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Chapter 1

Rhett sat smoking a cigar and looking out from the window in his hotel room. "It's going to be another humid night" he thought to himself. He took puff of his cigar as he felt arms wrap about him. Rhett leaned back and said. "Leaving me so soon my pet?" "We're having guest for dinner, I have to get dressed. I'll be back tomorrow." Rhett turned around to face her, "until tomorrow then" he lowered his head and gently placed his lips over hers.

Scarlett walked into her home and was immediately met by Mammy "Mis' Scarlett were ave yous been? You know we expectin' your Aunt Pitty and Miss Melly".

Scarlett removed her wrapper and handed it to Mammy as she walked towards the stairs. "I was at the mill Mammy, now let me be. I'm going to my room to dress."

"If you was at the mill, why aint Mista Ashley with you?" "He had some business to attend to" Scarlett said as she reached the top of the stairs "I'll need you to help me dress shortly" with that Scarlett turned the corner and went into her room.

When Scarlett entered her bedroom she walked over to the bed and laid down. "oh how I hate his house" she thought as she began to replay the events from this afternoon. After going over the books at the mill she had informed Ashley that she felt a headache coming on and wanted to go home and rest before dinner. Scarlett then did what she had become so accustom to, she enter though the back door of the Atlanta Hotel. Being careful not to be seen she took out Rhett's room key, unlocked the door and slipped inside.

"Rhett?" she said as she set her gloves down on nearby table. Rhett walked out of the bedroom and quickly crossed to her "you're late" "I had trouble getting away" Scarlett wrapped her arms around Rhett's neck, she leaned in and kissed him.

"I've missed you". Rhett chucked and said "even though I'm a no good cad?" "Rhett! You know I didn't mean those things I said to you yesterday. You can be impossible sometimes." Scarlett leaned in to kiss Rhett again but he stopped her. "If I'm so impossible why did you come to me?" "Rhett, you know why" "I've forgotten, tell me again" Scarlett looked down and said "because I…" looking back up and meeting Rhett's gaze "I love you." Rhett kissed her roughly then said "and I love you".

A knock at the door brought Scarlett back to reality. She looked over and replied "come in" slowly Mammy opened the door and said "are you ready to get dress now?" Scarlett smiled and stretched out "yes Mammy, I think I'll wear that blue dress with the white lace in the front.

Mammy walked over to the closet as Scarlett stood up and started to unbutton her dress. "This the one you been wantin' to wear?" "Yes Mammy that's the one."

Mammy went over to Scarlett but stopped half way "Mis Scarlett where are your strays? I know I don' laced you up this morning"

Scarlett froze as she remembered redressing that afternoon. She had decided to forgo having Rhett lace her up, he always complained that he didn't think she need to wear a corset and truth be told she was starting to believe him.

"You must be mistaken Mammy" "no, I aint', I've been watching you these past few months' and I knows you up to no good." "I don't know what you mean" Scarlett said as she crossed over to her dresser to retrieve a new corset. Mammy put the dress on the bed then walked over to Scarlett and started to lace her up.

"Mis Scarlett I know ya since you were in diapers and I know when ya up to somethin'. If you know what's good for ya you would start behaving like a lady and think bout your reputation." "I could do without a reputation" Scarlett said smirking, Mammy pulled the laces on her corset tighter as she grumbled to herself.

"Scarlett our guests have arrived" Ashley said as he knocked on their bedroom door, "I'll be down in a minute" Scarlett replied. She never could understand why Ashley insisted on having Aunt Pitty, Melanie and India over for dinner each week. "I just hope Aunt Pitty doesn't have one of her silly fainting spells again." Scarlett said to herself as he exited her room.

"Scarlett, you look lovely" Melanie said and she approached Scarlett, "so do you Melly, is that a new dress?" Melanie smiled as she hugged Scarlett "yes, it was finished only yesterday" "India, Aunt Pitty it's so good to see you again" Scarlett said.

India looked coldly at Scarlett and replied "Scarlett". Scarlett gave India the sweetest smile knowing that it would only make her angrier. Scarlett walked towards Aunt Pitty who was seated on the settee next to Ashley. "How was your trip to Savannah Aunt Pitty?"

