Chapter 11 guys! Just a couple more and this story is over! I was thinking of making this into two chapters, but decided against it and made into a 23 page chapter. Longest one I have ever done.

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Sunday had arrived, and true to his word Finch arrived at Rosalyn's house after 12 o'clock. He knew she had so many questions, and he wanted to have some private time with her. So far she had asked questions he knew she would ask, and had the right answers for her. Right, honest answers. He still refused to tell her about the Machine though. She wasn't involved in that, and he would try to keep her away from it as much as possible. They continued talking until Joss called. It was her day off, but the chief had asked her if Rosalyn could help with a cold case. She looked at her uncle, asking if it was alright to let Joss come over. He nodded. It was alright, besides he wanted to know how close the detective was with his niece, and for Reese to believe what he said about Rosalyn's ability. He knew his agent had doubts, and he thought it had been proven to him a couple of times, but he still refused to believe. Hopefully after today, he won't have any doubt.

He called Reese and asked him to come over.

"Is everything all right, Finch?" he asked.

"Yes. There is just something that we would like to show you, Mr. Reese." He hung up. Rosalyn said that Joss would be there in half an hour. She needed to go to the precinct, to get the file. Reese would be over in a few minutes, enough time for Rosalyn to show some of her abilities to Reese.

Reese arrived a little while later, this time not bothering to put on his suit. Instead, he wore some jeans, a black sweater, and his coat. Rosalyn led him to the kitchen where Finch was waiting.

"Hello, Finch" Reese greeted.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Reese." he greeted back.

"So what is it that you both wanted to show me?" he asked. Reese didn't have anything to do that day, but it wasn't every day that he got called in when there wasn't a number.

"Rosalyn, how strong have you gotten since the last time?" Finch asked, he didn't bother answering Reese. He was going to get his answer, by the little demonstration they were doing.

Nodding, Rosalyn looked at the salt and pepper shakers. She concentrated on the pepper shaker, took a deep breath and lifted her fingers. Reese looked at the pepper shaker, but nothing was happening. A few seconds had passed, and he was getting a little impatient. This was a joke, there is no such thing as a medium or paranormal. Just before he was going to say the words to Finch, the shaker moved.

'Just a little draft', Reese thought. 'Yeah, that's right; a little draft made it move, but then again, how could it when it was full'?

He was about to speak again, when the shaker moved; this time towards Rosalyn. A little distance, but significant enough to shut Reese up, and take back everything he'd said.

"That, Mr. Reese is what we wanted to show you." Finch said, with a slight smile on his face.

Reese looked at Finch, then at Rosalyn, then at Finch again. "Impossible." He said. He looked down at the table, expecting to find some sort of magnet, but found nothing. He looked back up again, only to see Rosalyn smiling at him.

"As you can see, John. It's quite possible." She told him. Reese was about to ask how she could do it, but Rosalyn beat him to it by holding her hand up.

"'How do I do it?' I have no idea, but I know that I have this ability. 'How long have I known?' As long as I can remember. Uncle, here never liked it when it happened, so I tried not to show it to him."

Reese kept staring at her, still trying to grasp what he saw. Giggling, Rosalyn suggested that Reese close his mouth before a fly gets in there. Reese quickly regained his composure, he was trying to believe, but he just couldn't.

"Don't hurt yourself, Johnny, this is unexplainable, and quite frankly, very much real" she said. Reese saw what she did. No magic, no trick. Just your everyday, paranormal stuff.

Chuckling Finch looked at Rosalyn, just the reaction he was expecting from his employee. "I had the same reaction you did, John. For us it's unusual, but for her, it's just everyday life." He tried to explain.

"How much can you -?" Reese started; he didn't quite know how to ask. Psychic? 'See', as others had put it? 'Feel'?

"Depending on what you're asking. I can both 'see' and 'feel', but at random times. Like I just said, my powers haven't grown much, and I still need a lot of teaching for that."


"Yes, some of her family members have the same abilities. Those that do, teach others how to use their abilities to their full potential." Finch explained. Before he could further explain, they all heard Delilah's laughter.

"Oh, excuse me, gentlemen. My baby is awake." She excused herself, and went to the baby's bedroom.

Plan on telling her about the Machine, Harold? Reese asked, once he made sure Rosalyn was out of earshot.

"No, Mr. Reese. I do not. At least not right now. The danger is not about the Machine, so I would like to keep her in the dark about that matter." He explained. He would try as much as possible to keep her in the dark about it. He just hoped that Reese would do the same.

A few minutes passed, and Rosalyn appeared. This time with Delilah in her arms, still rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.

"Look, Deliah," Rosalyn said, "it's your Uncle Harold". She tried to encourage Delilah, but the baby was shy around Finch. Chuckling, Finch stretched out a hand towards her.

"Hello, Delilah." He said gently. Delilah tried to get away from the stranger. Just who was he? Who was this strange man? She turned to her mother when she heard her laugh.

