Dani's POV:

August 8th, 1999

Dear Murphy,

I went to another ultrasound earlier today to see how the "wee ones", as you would call them, are doing. The technician revealed that I'm carrying two little girls. Can you believe it? I'm so happy, I can barely think straight. How are all of you doing? I'm glad you made it home safely. Before you ask me, I will go ahead and answer your question. No, I still don't want Connor to know about the babies. He wanted me to move on with my life, and I will respect his wishes, but only to an extent. Do you think you are ever coming back to America? If you do, that is when I will inform your brother about his children. As cruel as it sounds, I only want to protect them from the gritty truth about your lives as vigilantes…

I read the draft of my letter to my "brother" repeatedly until I had it memorized. Not feeling pleased with it, I crumpled up the paper into a ball and threw it at the trashcan across my room from my bed. It missed the opening, bouncing against the edge of the lid and landing on the floor.

It had been two whole months since the MacManus vigilantes of Boston had left me behind, heartbroken and pregnant. However, despite my despair that my Irish heroes had left the country, I felt wonderfully ecstatic that I was carrying two beautiful babies inside my womb.

I lay in bed at my Uncle Paul's house, my hands caressing my belly. Sometimes, when I laid here alone at night, I would talk to the little angels growing within me. Often, they would respond to my voice with slight nudges and gentle kicks as if they were talking back to me. They were both pretty active at five months.

As I snuggled deeper into my warm bed, I thought back to earlier that day when Dolly, Duffy, Greenly and my Uncle Paul all accompanied me to the ultrasound. The three detectives made a wager against each other on whether the twins would both be boys, girls, or I would have a son and a daughter.

Needless to say, it was the most interesting doctor appointment I'd ever attended…



All four men surrounded me as I laid on the platform, feeling the female ultrasound technician skim the scanner across my exposed belly. The twin babies were shown on the monitor screen in blurred, blue images.

"Whoa, check out both of the baby big-heads! Dude, those things are fucking freaky looking." Greenly pointed out, chuckling at the screen.

I glared at him. "Excuse me, those are my kids you're talking about, David. I happen to be a sacred vessel of life. All you've got in your stomach is Sonic." Sarcasm marred my voice.

"Well, Ms. Smecker. I'd say that you've got two girls on the way. And they're on a road to a healthy birth." The technician looked at me warily, as if she sensed something suspicious about me.

"Ha! I knew it! Pay up, sucker." Dolly snapped his fingers and held out an open palm toward Greenly. The disgruntled cop shoved his hand into his jacket pocket and pulled out two 20 dollar bills. Dolly swiped them out of his hand with a confident smirk.

"May I ask which of you gentlemen is the father?" The technician flitted her glance at the three detectives that stood around my table.

"Ma'am, none of these men is the babies' father. Their father is far away…for now." I looked at her face, which appeared to be silently criticizing my answer.

"Well, Ms. Smecker, I assume that once the babies are born, they will be placed in a safe and secure home. Thank goodness for the center for unwed mothers."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" I tried to keep my tone calm.

"I see a lot of young, single mothers come through this place. It's quite a hazardous way to raise a baby." She took a wet rag and wiped the blue ultrasound goo off my pelvis.

"No, you're wrong. Just because I'm not under the financial support of a husband doesn't mean that I'll be an unfit mother to my children. I'm not a drugged out whore who got knocked up after a meaningless one-night stand. When I have these babies, I will do everything in my power to make sure they are well provided for. As the niece of an FBI agent, I know a few things about protecting the people I love." The woman and I both locked eyes as she stared in shocked silence. "Since you're an ultrasound technician and I'm an Irish pub technician, I think we both oughta stick to what we know and mind our respective business."

She frowned down at me as she rose from her seat to turn the lights back on. I saw my uncle smile at me with pride in the corner of the room. Dolly, Duffy and Greenly all grinned at me with astonishment. "Damn, Dani. No wonder Connor fell in love with you."

Dolly elbowed Greenly hard in the ribs, making him wince. "Don't say the 'C' word around her, man."

I felt a pang of anguish in my heart at the sound of his name, but I felt the little ones wrestle in their warm home, which they would exit in four more months. "That's your daddy's name, girls. I just hope you'll get to meet him one day."





I was alone at the house, putting up some groceries on the counter. The process was slow due to my huge belly, but I was cautious due to the approaching time when I would possibly go into labor.

The kitchen phone began to ring. Wobbling over to it, I picked it up and answered the caller. "Hello, this is the Smecker residence. May I ask who's calling?"

