It had been 2 months since the war between clans started. Many people died in the bloody battlefield. And many innocent people died because they get involved in the war. But, it had already been 2 days since the war stopped, with no trace of any army from other clans.

Kihana sat on the porch while thinking the same things, trying to figure out why the war stopped so suddenly. "Strange. Are they planning an ambush? It can't end like this, right? A long history of war, ended by something.. inexplainable? Nah, it can't be."
He was deep in thought, until he didn't realize that someone had sneaked into his room. When he heard footsteps and sword being unsheathed, he finally became aware of his surrounding and prepared his own weapon. Kihana didn't look back and tried to guess what the nemesis would do next. Then, he heard loud noises from behind. He was shocked to see two mans there.

"Slow as always... Right, Kihana?"

He heard someone chuckled lightly from behind. Then something was throwed to ground. He guessed it was the dead body of the enemy that tried to kill him earlier.

"I wonder what would happen if I didn't kill this guy earlier. Maybe you'd become a dead body already." A man with silver long hair, stared at Kihana.

"Well, thank you for saving me again, Tear. I just.. can't think of anything else while I'm thinking about something." Kihana replied. He continued looking the view outside his window.

"Aren't you curious why the war stopped abruptly, and people disappeared without any trace?" the silver haired man said to him. Kihana kept staring outside.

"That's what made me so deep in thought. And by the way, do you know who that dead body is, or who sent him here? What was his purpose?" Kihana flooded Tear with questions. He was confused as well, why he was being hunted down.

"Any news about the abrupt stop of the war?"

Tear shrugged.

"So many question, so little time."

Kihana snorted

First of all, that dead man is an assassin from other clan. From the mark on his neck, I can tell that he was sent here by the Orochi. The reason he came here.. I don't know any of it."

'Orochi? Isn't he the strongest leader of the other clan..? Why is he coming after me?'

Before Kihana could think more, Tear continued. "For the war. As I said earlier, many of the army have disappeared without any trace. I'm having a difficulty to track them. But, the villagers said to me that they disappeared after making contract with 'Oni'." Tear smirked.

" 'Oni'? What's that? And what's with me and Orochi?" Kihana frowned, still couldn't comprehend what was the meaning behind all of these puzzle parts.

"I need to figure something out of this problem.." Kihana thought for himself.

~to be continued

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