"She'll warm up to you." Rosalyn said, as she sat back down. "So how exactly do you two work?"She asked them.

"We hear about people who might be in danger or those who are causing it." Finch replied.

"Not a lot to go on,Uncle. Two years, and all of a sudden you pop out. It doesn't add up, I need more than that"

"I'm sorry, sweetheart, but that's all I can say. I know you want more answers, but please trust me when I say you don't want to know," he pleaded.

"Fine," she said. "So whatever you guys are into, is pretty dangerous, huh? Is it safe to assure you of my help whenever needed?"

"I don't think it is a good idea, Isolde. We have to be discreet and nobody can know what we do."

"If you have to be discreet about this, how exactly does Joss know then?"

"We briefly explained what we do, and warned her about this."

"I see, and where do I fit into all this?"

"Like Mr. Reese said, We heard that you were in danger."

"Danger? Please, the biggest threat that I have is a stalker who can't take a hint."

"Our… information, tells us otherwise."

She rolled her eyes, and let out a frustrated sigh. It was difficult not to ask many questions regarding their work, but it was hard to grasp at the same time. Things just wouldn't add up.

"Please, Kookie. For your family's sake and yours don't ask."

"Fine, I won't. When I'm out of danger – if I am – will you disappear again?"

"Kookie, I -"Finch sighed. This was difficult. He wanted to tell her no, but he couldn't guarantee that he would be able to see her again.

"C'mon, Uncle. I know you guys have a dangerous job, but even you need some time for yourselves and others. I mean, the fact that you even have to fake your own death, means that you can't interact with just anyone."

She was right. Nobody could know about their work. About the Irrelevants. About the Machine. Nobody. They couldn't go and have a drink and talk about their work freely. She was offering what they both thought they could never have again.

Delilah, watching the strange man, was now curious. She looked at him, at her mother, and back at Finch once more. His voice was soothing to her ears, and he looked friendly. She tried to inch closer to him, but was still shy of him. It seemed that her mother noticed her trying to get closer, since her arms loosened their hold. The stranger seemed to take notice as well; he rested his hands on his knees, palms up.

Sliding down from her mother's lap, she wobbly walked over to him. She carefully tried to touch his hands. She looked up at the stranger, who smiled at her. She smiled back, getting more confidence around the stranger. When he picked her up, she refused to sit on his lap, instead she tried to hold herself steady and look at the strangers face. Weird-looking, spiky hair and what is this? What did he have on his face?

When he picked Delilah up, he half expected her to be sitting on his lap, not standing to look at him. He let her look at him. When Delilah reached for his glasses, he gave a short laugh. He could hear Reese trying not to laugh. Delilah, fascinated by Finch's glasses, turned to show her mother the strange object.

"They're glasses, Delilah. Glasses," she said. Delilah looked at them, turning them around, and eventually looking into them. She looked at her mother again, only to be asked to return them to the stranger.

"Can you please give them back, Delilah? He needs them."
Turning to Finch, she gave the glasses back. "Thank you, Delilah," he said. She smiled at him again, and turned to Rosalyn. Rosalyn was giggling, but Reese chuckled, getting the baby's attention.

Delilah turned to Reese, and gave out a squeal. YAY! Her friend is here today! She hoped up and down, and tried to get down from the stranger's lap. Finch tried to hold her when she saw Reese. When she tried to get down, he helped her get off safely.

"I can't make any promises, but I'll try." Finch said, as Delilah got down from his lap, and tried to walk towards Reese. Reese held her hand halfway, and let her walk towards him at her own pace.

She smiled at him. "Not exactly the answer that I wanted, but good enough, and you?" she asked Reese.

"Me?" Reese grabbed Delilah, and gently placed her on his lap.

"Yes, you. You don't think I was just telling my uncle, did you?"
Reese was silent. He only expected Finch to be asked, but him? They hardly knew each other. They only knew each other, well he knew her, for a few months, before Finch came in. She was letting him, a complete stranger, into her and her family's life as well. He thought about it for a second and Delilah in his arms, he gave in.

"Like your Uncle said: No promises, but I'll try." This wasn't going to last, but they both need this, and he was now planning to be a part of her life, as much as possible now.

"Thank you, both of you."

"No, Rosalyn, thank you." Finch said. He was both relieved, but at the same time sad. Relieved, that there would be someone to care for them, to remember them even after they are dead. At the same time sad, he and Reese were on a suicide mission that could end at any time, and Rosalyn would lose them, again. The thoughts were quickly put aside when they heard knocking on the door.

"Must be Joss. Be right back." Rosalyn said as she got up and went to receive her guest.

After giving their hugs and hellos both women came back to the kitchen.

"Didn't tell me you had visitor, Ros." Joss said when she saw Reese and Finch. When she saw Reese with Delilah on his lap, she tried not to laugh. When Reese noticed her looking at them, he shrugged. "Looks like you have an admirer, John," she said.

