In the year 1864 there was a lovely woman, Cassandra Vega(Tori) and her sister Katherine(Trina) who were the daughters of weathley land owner William(Tori's dad David) and there mother Isabelle(Tori's mom Holly) they lived in what's now called Los Angeles , they call Dark Falls(dont judge) the civilization were Jadelyn West, Beckett Oliver, Caterine Valentine, and Robert Shaprio. Upon them all were slaves each of their family's own Miss Cassandra's family owned Harris Andre's family but Harris Andre and Cassandra were best friends in secret, but secretly Harris loved Cassandra with all his heart and would take a million whips just to be with her, but alas he can't bare his feelings since it's forbidden. But when Cassandra has fellings for Harris too how far would they go for there forbidden love?