"As good as can be expected with so many Yankee's around. I was so frightened I hardly left my Suzie's home. When I think of all those Yankee's walking around it makes me feel faint" Aunt Pitty started to fan herself. "Well we can't have you fainting on us now can we? Let's go to the dining room, shall we?"

Ashley said as he helped Aunt Pitty up. "Yes that a splendid idea, you can fill me in on all the gossip from Savannah. Did you see my Aunt while you were there?" Scarlett said as she entered the dining room.

"I did see your Aunt at church but I didn't spend that much time with her. She looked well, your Aunt Caroline said she wanted to go to Tara for a spell in the summer." "Oh wouldn't that be lovely Scarlett, it's been so long since your Aunt visited Tara" "Since before the war" Scarlett said. Prissy came in with a tray of food and begin to serve everyone.

Once dinner was over everyone sat in the parlour talking Scarlett was sitting next to Ashley, she kept trying to pretend she was interested in the conversation. But the whole time her mind was on Rhett. Even though she had seen him that afternoon she had missed him terribly. Every moment she spent with Ashley made her feel like she was drowning. "How did my life become like this" she thought. "I'm leading two completely different lives, I just can't stand to be with Ashley any longer. But I can't leave him and disgrace my family. What would my mother think of me if she knew what I was doing?" Scarlett sighed and looked down at her hands.

"Scarlett darling, are you alright?" Melanie said. Scarlett awoke from her thoughts. Scarlett lifted her head and looked at Melanie "oh yes, I'm fine Melly. I had a headache earlier today and I think it's coming back.

"Oh you poor thing. It's getting late we should go, so you can rest" Melanie got up and went to the hallway, India and Aunt Pitty followed. Aunt Pitty took her wrapper from Melanie and said "Scarlett why don't you come for tea tomorrow afternoon?" "That would be lovely" "Thank you for such a lovely evening, I look forward to our dinners every week" As do I" Ashley said as he showed them out.

"Prissy!" Scarlett shouted "yes em?" Prissy said as she came into the hallway. "I need you to help me undress" Ashley turned towards Scarlett and said "I can help you"

Scarlett noticed that unmistakeable look in his eye, he always looked at her this way after he had seen Melanie. 'How different things would of been if he had married Melanie' "no, Prissy can help me. Besides I have a headache coming on." Scarlett turned and went up the stairs.

Later that night Scarlett lay in bed when she heard a knock. "Come in" she said as she sat up. Ashley entered and walked towards the bed. "Scarlett how long are you planning on banishing me from our room for? As my wife you have certain duties that you must attend to."

Scarlett knew she couldn't keep Ashley at bay forever, she had asked him for separate rooms shortly after her and Rhett's first time together. That was almost a year ago. "I told you, I don't want children." Ashley got quiet and said "there are ways around that" "I don't know what you mean and I don't want to know Ashley. We shouldn't be talking about this, it isn't proper"

Ashley turned away from Scarlett and headed towards the door, he stopped and turned towards Scarlett once again "you know I can divorce you for this" "do what you have to do, I won't change my mind" Scarlett lay back down and turned onto her side, her back facing the door "goodnight Ashley"

Chapter 2

"Rhett, I can't seem to find the other side" Scarlett said as she lifted her head up from under the bed.

"I don't see why you threw them in the first place, there was a perfectly good vase sitting right next to them." Rhett laughed as Scarlett got up from the floor "If you keep being such a cad I'll throw that at you next" Scarlett walked up to Rhett and put her arms around him. Rhett couldn't help but smile; he pulled her into an embrace and kissed the top of her head. "I'll get you a new pair" "no need my pet, I'm sure I'll find it hidden somewhere".

As Christmas began to approach everyone in Atlanta where busy getting ready for the holiday and the upcoming ball. "Melly what do you think of this one?" Scarlett said as she looked at a pair of gold cufflinks. "It's lovely Scarlett, I'm sure Ashley will adore them." "Yes, I think he will" Scarlett couldn't tell Melly the real reason for her wanting to purchase a pair of cufflinks.