"I told her not to say anything, Detective. John refused to believe me about Isolde's abilities, and I believed a little demonstration was in order."

"Well, I guess he will be in for a little show." She sat down next to Rosalyn. "We were just talking about the accident with the tigers." Rosalyn explained. She knew her Uncle didn't want any of their work to be mentioned, and the reason they were all there is to catch up, and explain. Most of the explanation was done already; all they needed to do was catch up from the previous years.

"How bad was it?" Finch asked, thankful that Rosalyn wasn't going any further into their line of work.

Rosalyn got up, turned her back to them and lifted her shirt. Finch's eyes widen, Reese stared, and Carter looked away. Her back was decorated with scars. Though some looked faded, there were three distinct scars across her lower back. Once she thought that they had seen enough, she lowered her shirt, and sat back down.

"How long did it take?" Finch asked again.

"A few months. Every once in a while, it hurts like hell, but I'm lucky to be alive." She looked down, not really feeling like explaining the gruesome process of an animal attack.

"You are," he said. He wasn't going to ask more questions, he knew how she felt. Even he had to go through the same thing, different one of course, but the feeling of having to explain was a bit shameful, to say the least.

"You had something for me Joss?" Rosalyn asked her friend.

"Yeah, I did" Joss slid the file across the table. "It's a cold case, and the chief asked me if you could see if we can close it."

Nodding, Rosalyn refused to touch the file, but she stared at it. Clearing her mind and emotions, she couldn't have any distractions. It was a cold case; she'll need all of what she can do to help close it.

"This is why I called you, Mr. Reese. I understand that you have doubts over my niece's abilities, so I thought a little demonstration would be in order" Finch explained as he stood up.

"You're not staying?" Reese asked.

"I am, but not in this room." He started to leave the kitchen.

"Why?" Joss asked this time.

"One too many, Detective," he responded. "Isolde, what would you like?" He turned to look at his niece.

"How about Mozart?" She suggested.

"Mozart? Hmm, all right." He left the kitchen and into the living room. He walked towards the piano, and let his fingers brush over the keys. Remembering their ivory feel, God it's been so long since he played. His mind drifted off, again. Remembering the first time he tried to teach Rosalyn the piano.

Harold and Rosalyn were sitting side by side in front of the piano. They were in the summer house, Mario's family was visiting, and Harold suggested staying with him. He'd had plenty of space for them, and he was excited to see his little girl again.
He was teaching her the keys, and a few notes. Rosalyn was trying to memorize as much as she could and mimicking the notes her uncle showed her.

"Trying to teach her the piano, Harold?" Mario asked them. He was leaning against the wall, smiling.

Laughing, Harold said that he wanted to teach her as much as he could. He explained that her brain is still maturing and it was the right time to teach her many things, including instruments, such as the piano. Something Harold was always good at, besides computers, and an ability he refused to hide from.

"Careful what you teach her, Harold, she just might get you back at it" Mario left them to their lesson.

Harold had managed to teach her the piano very well. Sometimes they performed duets, a favorite pastime of theirs, besides reading, and running. Now that he was here again, maybe, just maybe they could do it all over again. 'Maybe this time, we have someone to care for us' he thought. Ever since the start of this crusade with John Reese, Finch thought he might never have someone to go back to. He lost Nathan, his past, everything. That's why he picked Reese. Reese, just like Finch, had lost everything. They lost everything and had nothing to gain. They had nobody to go back to, their past would haunt them, and their only redemption is a suicide mission that could end at any moment. Now, just when they thought they had nobody, she comes back.

She understands that he can't tell her everything. She is willing to get what he can give her, at the risk of being killed just by being seen with him and Reese. She was willing to help them in any way she could, all so that she could be in their lives as well. She lost him once; she didn't plan on losing him again.

Finch was eternally grateful for Mario. He, like Finch, was rich, but he raised his eldest, along with his other two, the best he could, and he had to admit he did a wonderful job.
If he could take some credit himself, he would. He began playing and let his mind wander off again. Back when Mario was leaving, and asked him to care for the people he loved.

"Harold, can I ask you something?" Mario asked his best friend. They were in a bar. Not exactly where two men, such as themselves, would normally be on a Tuesday night.
"Of course" Harold looked at the man next to him. He noticed that he was hesitating; whatever he was going to ask was definitely important.

"You know my wife is pregnant, and I have to leave in a couple of days," he started.

"Yes. That's why we're here, so that you can spend as much time with your new family as much as possible."

"That's right" Mario smiled. "You know, besides Nathan, that you're the only other person I trust. Can you please look after my wife and child?" He asked.

"What?" Harold nearly yelled.

"Hush! You're going to get all kinds of unwanted attention!" Mario hissed. He was asking something important here!

"Mario, do you know what you're asking of me?" Harold said desperately. He was asking something nearly Impossible of him. He knew he had trouble with human interaction and he and Alejandra didn't really go hand in hand.

"Yes, I do know. I know that you and my wife don't really see eye to eye, Harold, but you're the only one I trust with my family." He explained.

