A Flame in the Night

Well here is the basic overview of the situation. Me and my friends got caught up in this zombie apocalypse. We are a small team of three teenagers. Me and my two friends Tyler ,a slightly chubby guy with blonde hair, and Zane a skinny kid with brown hair. We have some amazing powers, and that is about the only reason we are still alive, but I am getting ahead of myself. Here is the story from the beginning.

I turned on the TV. I sat boredly flicking through channels. One caught my attention. It was the morning news. I am one of those kids who was more interested in video games than the news, but this was different. The reporter, a short platinum blonde, was giving a news report on some mad cow disease. I had read the zombie survival guide so this caught my interest. I listened for a moment and noticed how it turned people into "mad flesh eating lunatics". Suddenly, the reporter screamed. The camera turned and I was now seeing a crowd of zombies come out of the shadows. I shut off the TV not wanting to see more. Luckily for me my parents were on a cruise in the pacific . I called my two friends informing them of the situation. I immediately I ran to the sinks and the bathtub filling them up to the brim I collected some supplies and weapons. I locked the doors and windows. I siphoned gasoline from the tools laying around. My friends were doing the same thing at their house. It was starting to get dark. I collected everything else I could and headed inside. I had a nice amount of food and water. My weapons were: An ax, a sword, three pocket knives, a set of kitchen knives,and two hatchets. Not the best array of weaponry, but I knew my friends fared better in that department. Last time I had been over to there houses Zane had two hunting rifles and a pistol. Tyler had a ninja sword. I called Tyler and Zane. We were all heading over to Tyler's house, It was the best choice. He lived in a two story house. The garage below and the house on top. If we collapsed the stairs the only thing we would have to deal with is one door. I decided to take the the ion. It has 5 seats and a medium trunk. We all met up at Tyler's house. We immediately started battle plans We ended up deciding to go to the nearest military base. The zombie apocalypse wasn't widespread yet so it would be safe to travel. We packed up our supplies and headed out. When we were about 30 miles away from his house we started to see some of the destruction. Everyone else had fled the city and zombies moved in. We were lucky enough to not encounter any zombies. I hoped our luck would hold,