There wasn't a responding voice on the other end of the line. All I could hear was static…and the sound of waves? It sounded completely serene and calm, not like any of the coastal areas in the United States. I pulled the phone from my ear and looked at the number. It wasn't one I recognized, and I was certain that I didn't know anyone who lived near the ocean.

"Hello…hello?" I asked the caller tentatively. After five seconds of waiting for a reply, I hung up, mentally wondering who would just call me like that without talking back…

Then, I felt my water break…and the rippling of coming contractions…




Greenly sped my wheelchair through the hallway of the hospital, making me dizzy. "We're having twins! Sweet Jesus Christ!" He shouted, making a couple of nurses cover their ears.

"Will you stop that, you idiot?" Uncle Paul nearly growled at the bumbling cop, taking the chair handles and pushing me into Delivery.

"But, its fun. Like those intense hospital shows." Greenly argued in defeat, following us into the delivery room. At my personal request to the doctors, they allowed my uncle and my best friend Greenly to be there during the twins' entrance into the world.

"Ow, ow! When do I get that spinal tap thing?" I groaned to the men, pulling myself onto the bed.

"You can't have it until you're dilated enough, honey." I saw Greenly cringe as my uncle answered me.

"I have to wait for the fucking pain to get worse? Why can't I just have the kids now?!" I nearly shouted, tears trickling down my cheeks. My emotional moods had been on a tirade lately, almost unpredictable.

"Maybe its because doctors are evil sadists who like to play God and watch little Catholic girls scream in pain." Greenly suggested.

Another painful contraction enflamed my abdomen, causing me to cry out again.

"Shit! Can we get my niece the damn epidural, please?" My uncle yelled rushing out into the hallway.

Hours later, I was pushing with all my strength, nurses encouraging me to push harder. I cried and screamed, digging my fingernails into the sheets, sweat pouring down my temples. At one point, Greenly took a daring peek "down there" and ended up fainting like a little girl onto the tile floor.

Uncle Paul held my hand tightly, giving me breathing lessons at my side. While I greatly appreciated him and my three detective friends being here for me, there was really one other person who should have been in this room with me…and his name erupted from my mouth for the first time in months.

"CONNOR!" I screamed out, sobs breaking out of me. I continued pushing for what seemed like days…until I finally heard that small sound from behind the protective curtain dividing my body.

A cry entered my ears, one of the most beautiful sounds I had ever heard. "I…I can hear her. It…That's my Isabella Marie." I whispered to my uncle.

Then, I felt the second little baby being pulled out of me, releasing a wail of breath, taking in her first sensation of being outside her warm cozy womb. "De…Delilah Anne." I whispered her name, hearing her cries of breathing.

The nurses and doctors congratulated me enthusiastically. "Well, Ms. Smecker, it seems these two have had a successful entrance into the world. Congratulations, dear."

I could only nod as exhaustion overtook me and I fell into a peaceful slumber.




Not long after, I woke up in my hospital room, with Dolly plugging in a CD player on my bedside table. "I thought you'd like your little girls to hear some tranquil Irish music."

"Thank you. I'm sure they'll like that." As I looked up, I saw two nurses wheel in my two little angels. They wore pink hats to keep their heads warm and were wrapped up in cute blankets.

"Would you like to hold your babies, Ms. Smecker?" One of the nurses asked. I felt choked up as I nodded eagerly.

"I…I have twin daughters." My voice managed to say that much as each nurse lifted one baby out of their cart-beds. They carefully placed them into my arms, adjusting the hats on their heads. Out of my peripheral vision, I saw Dolly leave the room to give us some privacy. The music from the small stereo flowed through the room, filling my ears with flutes and soft bagpipes.

Isabella cooed and slowly opened her eyes, revealing that all-too-familiar blue color…her father's eyes. She stared at my face and tried to smile, wriggling her tiny fingers.

Delilah was a little aggravated at being cocooned so tightly in her blanket, attempting to free both of her arms from it, reaching out to me. Her eyes also held the same azure determination of her Irish sire. As the music swelled into a lovely section of the melody, both of the babies' eyes gazed at me in wonder…and they snuggled deep into their blankets, making contented peeps of satisfaction.

I was now a mother.

Gazing around my room, I saw a lovely painting of the Virgin Mary on the wall across from my bed. She had her hands together in prayer, with a golden light surrounding her head. She looked absolutely regal. "I…I hope you and your Son are proud of me today. And I pray for your help and guidance for me to raise my children to the best of my ability." I murmured to the woman in the portrait. Mary only stared back at me with kindness in her eyes, but I knew God could hear what I was saying.

He would help me to bring up my two daughters in this crazy world…and somehow bring their father and uncle to them.

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