"Can't she go to a base or some other place?" Harold asked his friend. He was expecting some other question not this.

"There is, but to be honest I would feel more at ease if she stayed with you," he said.
Harold rubbed his temple and sighed. Great, now he was getting a headache.

"Please Harold. I trust no one with my family but you." Mario pleaded. He really didn't trust anyone else with his new family. Mario's relatives weren't the best to be around at the moment. Nathan would be a second choice, but he himself was busy with his family. Harold was the only option left. If he would only say yes, then he could leave with peace in mind.

"Alright, Mario. I'll look after your wife and child," he agreed. He thought he was going to feel a brief regret, but instead he felt at ease. It was both satisfying and odd. An unknowing feeling, that only time would tell if it was the right decision.

"Harold, thank you." As much as he wanted to hug his best friend, Mario refused to do so. He knew how Harold hated to handled such a way.

"You're Welcome. Just promise me you'll be here in time to see your child boen," he said.

"I will. I can't thank you enough," he promised.

"No need to Mario. You already proved how much you trust me." He smiled at Mario. They paid for their drinks, and headed their separate ways. Harold knew it would be a bumpy ride with Alejandra, but he thought it would be worth it in the end.

Mario came back as promised. Just in time to be there when his first child was born. He remembered how happy and proud Mario was. "A girl," he said with glee, "a baby girl!" Harold and Nathan were there to share the moment. Both congratulated Mario, and Nathan joked on getting both their children together in the future. They all laughed, and said that now it was Harold's turn to find someone and have a family. Harold wisely changed the subject, saying that he didn't have enough time to do so.

As soon as Mario came back, he called again. Harold said he didn't even need to ask, he would look after his wife and daughter again, until he came back. Once more Harold made Mario promise that he would come back safe and sound. He had after all another reason to come home.

This time it had taken a few years, in between tours, but barely enough time to reconnect. True to both men's predictions, Harold and Alejandra both had their ups and downs, but they made an effort of getting along. Not for their safe, but for the child's sake. While Mario was away, Harold had become a father-figure to Rosalyn. At first he thought Mario would be angry, saying that he would take his daughter away. Even though, baby Rosalyn knew who her father was, he was afraid of what Mario would say about this. Instead of being angry he was glad, he'd said that he wanted Harold to be part of Rosalyn's life as much as possible.

When Rosalyn was nearing her 6th birthday, Mario had come home for good. He thanked Harold for looking after his family, and welcomed him to his home.

"Home?" he asked, "I thought you were going to stay here in New York."

"I changed my mind. I want to see if I can try to reconnect with my family. So I'll be moving to California" he said. It's been more than 6 years since he'd seen his immediate family, maybe it's time to try and reconnect.

"I understand," he said. Though he had to say, he was sad. In those six years, Rosalyn had managed to get through the thick wall he'd built, and had him wrapped around her pinky.

Seeing his friend's sadness Mario said that he was always welcome, and that he would send Rosalyn out to visit him every summer.

"Are you sure?" Harold asked, he did take care of Rosalyn, but he had help in doing so. He didn't think he managed to take care of her all by himself.

"Very sure" Mario smiled at his friend. He knew Harold didn't have someone in his life, but Rosalyn was the closest to Harold, and he regarded her as his daughter. He wouldn't mind, after all she wouldn't have one but two fathers who would look after her, and chase away any boys who would threaten her.

Just as he was about to finish, another set of hands appeared next to his. He instinctively scoots over for her, as he took control of the lower notes as she played the higher notes. She started with another one. He knew this one. It was from a movie she liked very much, and was very persistent on knowing it. A silly one, he would say, but it was something he wouldn't mind playing too. One can't be a serious, paranoid, reclusive billionaire all the time.

'Scales and Arpeggios' he thought. Of course it had to be that one. Reese won't let him live this one down after they leave. They kept playing until the end.

"You always disliked that one," she said.

"Yes, but it helped you play beautifully afterwards," he admitted.
Before both could continue, they turned to the sound of clapping hands. Reese and Carter who was holding Delilah, were looking at them. Laughing Rosalyn leaned her head towards Finch's shoulder, careful not to hurt him.
When Finch left to play what she had requested, she urged Reese to sit a little closer. She knew Reese had his doubts, and knowing her uncle, he must have known about her abilities.

Joss didn't bother explaining about the case; instead she took out the pictures and spread them out in front of Rosalyn. Reese leaned in to see the pictures, he was nervous. He didn't want to see a crime he very well could have committed a few years ago. Looking closer, he was relieved. Not his. The work was good, but not CIA good.
Once Finch had started to play, Rosalyn placed her hands on the first picture. Joss quickly took out her notes and tape recorder, and listened to whatever Rosalyn had to say.

Reese looked at Rosalyn. He noticed she had the far- away look. She was off wherever she was. He looked at Joss; to see if she could explain what was going on. Instead, Joss looked at him, then at Rosalyn. Then he remembered what Joss told him yesterday. She was replaying all the events in her mind.

