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Chapter One: Meeting







The boy in question whipped around, trying to meet every voice that called out to him, recognizing all of them; his sister's plea, his mother's last whisper, his brother's taunting laugh, his father's angry tone. He couldn't turn fast enough; he couldn't find any of them.

He was in a forest, flanked by trees on all sides, helplessly making starts in every direction, straining to hear where the voices where coming from.

After what felt like hours of this same torture, the scene morphed into one of pure horror. His mother was on her knees, wrists bound by bloody shackles, the same forest, but a clearing located deep inside of its belly. A small Blaine, only seven years old, was shaking, peering from behind a tree.

He had followed his mother out that night, wondering where she went off to every time he was left home alone when she thought he was asleep. The vampire was hovering over her, grinning maliciously as she spat up a glob of blood, still struggling. Blaine whimpered, watching the vampire woman kick her in the stomach, watching his mother double over in the cold. Time slowed as the woman bent over the most important person in his life, the person he loved the most.

Blaine watched her lower her elongating fangs to the back of her neck and he almost fell forward, curving around the tree bark, meeting his mother's fading eyes, identical to his own. Tears streamed down his cheeks as she mouthed, almost audibly, "Blaine..."

He shuffled the slightest bit closer, desperate to bolt across the clearing, but his mother's eyes held him in place, the vampire behind her sucking loudly, blood pouring down her face in rivets; his mother's blood. Something flared up inside him and his heart shattered, skinny rivers of ice crawling across the planes of his heart, walls coming up. His mother mouthed her last words at him, giving a sad, tired smile before her head lolled.


He sobbed, just loud enough for the vampire's eyes to dart around suspiciously, too caught up in the human beneath her. But he was already gone, taking off in the direction he came, huddling in the snow until Cooper found him.

He would never see the woman again, but he remembered one thing:

The vampire's eyes were startlingly blue.


Blaine Anderson bolted up in his bed, covers tangled in his legs, throat hoarse from screaming. Sighing, he swallowed and teetered on his feet unsteadily, running a hand through his hair as he stumbled to the bathroom. After a face full of icy water jolting him awake and spilling down his shirt, he checked the clock, pressing his palms into his swollen eyes; 4:42 AM. His alarm was going to go off in 18 minutes anyway.

He jumped in and out of the shower quickly, brushing his teeth inside. Dressing in a routine that had become so common to him, he laced his boots, heading down to the dining room for breakfast, hoping that none of his dorm mates heard his scream fest. He hated the sympathetic looks that everyone gave him after he had one of his common nightmares. But he hadn't had this one in years, which he took as a sign.

It was going to be a long day; he could feel it.

Kurt Hummel pulled a fresh outfit out of his locker, cursing and wiping holy water out of his eyes for the third time that week. Shouldering his messenger bag, he stalked off toward the bathroom, cringing as he surveyed his skin, already reddening from the substance.

They give you little enough not to kill you, the teachers do nothing, but one silver trinket from the mall and suddenly you're on high alert, Kurt thought to himself bitterly. He knew why the teachers never reacted; they were scared and they were racist and they were wrong. Once he had cleaned himself off, he stormed out of the bathroom, heading in the general direction of the choir room. It was odd, the number of times Karofsky had slushied him this week, as though he was paying him a special attention that Kurt would never want; he took it as a sign.

It was going to be a long day.

Blaine's back slammed against the standard blue mat that did nothing to cushion a fall. Eyes flashing, he flipped up, aiming a few precise jabs to Jeff's stomach and ribs, swirling his knives in quick circles. Wes met eyes with him across the room, grinning, before turning back to the opponent who thought they could try and tackle him while he was distracted; not happening. Shaking his head, Blaine smiled, turning back to Jeff and flipping him onto the mat, pinning him down. Raising his hand, he waited for Mr. Flowers (The students had a field day with that name), the combat instructor, to come over and let him out for lunch.

"Blaine!" Mr. Flowers surveyed his work, smiling at his favorite student, "Great job, as usual. You can go. You may want to grab Mr. Hughes and Mr. Sullivan on the way out; they seem to be killing the first years." He observed quietly, winking, and striding off to the next student.

Smiling, he stood, helping up an aching Jeff and tugging Wes and David away from the scared-looking first years slumped against the wall as the duo was taking away from them.

"First years," David said angrily, Wes nodding, agreeing. Apparently, that was all they had to say on the matter as Blaine waited for more.

Grinning, Blaine slung his arms around the two boys, the trio heading off to the cafeteria.

"What are your hunts for the night, B?" Wes asked, ignoring a still fuming David.

Blaine shrugged, "Haven't gotten my pager, yet. You?"

"A circle of spell casters along the Virginia border. David's coming, too."

David nodded, still thinking of ways to torture the first years, but moving away from it slightly.

