tense shoulders, unknowingly pinning him to the door. Josh thought it was over but once he felt his friend's tongue pierce through, he mentally gagged. He has done this before but not to another man. Josh's face distorted almost like he was in pain, but more disgust, while his hands fled to his chest to grip onto.

The woman looked very pleased just not as joyous as she should be. "O…Oli!" he managed to escape his lips and was breathing very hard, trying to regain his lost breath.

Josh quickly spit out that pill and stared back at the woman on the bed. "There, are you happy now?" Josh was in an outrageous mood right now, wishing he would've just stayed back at the club instead of letting Oli race him around.

Oli moved back slowly, staring down at his feet with a flustered smile. "Well that was well played my friend." Oli licked his lips free of Josh's spit, taking in the last of him. Josh turned to look away, hoping to hide his rosy face from his. Maryse stepped from the bed, and pulled Oli by the waistband of his pants. She forced him backwards until he crashed into her, his back pressed hard against her. "Good boy, but I am not pleased enough." She spoke delicately to Oli, nibbling on his ear as she has before. He chuckled, urging her to do more but he had to please her first.

Josh wiped his mouth, and looked down at the soggy pill lying on the carpet below. What the hell was that anyway? Poor Oli he was so caught up in the moment he didn't notice the pill.

"Oli we should get going…I don't even know what time it is." He hurried finally pulling up his cargos, his fingers clutching the doorknob.

Maryse saw him react.

"Do it again." She forced from her lips into Oli's ear. He licked his lips and stared down nervously. Well if he wanted to get laid he was going to do what he was told. Josh shook his head with a funny smile. "No Oli, come on man she's just playing with us." He chuckled half-heartedly, barely moving at all from the door. So watching the boys goof off, Maryse called them both over to her with a curve of her finger.

Josh's chest hurt and his body beaded with sweat. Where was Paxton? Why did he have to be stuck here with Oli?

Once they made it over to the king-sized mattress, she took Josh's hand and pulled him down. Oli watched with a slight smile and crossed arms.

Soon the woman had overcome Josh completely, with his arms above his head and his legs spread. "You have a good friend…" she spoke to Josh, talking in his ear while her tongue flicked at his earlobe and her knees pushed against his groin. He arched his back involuntarily. The pain that struck his groin caused his body to disobey his commands. Josh rolled his eyes, and suddenly felt a sharp pain in his neck. "Ah…what was that?" he wiggled beneath her, affecting her hands to unbind themselves from his wrists. She flashed him a devilish look before chomping back down onto his flesh. He shivered that time and let his eyes close.

Oli just stood there, his back erect and his arms still crossed. "King of swing here…" he teased Maryse and she seemed to stop, leaving Josh flat on his back on the bed, still pinned down securely.

Soon after she had gotten Oli to the bed also, he began to act funny. Josh witnessed this. His eye lids were heavy and his smile never seemed to leave. "Wh-what is wrong with him?" Josh worried, fleeing from the bed, after seeing his friend wiggle around constantly on the bed. Maryse looked back down at him then Josh. "He will be fine." She winked at the youngest one as she pinned his body down now, pulling down his pants.

He was totally drugged. He was barely even half-awake.

"Oli-Oli, are you okay?" Josh being very cautious for his friend asked out of the blue, staring down at him. His face had now become covered in warm sweat and he started to laugh.

"Yeah, yeah I am fine, just fine!" he smiled wide, throwing his arms above his head.



Paxton took Natalya back into their hotel room, locking the door shut. "Where is Josh and Oli…I saw you with Oli hours ago Natalya." He grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her close.

He ignored the horrid smell of weed that radiated from her, looking directly into her eyes. She gave him a funny look as if she had no clue what the hell he was talking about. "I don't know…I saw them leave together that's all." She giggled her balance absolutely not the best, even just standing straight up. That wasn't enough. Paxton let her go and walked over to the bed, where he sat to think for a moment. He knew she had to have known more than what she was giving him.


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