Then Rosalyn began talking. She was describing the event. Saying the place, time, and the murder weapon used - everything. Reese was taken back. He turned again to Joss, but Joss was busy writing everything down. 'It's not possible' Reese thought, 'the only way one would know was if they were either at the place of the crime, or were the perpetrator themselves'.

It had continued on, rather quickly. She told the place, murder weapon, and how the perp looked. All while Finch was playing the piano. She had managed to finish just before Finch was done playing a second piece.

"Got it?" Rosalyn asked.

"Yep, got it all. Thank You," Joss said. They both looked at Reese, who was still in shock. Rosalyn tried her hardest not to laugh. Joss gave him an 'I told you so' look.

"Excuse me." Rosalyn got up from her chair. She went to the stove, put some hot water on to boil, and took out a little can from the cupboard.
She then went out of the kitchen and into her living room. Finch was still playing the piano and was just about to finish. She quickly went to him and placed her hands in the piano. Finch scoots over, and placed his fingers on the lower notes, while she placed hers on the higher ones.

When he finished, she quickly started playing another. No words were passed in between, they knew this piece well, and it'd been a long time since they'd both played a duet. She quietly sang the song, reliving the moment they both knew would be cut short. Whatever her uncle was into was dangerous, and he was risking all of them here.

Whatever it was, she could deal with it. He was there all her life, she plan to be in theirs, both John's and Uncle Harold's, as much as she could. They kept playing until the end.

"You always disliked that one" she said to him, smiling.

"Yes, but it helped you play beautifully afterwards" he admitted. Well, that was true. She was so determined to learn that piece she was able to learn the keys very quickly.

Before they could start on another they heard clapping. Both looking at their little audience, John and Carter with Delilah, were smiling.

Rosalyn laughed, and she gently placed her head on Finch's shoulder, careful not to hurt him. Finch shook his head.

Joss now got what she wanted, handed Delilah over to Rosalyn, and said that she was leaving.

"Okay, going anywhere special?" Rosalyn asked.

"Yep, we'll be visiting my family for the week. Captain gave me the week off, and Taylor could use some distraction especially after what happened," she answered, and secretly hoped that she wouldn't get a call from either men needing her aid on a case.

"Yeah, he's going to need that for a while." Rosalyn and Finch got up, Finch suggested that he and Reese would wait in the kitchen while she said her goodbye's to Joss.

After it was said and done, she went back inside, as if on cue, the kettle began to whistle, and Rosalyn turned the stove off and set the kettle aside to cool off for a bit.

"Now then, what else do you guys want to know?" she asked. Now that they at least would be able to be more involved in each other's lives, they needed to get down to who would want to hurt Rosalyn.

"We are wondering about the zoo transfer," Finch said. Many possibilities crossed their mind, but the upcoming transfer could be the reason. Rosalyn got up again. She grabbed a cup, a small can, and the kettle.

"The zoo transfer? Well, we're actually exchanging, more or less. We're taking 2 white tigers, and a cheetah cub, to the San Diego Zoo, and they'll be giving us two white lion cubs. Why do you think it has to do with the transfer?" She said with her back to them.

She turned back around with a cup in her hand.

"Sencha green with one sugar," she said as she handed the cup to Finch. Finch smiled, after all this time she still remembered. He blew on it to help cool the tea faster, and took a sip, careful not to burn himself. Exactly as he likes it.

"We think this could be the reason why your life is in danger. Do you know who else will be going and when?"

"Hopefully tomorrow. Though, I don't think it's that, Uncle. The zoo takes precautions, and they won't send just anybody."

"I see, but it wouldn't hurt to know. Can you let us know when they tell you?"

"Will do."

Rosalyn noticed Delilah getting a bit antsy from sitting down, so she placed her in her playpen and turned the T.V. on to the baby's favorite channel.

"Rosalyn, where did Delilah come from?" Finch asked, his curiosity peaking ever since he learned about the baby.

"Well, Uncle, when two people love each -"

"Rosalyn Isolde." Finch growled. He gets enough teasing from Reese, he doesn't need another one, and God forbid they team up against him.

Rosalyn laughed, while Reese tried not to laugh, it would most likely encourage her to continue. No wonder Finch usually had a comeback, he got practice from her!

"Okay, okay," she held her hands up.

"Delilah was -"


Hard knocks were heard. Instinctively, Reese jumped up from his chair, while his hand was behind his back, grabbing the gun. Rosalyn was also at her feet. Who the hell was knocking like that?

She noticed Delilah crying, the sound had frightened her, and she wanted to be close to her mother. Knowing better than to answer the door with her daughter in her arms, she grabbed Delilah and handed her to Finch, and asked him if he could stay in the kitchen with her. Reese offered to be behind the door, just in case anything happened.

Before she opened the door, she heard an angry voice.