Blaine's eyebrows furrowed as he reached into his pocket, reading over the pager he was just sent.

"Huh. I guess I'm going to Lima."

Wes looked intrigued, "And doing…what, exactly?"

Blaine just shrugged again. "I don't know. All it says is 'Camp out and wait for signal', whatever that means."

Confused, he shoved the phone back into his pocket, closing out of the window and promising to ponder it later. David pushed the doors to the dining hall open and they got into line for lunch, laughing about how bad of a shooter Trent was and how Flint had tried to ask Blaine out again, and soon Lima was gone from everywhere but the corners of his mind.

Kurt dropped into the seat next to Mercedes, babbling on about the latest thing in Vogue magazine and how much silver they could pile into Karofsky's locker by morning and how the glee club didn't have nearly enough members to compete in sectionals. Their conversation halted abruptly as Mr. Shuester entered the room, cheery, yet late as ever.

"Hey, guys! Now, I know we don't have the members to compete in Sectionals, but I want to introduce you to a new member, Finn Hudson!"

The towering football player stepped out from behind Mr. Shue, the glee cub erupting into protest.

"Mr. Shue, he's one of them!"

"He's made our life miserable for two years!"

"He's friends with Karofsky!"

"He's a werewolf Mr. Shue! They hate us! Everyone does!"

"Mr. Shuester!"

Finn cringed the slightest bit, but Mr. Shuester was calm.

"We don't have enough members for glee club and Finn wants to join!"

"So he can tell people what we talk about and slushy us easier during break!"

"This is final guys! Anyone who wants to join can join! That's our policy, right?"

"Uh, we didn't think that included Hudson and the football team! If this is what we are lowering ourselves down to, why don't we just ask Quinn Fabray herself if the cheerleading squad wants to join, too!"

Mr. Shuester looked tired, but signaled for Finn to sit down in the empty seat next to Rachel, who was surprisingly the only one not giving him the death glare. Grabbing a marker, the muse began to write on the whiteboard.

"Now, duets…"

Blaine sat in his car, tinkering with the radio until he found a station playing Katy Perry. Revving the engine, he swirled around in his chair to check if he was going to hit a stray student (which had happened on numerous occasions). Seeing he was clear, he backed out of the parking lot, adjusting so that he was comfortable. It was two hours to Lima and he wasn't wasting all of the time he got being let out early for this assignment driving; he wanted to find out why he was going to the small town and what was so important that he had to camp out.

He knew they didn't show up often, but he couldn't help but let the littlest shimmer of hope shine through at the prospect of finding the vampire who had killed his mother all those years ago.

Kurt and Rachel sat behind the counter, bored out of their minds. Rachel propped her feet up on a chair. Wednesdays were always slow at the Lima bean. Kurt peered around the almost deserted shop before flopping down on the chair next to Rachel.

"We had to get the Wednesday shift didn't we?"

Kurt nodded grimly. They both jolted as the bell above the glass door tinkled.

Kurt jumped up, leaving Rachel to continue her flopping, before she rose slowly, ready to create whatever drink the customer desired.

Standing behind the counter, Kurt watched the boy approach; he was average, slightly on the shorter side, hair gelled into a helmet, studying the phone in his hand so intensely, Kurt was scared it would shatter into a million pieces. He cleared his throat.

"Hi, welcome to the Lima Bean, may I take your order?" He gave a quick, fake smile, knowing that half of the customers that came in here for a caffeine high didn't even notice.

But this one did, and as he looked up, Kurt caught a pair of beautiful hazel eyes. Sucking in a deep breath, he caught himself, waiting patiently.

He's human! Don't be so stupid!

The boy smiled, "Uh, I'll have one…medium drip, please." With that, the boy looked back down at his phone, ready to turn away.

"What's your name?" Kurt blurted out and quickly grabbed a cup and a sharpie, a handy excuse.

The boy looked dazed that Kurt was talking to him again, "Oh, uh, Blaine….Blaine Anderson."

Kurt smiled a real smile this time, "I only needed your first name, but thank-you for that. Now I officially have all the information I need to cyber stalk you," He drawled, scrawling 'Blaine' across the bottom of the coffee cup and handing it off to Rachel, who was watching the scene play out, giggling slightly as she caught the spark of interest in Kurt's eye.

Blaine laughed, "Well, anyone would be lucky to have someone like you cyber stalking them, now wouldn't they, stranger?" He joked, mock-sarcastic, grinning when the boy behind the counter scoffed and gave a quick, "Of course."

"So, am I allowed to ask your name?"

The boy looked up at him, his laugh settling into a soft grin.

"It's Kurt." And he turned away to talk to the girl making his coffee who was motioning frantically toward him, stopping when she caught Blaine looking.

But Blaine hardly noticed, because there was something about those eyes.

He had seen them somewhere before.

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