Summary: Omake for RaF. Giotto comes back, frustrated, after a meeting, but is immediately cheered up upon witnessing the first major milestone in his son's life.

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Giotto let out a frustrated growl as he took off his coat and hung it in the coat closet, still furious about the meeting he had just come back from, which had gone far differently than he had hoped.

For some reason, lately, the Tomaso Famiglia had been acting very difficult, and the blond was finding it harder and harder to reason with them.

Sliding off his shoes, he headed towards the stairs, thinking to quickly check how his son was doing before taking a relaxing, hot shower.

Peeking his head into the room that he shared with the tiny brunette, he walked over to Tsunayoshi's crib and looked inside to see him sleeping peacefully, his chest rising and falling with each even breath.

Seeing his fluffy brown hair, and soft baby features immediately made Giotto a little calmer as he felt himself being entranced by the sight before him.

The blond could watch his son sleep for hours and not feel bored; there was just something so beautiful about it.

Asari, though amused at first, had reassured him that it was actually quite normal to feel that way, and Giotto once again found himself amazed at how easy it was to fall into the role of the doting parent.

It was just so easy to love Tsuna; the feelings came so naturally.

And even though he loved his baby son, he couldn't help but sometimes wonder what kind of person he would grow into.

Would he be quiet and introverted, or loud and outgoing?

Would he prefer books and learning, or sports and competition?

There was still so much he didn't know about this little person before him, and yet he felt he knew him better than he knew himself.

So wrapped up was he in his thoughts that he almost jumped out of his skin when Tsuna's suddenly fluttered open, and he found himself staring into chocolate coloured orbs.

Seeing his father, Tsuna's mouth stretched into a wide grin and he let out a squeal of happiness.

Feeling his mouth stretch into a smile in reply, Giotto cooed to him, "How's my handsome young man doing today?"

Tsuna let out a giggle and stretched his arms towards his father, making cooing sounds.

Gently picking up the little body, Giotto straightened out, cradling him against his chest. Placing a kiss on the boy's head, he said in a bright voice, "Well, if papa heard that correctly, then Tsunayoshi is doing a lot better than his papa, isn't he?"

Tsuna let out a shriek of laughter at this, shouting, "Papa!"

It took a moment for Giotto to realize what he'd just heard.

Staring at his son in amazement, he wondered if he'd just imagined what he'd heard.

Tsuna, meanwhile, didn't seem to realize that his father had possibly gone into shock.

Tapping his hand against the blonde's shoulder, he laughed and again, the word came out of his mouth.


This time, there was absolutely no mistake.

Giotto's eyes filled with tears as he showered Tsuna's face with kisses, sobbing, "Tsuna's first word is papa! His first word is papa!"

Tsuna, sensing that his father wasn't crying sad tears, but happy tears, merely continued to laugh, repeating, "Papa! Papa!"

Tears still streaming down his face, Giotto left his room to find someone, anyone, to tell about this momentous occasion.

That day, the Vongola boss gave quite a few people heart attacks before they found out why exactly why it was that their boss was crying like a baby.