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The phone was ringing.

Blaine stared at his phone intensely, letting it blare 'Teenage Dream' in the crowded hallway street, forehead creased.

Who was calling?

Blaine ran through the many people it could be, thinking hard and staring at the unknown number. It was eerily quiet as he reached for the phone, everything going slowly, his own heartbeat his background music, echoing in his chest. He stopped abruptly, right in the middle of the hall, watching people milling around him and letting them shove him as she passed by, trying to get into the hospital; a girl on a gurney being rushed in, an elderly couple sharing heartfelt goodbyes. He observed everything, watched it all pass him by, taking it all in, completely detached.

The ringing provided a good, steady beat he ignored easily, like everything flying around him.

Breathe in.

Blaine's fingers drew ever closer to the phone's answer button, pressing against the touch screen jerkily.

Breathe out.

He raised the phone to his ear.


His voice was raspy.


The sound of a phone colliding with the tile reverberated around the room and the sound of shoes slapping against the floor echoed.

Kurt sighed, watching Blaine leave his phone on the floor, happily sprinting out and picking it up once his checkup was done and racing after the hunter who gave up everything for him.

Mercedes rolled her eyes.

How was it that Puck's phone rang right when he left with the others?

Annoyed, she huffed out a heavy breath and pulled the phone into her hands, clicking the answer button on the last ring.


Quinn's voice was recognizable even through the static-y sound Puck's phone was intent on making.

Mercedes didn't answer, waiting.

"Uh, Puck, if you're there… I… I went in for that ultrasound today and the baby is healthy… I just wanted to let you know that I took your advice and thank you, for everything. Uh, I've got to go now. Bye."

Quinn hung up quickly, as though she was awkward, but obviously, Mercedes thought, she was comfortable enough with Puck to tell him about her ultrasound.

The singer tried to process this information, breathing in deeply, thinking hard. Puck's background picture didn't go unnoticed; it was one of both him and Quinn, smiling as someone else took the picture.

Quinn Fabray, resident spellcaster and captain of the Cheerios, the most popular girl in school, was not only pregnant, but, from what it sounded like, was pregnant with a baby that wasn't Finn's. She was a cheater.

And, in a strange twist of events that left Mercedes gasping, that baby seemed to be Puck's.

Mercedes pulled away from the kitchen's island slowly, jumping when someone came through the door with a swish. She whirled around; sighing and throwing the phone back down quickly when she found that it was just Sam, face relaxing into an easy smile.

"Hey, S."

The blonde grinned easily, stealing a chip from the open back, dipping it in a container of humus and leaning against the counter, Mercedes admiring his body subtly.

"Hey, 'Cedes. What are you doing in here all alone?"

Mercedes just shrugged, smiling fondly at him, afraid that her heartbeat was so loud, Sam wouldn't be able to hear her response over it.

She leaned against the wall beside him, grinning and bumping his shoulder, the exposed skin of her shoulder tingling when he bumped back, before pushing away and out of the kitchen before she embarrassed herself.

Someone knocked on the door and Mercedes went to open it, grinning, but her smile fell abruptly.

Quinn looked shocked that she was here, mouth freezing in the middle of forming a greeting, eyes getting sharp. Before she could spit out a grueling insult to the dark skinned girl, Sam spotted her.


Mercedes tried to pretend that Sam's eyes didn't light up, tried to pretend that he didn't get that lovesick smile on, tried to pretend that she didn't smile at Puck when he walked in, following him with her eyes. She tried to pretend that she had a chance.

Mercedes tried to pretend her heart wasn't breaking.

Emma Pillsbury looked up from where she was organizing her pamphlets as her phone vibrated softly against her desk, making her way around to check the caller ID: Will Schuester. Sighing happily, she pulled it open hastily.


The man on the other line gave a small, happy laugh, pushing Terri away and heading into the back room.

"Hey, Emma, can I talk to you about something?"

Emma smiled, nodding fervently, before realizing he couldn't see her.

"You can tell me anything you want, Will." She sighed breathlessly, almost falling over as she leaned against her desk for support.

The Spanish teacher launched straight into his story.

"I—I'm really happy that the kids are all bonding, but there's been some conflict."

Emma raised her eyebrows.


Will sighed, running a hand through his hair.

"Yeah. See, there's this boy, Blaine Anderson, who everyone seems to love, even the popular kids who don't seem to have any interest in girls like Rachel or Mercedes."

Emma listened, humming, a signal for him to continue.

"The thing is, he's from Dalton."

Emma's eyebrows furrowed.

"The hunter Academy?"

Will nodded to himself grimly. "The very same and I'm not sure whether he's a… liability, or not, especially if he hurts us in the long run."

Emma pondered this, settling in her chair again.