'Oh great, it was Seamus'. Not bothering to open the door she called out. "What do you want Seamus?"

"Open the door! I want to talk to you!"

"We don't have anything to talk about Seamus. You know what happens if I call the cops on you."

"C'MON ROSALYN! Tell them it was a mistake. You know you didn't mean to."

"No, Seamus. I meant it." Noticing that Seamus wasn't going to budge, Reese decided to give Rosalyn a bit more of an upper hand. He went out in the back and silently walked towards the front of the house.

He could still hear them talking. Seamus was still trying to get in and Rosalyn was still denying him entrance. Reese slowly crept up the stairs, gun in hand. When he was close enough, he placed the gun at the back of Seamus's head, and cocked it.
The sound itself stopped Seamus from saying anything more. He placed his hands in the air, and tried to turn around.

"Don't," Reese commanded, "she already said no."

"She doesn't mean it! She loves me! I'm just trying to make her see that!" Seamus hissed.

"Really? From my point of view, she doesn't." He was tired of this man already. He was thinking of ways to make him leave Rosalyn alone.

"It's alright Rosalyn. He won't come in now." Reese assured her. A couple minutes had passed, and Rosalyn decided to open the door. She breathed a sigh of relief.

"Thank you, John. I almost called the cops." She stepped out of the house, but still stood in front of the door.

"You can put the gun down, John. If he tries anything he has both of us to deal with." Reese put the gun down, but never put the safety on.

"You know what Seamus? I'm tired of this. Tired of telling you to leave me alone, calling the cops. Everything. So I decided to do something about it. I'm not involving the cops this time."

"So you decided to drop the restraining order, and admit I am better than that boyfriend of yours?"

"I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that." she sighed. So many times she told him no, and he doesn't get it.

"I'm not dropping the restraining order, or leaving my boyfriend. But since neither work for you, I have another way to settle this. Let's make a deal: If I win, you leave me and never bother me again."

"And if I win?"

"You get me. I'll leave everything and go with you"

"Rosa-" Reese started. He didn't like this at all. What she was dealing was a chance she would lose it all, including both Finch and Reese.

"I got this John; I know what I'm doing."

"So what do I have to do, and what's the catch?"

"A fight. Meet me at the comic book store, the one that got shut down a couple of weeks ago. 6 o'clock, sharp."

"I'll be there." Seamus said instantly. She was giving him a chance to get her to himself; of course he was going to arrive on time.

"Good. Now leave, I am feeling merciful right now. So I'm giving you the chance to leave before I call the cops."

"Hmm, fine." With a smirk he added, "I know your little secret now". With that he left, leaving a baffled Rosalyn behind.

'What did he mean by secret?' Rosalyn pondered. 'He probably just said it to shake me up'. He didn't know anything about her uncle so that was out of the question. She didn't bother to think of it further, Seamus would probably say anything to get his way.

Once they made sure Seamus was out of sight, Rosalyn and Reese went inside the house. Delilah and Finch were waiting for them in the kitchen. Finch managed to distract Delilah, and had her laughing. When he saw Rosalyn coming in he immediately questioned her about the deal she made with Seamus.

"Do you have any idea what you have gotten yourself into?"

"Yes, Uncle. I do."

"A bet? You really think you could win a bet?"

"I did once. Why do you think Joss was dancing with me in the first place?"

"She lost a bet against you?"


"What exactly are you planning, then?"

"Like I told Seamus, a fight. And I know where I can arrange one, and I think John can help me too."

"Okay, where and how?"

"A few months ago, a man came in with his dog, a pit bull. Saying that there was something wrong with his dog, and the doctors couldn't find anything wrong so they tried to send the man home. I got a peek of the dog's record, and noticed something wrong in the dog's stomach. I asked the doctor to look into it, since it was a bit weird looking, and it turned out to be a tumor. Luckily for the dog we caught it in time, and we were able to remove it. The owner was so grateful; he took me aside and said if I need any favor to just go to his place.

"Turns out the owner was the leader of a gang that runs illegal fights with any type of bets. He has an underground fighting ring near the place I told Seamus to meet me."

"Rosalyn, that man sounds like he is pretty dangerous. Are you sure about him?"

"I'm pretty sure, Uncle. It's just a favor that I'm getting."

"How does Mr. Reese fit into this?"

"If I can get the fight arranged, he can help me train. What?" She asked when she saw Reese face, "I did say I was going to get back at him for not telling me about you and it's been a while since I fought, so I think it's pretty good. Besides, he could use some sparring time too." She saw the look on both Reese and Finch's face. They must be thinking that having Reese as a sparring partner would be a bad idea.

"C'mon, Uncle. It can't be all that bad"

"He has different training than you, Isolde. I don't think it's a good idea."

"Okay, but let me be the judge of that."

"I think you better listen to your uncle, Rosalyn."
Ignoring them, she motioned both men to follow her out of the kitchen, across the hallway, to another door leading to the basement.