Scarlett and Melly walked out onto the busy streets of Atlanta. "Have you decided on your gift for Aunt Pitty Melly? "I think so; I was going to embroider some new handkerchiefs for her. She had been using the same ones for years. Oh Scarlett look there's Captain Butler." Melly walked quickly towards Rhett

"Captain Butler!" Rhett turned to look in their direction; he smiled as soon as he saw Scarlett. "Miss Hamilton, Mrs Wilkes this is a pleasant surprise. I see you two have been shopping. Getting ready for the holidays I assume?" "Yes" Scarlett said barely above a whisper, they rarely saw each other outside of Rhett's suite.

This chance meeting made Scarlett's heart flutter and her pulse quicken. "Will you be visiting Charleston for Christmas Captain Butler?" "Not this year Miss Hamilton, I have business matters here in Atlanta and I won't be able to get away" "Oh that's a shame" said Melanie "perhaps we'll see you at the ball then?" Scarlett said. "Only if you would give me the pleasure of a dance"

"Of course Captain Butler, if I remember correctly you are quite a fine dancer" "only when the mood strikes me Mrs Wilkes, well I must be off. It was so good to see you Miss Hamilton and Mrs Wilkes" "goodbye Captain Butler" Melanie said. She and Scarlett walked down the street to Aunt Pitty's.

Chapter 3

"I got you something" Scarlett said from as she rushed over to Rhett with a smile on her face.

"Oh?" Rhett said as he took another sip of his drink, he set it down on the table next to him.

"Close your eyes, don't look" Scarlett said as she sat on Rhett's lap.

Scarlett couldn't help but giggle, she always felt like she was 16 again whenever Rhett was around. She kissed Rhett on the cheek, "open your eyes". Rhett did and looked down at the box Scarlett was holding.

"I saw this and I knew I had to get it for you, I was going to wait and give it to you at Christmas but since you where so disagreeable yesterday I thought this might cheer you up."

Rhett took the box from her and opened it up to reveal the gold cuff links she had bought days before. "There're lovely Scarlett thank you".

"You really like them?" Scarlett put her arms around Rhett and smiled at him "I love them" Scarlett leaned in to Rhett and gave him a kiss. "Now will you tell me what was bothering you yesterday?" Scarlett said as she pulled away from Rhett.

Rhett looked at Scarlett and sighed, he knew he would have to tell her sooner or later. He thought that he might be able to prolong saying anything but Scarlett was better at reading him then he cared to admit. When their relationship first started he tried to hide his emotions, he loved her. He had for years but she belonged to another man and that thought drove him mad. But when she was with him alone in his hotel room, he could pretend that she was his wife and that comforted him.

"I wanted to wait to tell you, but since you seem intent on dragging it out of me. I suspect I may have a cheat working for me. I received a telegram from my accountant informing me of some discrepancies in the books for one of my ships."

"What will you do?" Scarlett said as she rested her head on Rhett's shoulder.

"I'm leaving for Charleston on Sunday morning." Scarlett's head shot up "ohh, how long will you be gone"

"I don't really know," "I don't know what I'll do without you." Scarlett got off of Rhett, sniffling she tried to hold back tears.

"My dear, you must have known this was a possibility." Rhett walked over to Scarlett but she stepped away from him.

"I did, I just didn't want to think about it. Rhett, I...the thought of us being apart is unbearable. I need you; the only thing that keeps me in that house is knowing that I'll see you."

Rhett went to Scarlett again and put his arms around her. "What if I asked you to come with me, would you?" Rhett took out a handkerchief from his pocket and gave it to Scarlett. She took it blew her nose. "Run away with you? You know I can't do that, my family would disown me"

"Then what would you have me do? Stay here in Atlanta waiting for you to sneak into my hotel room while my business is in shambles."

"Well, no..." "Now you see my dear we are at odds, I'm only be gone for a little while. I'll come back to Atlanta as soon as I can"

"Are you still planning on going to the ball tomorrow?" "Only if I can steal you away for a dance or two." Rhett kissed her and lead her to the bedroom.

Chapter 4

Scarlett looked at herself in the mirror; she decided to wear the blue velvet dress that she had made several months ago. She knew that the neckline was bordering on being indecent but she didn't care. She dabbed some perfume on and smiled 'perfect' she thought.