"There's nothing against your kids being friends with him, but he's a hunter, built to hate us. He's dangerous. And I think that you need to find someone who can bring him back to where he belongs."

Will sighed in relief as someone else pitched in their opinion, making a quick good-bye as Terri burst through the door in a shower of ice, smiling.

"Thanks, Emma. I've got to go. I have a beautiful fairy to take care of…"

He trailed off, pulling Terri into his arms, and the red head on the other end sighed and hung up at the sound of giggling and a loud laugh from the muse that she loved.

Emma sighed, her wings a shimmering silver outline of what was hidden, fluttering the light of a sunset.

The half-angel covered her face in her hands and cried tears of liquid gold.

Esmer was late.

Even so, she walked at a slow, leisure pace, letting her audience wait. She was the greatest in this business after all, and taking her time to interview some amateur vampires from Lima was really quite irritating. But the council had encouraged her to do so, so how could she deny them?

Besides, it was nice to see her son again, after such a long time.

As she walked into the circular glass theater, a flock of assistants scurried to their feet, trailing her, carrying coffee and various schedules. She waved them off with a flick of her perfectly manicured hands, a small red star tattooed into the side of her ring finger. She gave them a picture perfect false smile, taking her seat directly in the front of the stage, but many rows back, almost exactly in the middle of the theater, a method she had been using for years and one that her mother had taught her: Sit close enough that the people auditioning can see the emotionless expression, but far away enough that they had to sing loud enough for her to hear.

She looked bored, checking her phone and having a brief conversation with her son, laughing at his jokes and sighing at his pleas to go out with friends, waiting for the duo that was going to supposedly 'blow her away'.

Two teenagers stepped onto the stage, one a pretty brunette with a large nose, the other a striking, and obviously homosexual, young man with bright blue eyes and incredibly pale skin.

The boy smiled charmingly, but you could see the nervousness, the panic, in his eyes.

The girl, on the other hand, looked completely at ease, and slightly in awe of the woman before her. She raised her voice to speak.

"Hello, there, Miss Valencia. Might I say we are quite honored to be in your presence today."

The woman stared at her with a droll look. "Of course you are. Now, will you be singing or will you be using that obnoxious mouth of yours to keep spewing words that only a kiss up would be uttering."

Rachel looked slightly taken aback, but Kurt stepped forward, smiling.

"We will be singing a song we wrote called 'Let me be your Star'."

Esmer raised her eyebrows. "You'll be singing together?"

Rachel nodded. "Yes, ma'am, if that's alright with you."

The talented Broadway singer simply settled back into her seat, waiting.

Kurt and Rachel turned to each other, nodding, their eyes fluttering shut as the music began to flow through the speakers of the theater, Kurt opening his mouth to start softly.

Fade in on a boy,

With a hunger for fame,

And a face and a name to remember…

The past fades away,

And because of this day,

Noma Jean's gone,

She's moving on…

His voice rose admirably and Esmer nodded her approval in spite of herself.

Her smile and your fantasies

Play duet

That will make you forget

Where you are—

The music starts playing

It's the beat of his heart saying

"Let me be your star"

Rachel stepped forward confidently and Esmer's mouth quirked up. So the vampire-siren girl had a voice.

Flash back to a girl,

With a song in her heart

As she's waiting to start the adventure

The fire and the drive

That makes dreams come alive,

They fill her soul, she's in control

The drama, the laughter,

The tears just like pearl,

Well, they're all in this girl's repertoire—

It's all for the taking,

And it's magic we'll be making!

Let me be your star!

The two looked at each other, joining hands.

I'll just have to forget the hurt that came before

Forget what I used to be the past is on the cutting room floor

The future is here with me-!

Choose me!

Fade up on a star with it all in its sights

All the love and the lights that surround it

Someday it'll think twice of the dues and the price

Rachel and Kurt's voices overlapped beautifully as they echoed the same line:

It'll have to pay!

But not today!

Then she'll do all he can for the love of one man and the millions who look from afar

I'm what you've needed

It's all here and my heart's pleading:

Let me be your star!

The two teens panted on the stage as Esmer, saying nothing, swept out of the theater without a word, but with a smile over her shoulder.

Her phone still sat on the chair and the boy on the other end hung up, thinking about the talent he just heard.

Blaine cupped his coffee cup tightly, reveling in the warmth and blowing on it before taking a long sip, savoring the taste and settling into the plush chair in the nearly empty café.

"I'm surprised you decided to meet me here."

Blaine gave a small smile, almost bitter, to the man who looked just like an older version of his brother, but his eyes, a bright green, were intense and sharp, holding a biting quality that Cooper could never possess.

"Of course I would, Father."

The man across the table didn't smile back, nodding firmly.