The basement was like a mini underground gym. It had some weights, in one corner it had boxing training gear, and one side of the wall was covered by mirrors. She motioned Reese over as she looked through a set of boxing gloves. Reese took his sweater off and held his hands out as Rosalyn looked for the best fitting. Having found the correct pair, she got hers out.

Finch, still holding Delilah, grabbed a chair and sat near the entrance of the basement. This would be interesting two different fighting styles going against each other.

"Who goes first?" Reese asked, not knowing if he should be a gentleman and let her go first, or if he should make the first move. Getting to their respective fighting stance they circled each other.

"Ladies first, of course," she responded, but somehow meaning that it was not going to be her who would start.

They continued sizing each other up, looking for any type of opening that they could use for their advantage.

Not wanting to wait any longer, Reese made his move. Rosalyn was able to block his attack, and make her own move. They continued to attack, block, and counter-attack each other. Though sometimes they missed and it quite gave each of them their advantage.

"Isolde, do the Double T!" They heard Finch yell.

"If I do that, I'm gonna knock him out!" She answered back.

"Just do it!"

"Finch, who's side are you on?" Reese asked. He knew he would root for his niece, but he was also was his partner! He should be rooting for him too!

"Neither, Mr. Reese. I just want you to see what she is capable of." Yeah right, he thought. Reese had been holding back because he didn't want to hurt Rosalyn.
Noticing his slight distraction, Rosalyn decided to attack. She threw a punch, but Reese managed to block it, but when she immediately threw the other one, he couldn't. He got the punch full force and he stumbled backwards. Dammit! That hurt like hell! But Reese couldn't stop and recover quickly enough; Rosalyn was already making another move on him. He received the attack, and he fell to the floor.

"Alright, that's enough you two." they heard Finch say. Rosalyn took a glove off before offering her hand to Reese. Reese took the offered hand, and got up with her help. He barely noticed that he was panting hard. He must be getting old. He didn't have this problem before, since most of his opponents usually gave up midway into the fight.

"That, Mr. Reese was the Double T" Finch said, as Rosalyn took the other glove and asked Reese to take his off.

"The Double T?" he asked. Wait, wasn't that her father's move?

""Yes. As you know Rosalyn's father famous move was the Double Trouble or more famously known as the Double T." Sensing his operative's other question he added ,"I know because Mario would ask me to see his fights. He would sometimes finish his opponents with that attack."

"And he taught me almost everything he knows about boxing, and his moves," Rosalyn added. "So John, do you think I still don't have a chance against Seamus?"

"I think you do now. So when was it that you two are supposed to meet?" Reese can now safely say he was looking forward to the fight.


Reese and Rosalyn were waiting for Seamus to arrive. They both agreed to say that Reese was her bodyguard, since the stalking man wouldn't leave her alone, she decided to have someone protect her at all times.

After their little match, they had gone up to the kitchen again. Unfortunately for them, Kevin had arrived home and saw Finch. Before he could make a sound, Rosalyn quickly shut him up. Sent him to his room, and ordered him not to come down until he was ready.

When he did, they briefly explained him. He was a bit harder, but they managed to convince him and asked not to tell anyone. Nobody knew they were alive except them two. Kevin excused himself, while he tried to take it all in, but promised not to tell.

Seamus had arrived on time. When he got close enough, Rosalyn quickly crossed the street and walked a few buildings down before stopping at a run-down store.
She led them inside, and towards the back. At the back of the store stood two men, guarding.

"I came to see Michael, he owes me a debt." She said to the men. One of them motioned the other to the back.

"Wait here," he said gruffly. Nodding, she stepped towards Reese, but away from Seamus. After a few minutes the other man came back and nodded to the other. "Come in," he said. Rosalyn went through, but when Reese and Seamus tried to go, they were stopped. "Wait" she called out, "they're with me". Nodding once more they let both men through.

They walked down some stairs. At the bottom stood a place large enough for a fighting ring and a couple hundred spectators. They walked past the ring, to a large opened room. Inside was a man behind a large desk, on his side two pit bulls laid on their dog beds.

"Miss Ibarra! How nice to see you again," the man said. He was large and muscular. He could easily pose a threat to Rosalyn, but his body language did not say the same thing.

"I hear you wanted to collect a debt I owe you?" He asked.

"Yep. I was wondering if you have any fights coming up."

"Of course, and who are these gentlemen?" He asked. He was curious about these strange men, and her sudden interest in a fight.

"This is John, my bodyguard." She motioned to Reese, "and this is the man I wish to fight; Seamus." She motioned to the other man.


"Yes, Seamus here has been harassing me to the point of having to get a restraining order, which he doesn't abide by. So I thought a little bet would be best."

"And this bet involves a fight?"

"Yes, which is why I am here today. I want to know if you can schedule a fight between me and him."

"Of course, and the bet is?"

"I loose, I go with him. I win; he leaves me alone for good."

"I can hear another catch, Miss." He encouraged.