Ashley and Scarlett walked into the hall arm in arm. "Oh it's so beautiful in here" Scarlett said as she looked around. "Melanie and the rest of the committee have out done themselves this year" The room was decorated with garland and ribbon, there where table placed around the room with candles and flowers.

"Look there's Melanie now" Scarlett said as went over to Melanie. "Hello Melly" Scarlett said as she hugged her. "Scarlett, Ashley you two look lovely." "I was just telling Ashley that you and the committee out did yourself this year. Everything looks so beautiful."

"Everyone has come tonight, I'm so happy. Fanny Elsing and her husband even Dr. Mead's son decided to come. You know how he dislikes parties." Melanie said.

"Remember the first ball after the war? He sat by himself the whole night and refused to dance with anyone, even his own mother." Scarlett laughed as she remembered him sitting alone all night reading.

"He's just shy, he reminds me a bit of myself when I was his age" Ashley said. "If you would excuse me ladies I'm off to find Frank Kennedy, we have some business to discuss" Ashley walked away from them and over to where Frank was standing.

"Mrs Meriwether made that punch that you like so much Scarlett. Come let's have some"

Rhett walked into the hall, he didn't really want to go but he had promised Scarlett that he would attend. Truth be told he wasn't looking forward to spending the night pretending that he wasn't jealous of Ashley. His blood would boil every time he thought about Ashley touching Scarlett. Scarlett was his and his alone, regardless of what the church says. He had only been in the hall a few moments when he spotted Scarlett and Melanie. Scarlett looked breathtaking, he was use to her beauty but tonight she looked different; she was glowing in her velvet. Her hair was down but the sides were pinned up. She looked so at ease so relaxed. As Rhett approached them he wanted nothing more than to wrap his arms around her and kiss her madly.

"Ms Hamilton, a pleasure to see you again" Rhett said as he took Melanie's hand and kissed it. He reached for Scarlett's, looked her in the eyes and smiled. "Mrs Wilkes, you're looking very lovely this evening" Scarlett looked at Rhett for a moment transfixed. She couldn't remember a time when he looked handsomer. Her heart was fluttering and she couldn't stop herself from blushing at his touch. "Captain Butler" Scarlett said as she lowered her head in an attempt to hid her rosy cheeks, this didn't do unnoticed by Rhett.

"Dipping into Mrs Merewether's punch again I see. If I remember correctly you enjoyed it quite a bit at the last ball" Rhett said as he left out a chuckle. "Yes I did, a little too much." Scarlett said as she smiled up at him.

"Captain Butler has arrived" Frank Kennedy said as he pointed to where he stood. "I must remember to ask him about where he got his horse. A stallion, an exquisite animal."

Ashley starred at Rhett; he notice how he was looking at his wife. But what was even more troubling was that Scarlett seemed mesmerized by him. "If you will excuse me Mr. Kennedy, I should attend to my wife." "Yes of course" Frank said.

"Good evening Mr. Wilkes" Rhett said when he say Ashley come up to them. Scarlett eyes were still on Rhett when Ashley touched her arm. "Captain Butler" Ashley replied "Darling care to dance?" Scarlett turned her head to Ashley and said "yes, thank you." Ashley took her glass and placed it on the table then led her to the dance floor.

Rhett continued to watch them for a moment. "They are a lovely couple, aren't they?" Melanie said noticing that Rhett was still looking at Scarlett. "Care to dance Ms Hamilton?" "Of course Captain Butler"

"I got him from a breeder just outside of Jonesborough." Rhett said as he took a puff of his cigar. "Mrs Kennedy has her eyes set on getting another horse. Perhaps you can get me in contact with your breeder" Frank said she he took a sip of his drink. "I'll send Mr. Burke a telegram in the morning, excuse me"

Rhett finally saw his chance to dance with Scarlett. He was starting to get frustrated, every time he would look for her she would be dancing with someone else. Finally he noticed her talking with Melanie and Cathleen Calvert. He went up to her and said "Care to dance Mrs. Wilkes" Scarlett turned around and looked at Rhett "I'd be delighted to Captain Butler."