"Good. Now, how are your grades? Have you found a nice girl yet?"

Blaine looked at him as though he couldn't believe the pure sewage coming out of his father's mouth right now. He gave a disbelieving laugh; this was it. He hadn't changed at all. The only two things he every cared about with his second son.

Blaine shook his head angrily.

"Dad, you know I'm gay. I like boys. And my grades are fine."

Mr. Anderson threw him a sharp look.

"We all know that who 'gay' thing is just a faze. It'll pass eventually."

Blaine stood, going to throw away his coffee in his fury, no longer in any mood for the soothing feel that coffee brought him.

"Uh, no, it's not. I like guys, Dad. Would you just accept it already and move on?"

Blaine stormed out of the shop, knowing full well his father would follow him.

"Blaine Anderson, come back here right now."

Blaine whirled on him. "Why, Dad? So you can critize my life choices some more?"

His father's eyes narrowed. "You are an absolute disgrace to this family! Why couldn't you just be normal?"

Hot tears pricked Blaine's eyes. "Why can't you just accept me? I'm your son."

The man punched the wall, before composing himself, his tone icy as ever.

"You're not my son anymore. Go find someone else to take in a dog like you."

Blaine reached for his arm, "Wait, no, Dad—please—"

The older man threw him off harshly. "Get away from me."

With that, Mr. Anderson walked out of his life, just like that, and Blaine Anderson, although he was so, so broken already, shattered.

Kurt stretched his back muscles, moving fluidly, looking up at a muffled shuffling sound, listening to the rain knock on the window, wanting to come it. Cooper swung through the kitchen window, a curious habit he had picked up from spending so much time with Sebastian, oddly dry.

Kurt looked up from where he was making breakfast, smiling.

"Hey, Coop."

Cooper grinned back, nodding.

"Hey, Kurt. Ooh, breakfast!" He scooped up three slices of bacon, seating himself at one of the colorful plastic chairs placed next to the kitchen's island. Kurt smiled down at the pancakes he was flipping; he had so much breakfast to make now that he was cooking for the various drop-ins who came and went as they pleased now days.

Kurt raised an eyebrow at Cooper, who was shoveling down blueberry muffins, eggs, and more bacon, "Did you just swing by to steal all my food?"

Cooper's eyes brightened, seemingly in agreement, but he shook his head.

"Nope," He replied around his full mouth, popping his p. "Just wanted to give you a quick heads up."

Kurt looked confused.


"Blaine, of course! Just had what you could call a 'conversation' with father dearest. The man is a goddamn tyrant, let me tell you." Kurt didn't really want to be told, but sighed tiredly, leaning on his palm, waving his hand for Cooper to continue. "But I had a bit of self-pleasure—"

Kurt made a face and Cooper snickered, shoving him lightly.

"No, no, that's personal. What I meant was I shouted, 'I'm dating a warlock, bloodsucker!'" He looked at Kurt apologetically, but Kurt just laughed and nodded.

"Anyways, since I told Blaine about it, he may not sob quite so much."

Kurt raised his eyebrows, going back to stirring the batter for chocolate chip pancakes he knew Brittany, Rachel, and Mercedes adored.

"You don't seem too broken up over all of this. Wait… he's your father too, right?"

Cooper gave him a questioning glance, grinning.

"Of course he's my father. I simply hate him. I've long since stopped trying to be what he wanted, but you know Blaine."

Kurt nodded, sighing; sometimes his boyfriend just tried a bit too hard to be everyone's vision of perfect.

The door slammed and Kurt jumped a bit, but Cooper just smiled, pressing a finger to his lips, waving before diving out the window again, all evidence of him every being there gone.

Blaine stormed in, eyes heavy, soaked through from the rain.

Kurt rushed forward, easily making a towel materialize in hand, wrapping it around the other boy and pulling him into his lap on the couch, stroking his hair, letting him collapse into tears.

"Oh, Blaine… What happened to you?"

Broken sobs of "father" and "acceptance" were repeated in various octaves as Kurt began to rock them both back and forth, sighing and kissing his temple.

"Shhh, shhh…"

He sang softly, trying to calm the other boy down.

Hush now, let's go quiet to the park where we first started,

Cool night, us lying in the dark, I felt my heart was trying to find a place for you, a place where I feel safe…

Blaine's eyelids began to droop and the crying began to quiet.

Anything we have known, anything we've forgotten…

In the rain, in the dark we'll lay, in your arms, in your arms I'll stay…

Anything we have known, anything we've forgotten…

Kurt's voice began to become heavy and his voice slowed.

In the rain…


In the dark we'll lay…

When the club dropped in, they found two sleeping boys curled up around each other and breakfast on the table.

In your arms I'll stay.

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