"You look very handsome" Scarlett said as she and Rhett danced. "So do you my darling, absolutely stunning".

"I didn't like you dancing with all those other men." Scarlett looked at him and smiled "Well I wasn't so fond of you dancing with all those women" Rhett pulled Scarlett a little closer to him, knowing that doing so might cause even more unwanted attention but he didn't care. He loved Scarlett; he wanted to enjoy the feel of her in his arms. Lord knows he has spent many nights trying to escape his feelings but he would be damned if he did that tonight.

One dance turned into two which turned into them dancing together for well over an hour. This didn't go unnoticed to everyone. Melanie and Honey where talking to Aunt Pitty when India rushed up to them and said "they certainly are making a sceptical of themselves, in front of my brother and all of Atlanta and less."

Melanie, Honey and Aunt Pitty followed India's gaze. Melanie stood silently watching the two; her eyes went to Rhett's sleeve. Immediately she noticed the cufflinks that Rhett wore. She looked at Rhett and then to Scarlett "oh my" Melanie said as she held her hand to her mouth.

Chapter 5

"Well you made a spectacle of yourself tonight Scarlett" Ashley said on the carriage ride home. Scarlett looked over at him and sighed "what are you talking about?"

"Dancing all night with Captain Butler, you know what people say about him" Ashley shifted in his set. "I know he may be a friend of yours but I don't want you to see him anymore, I forbid it."

"You forbid it? Ashley you know Melanie and I owe him our lives. He help use escape from Atlanta during the war."

"The way you were dancing, it was practically indecent. Everyone at the ball was staring at the two of you. You know what they were saying don't you?"

The carriage stopped, Ashley stepped out he put his hand out for Scarlett but she ignored it. She stepped out of the carriage and walked to the front door. They entered their house Scarlett placed her wrapper on the side table.

"You know how people talk Scarlett, for your own safety stay away from him. He is no longer welcome in this house"

Scarlett was half way up the stairs but she stopped and turned to look at Ashley. "I love him"


Scarlett sat down on the step and said "I love him, I'm his mistress"

Ashley couldn't believe what he was hearing, how this could of happened. "He seduced you Scarlett, it's not your fault. I'm sure you weren't the first and you won't be the last"

Scarlett shook her head and said "I wanted to. I was so unhappy Ashley and Rhett made me feel alive again...He loves me."

"How long has this been going on" Ashley spoke in a whisper, his voice cracking.

"Almost a year, I'm sorry Ashley" Scarlett stood up

"Scarlett how could you do this, and with a man like Rhett Butler."

"I was so unhappy; we are so different you and I. I thought that we could be happy together, I thought we were happy. I was so glad that you had come back from the war. I wanted to make your life as comfortable as I could. Slowly I started to realise that I couldn't keep it up. I couldn't become the wife that you wanted." Scarlett was trying to hold back tears when she said "Rhett and I are the same. I wanted to be with him, he never forced me. I went to him, I did Ashley. He walked me home and I invited him in for tea. I'm so sorry Ashley" Scarlett could no longer hold back her tears. She turned back around and went to her room.

When Scarlett got to her room, she closed the door and fell onto her bed crying. She didn't mean to tell Ashley. She just then she heard the door open, she looked over and say that Mammy had come in.

"Miss Scarlett, I've done come to unlace you. What's the matter child?"

"I'm terrible Mammy, I've disgraced Ma and Pa."

"What are ya talkin' bout?" Mammy said as she sat next to Scarlett.

"I've been having an affair." Scarlett sat up sniffling.

"Wit' Captin' Butler"

Scarlett nodded her head and said "how did you know?"

"I done seen the way you two look at each other. I'm happy for ya, I know it's wrong what you've been doin'. But he has been good for ya"

"I don't know what to do Mammy, I can't stay here with Ashley anymore not after what I've done. I can't be with Rhett without bringing shame to my family. Oh what would Ma and Pa think if they could see me now?" Scarlett threw herself on her bed once more and started crying.

"Now sit up Miss Scarlett and stop yo cryin', what ya needs is a good night's rest. Here let me unlace ya" Mammy helped Scarlett up and started to undress her.

"Thank you Mammy" Scarlett said between sniffles