"The loser leaves the city for good."

"Oh Miss! Those are pretty high stakes! Yes, I can schedule a fight this Wednesday, at 7:00 pm."

"Good, oh and can you get as many people that you can to see?"

"Of course, Miss. Anything, since you were able to save my prized possessions."

"Thank you sir."

"No, Miss Ibarra. Thank You. I'll start making some calls. I'll see you in two days."
Thanking him once again, they left the underground and the store. They crossed the street and towards Seamus' car.

"Alright Seamus, you know the date and time. You have two days I suggest you use them to practice."

Looking smug, Seamus got into his car and left. He was definitely looking forward to defeating Rosalyn. He knew she had a good punch, but that's probably about it. She can't know any more about fighting than that. A few defense mechanisms, but nothing he won't be able to defeat.

"Something tells me that Michael deals more than illegal underground fights." Reese said as they both walked towards the truck.

"He does." Rosalyn said as she started the car. "His gang deals with the city's limits. He has people all over the place."

"How come they don't fight other gangs?"

"Unlike the other gangs, this one deals in fights. That's where they get their money from, the more fights, the more bets, the more money they make. You usually have to pay to schedule a fight, but since he owed me a favor I wasn't charged."

"So you asked him because in the case that Seamus looses, he doesn't come back?" Reese asked.

Rosalyn nodded. 'Damn!' Reese though, 'she truly is Finch's niece. Not only did she get a fight for free, but she also hired the men to keep this stalker away from her for good'.
"Don't you think this is a bit far?"

"It is, but you've seen him, Johnny, he isn't going to stop. He will continue harassing me. The next thing he'll do is threaten my family, and that is something I don't want to happen. This is the safest way for both of us."

Reese said nothing; instead he looked outside the car. She was right, unfortunately. Seamus was told repeatedly to leave Rosalyn alone, to the degree of a restraining order, but he still didn't listen. Men like him would not stop until they got what they wanted.

"I see," he said. "We only got two days for you to shape up." If he could be honest, he was also looking forward to the fight.

"Looking forward to it." Rosalyn smiled.


It was now Wednesday, and Rosalyn couldn't wait to get this day over with. True to their promise Reese had been working with Rosalyn on their sparing, whenever time would allow. Finch was glad that his niece had some time to train with her, and for Reese to have some more practice. What he didn't like is how quickly both have been getting along. He didn't mind Reese being near his family, is what Rosalyn would tell about him is what bothered him. Rosalyn assured him though, that she will try not to tell too much about him, knowing how much her uncle loved his privacy, much to his relief.

Now Rosalyn and Reese were in one of the private rooms in the underground level. She was getting ready, while Reese was talking to Finch.

"So you'll be watching? How?"

"Well, Mr. Michael, doesn't trust his members, so he installed a few camera's around to keep an eye on them. I'll be using the one near the ring, and hope for the best."

"I see. Alright, Finch, call you when the fight's finished." Reese hung up. Rosalyn will need his help with her hands, and he will need all the focus he can muster. This was an unknown place with unknown people, anyone could be a threat and he needs to be there on time to prevent it.

They heard knocking on the door. Curious to know who it was Reese opened it. Michael was there, and asked for a little private time with Rosalyn. Reese was unsure of this, but Rosalyn said that it was fine and if he could wait outside the door.

Once Reese walked out, Michael said that Seamus had arrived and was also getting ready.

"Also letting you know, Miss. In the events that this Seamus loses the fight, he will be watched if he ever comes to the city. If he ever does, my men will make sure to 'remind' him about the deal."

"Ah, well, thank you."

"No, Miss. Thank You. My men have been growing bored lately, and since not many know about these fights it does get a bit boring down here."

"Glad to be able to give something for you, then."

"Good luck in the fight." He headed for the door and walked out.

"Thank You." She said again, but Michael was already out of the room.

Reese was waiting patiently outside, his arms crossed. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Seamus trying to bribe one of the men to fix the fight in his favor. Of course, said man refused. No money was worth Michael's wrath and betrayal. Reese smiled to himself; of course Seamus was trying to fix the fight. He doesn't trust his ability against Rosalyn. He quickly looked at the door to see Michael come out of the room.

Michael noticed Reese. "Don't worry" he said to the operative, "I am not trying to recruit Miss Ibarra into my group. I already offered, but she refused. I may be operating illegally, but I know when a lady says 'no', it means no. Besides, like I told Miss, I am glad she came to me. I have something else my men can look forward to." He walked off, but was stopped when Reese told him about Seamus trying to bribe one of his men.

"Hmm, I see. Thank you. I shall see you both after the fight."

Reese didn't bother to see if he had left. He quickly went inside and helped Rosalyn warm up, in just 10 minutes the fight will start, and they plan to use every minute of it.


Now both Rosalyn and Seamus were at the ring. The referee was announcing the fight and asking people to place their bets in. He called both to the center and gave them a set of rules. Once the rules had been said, he told them to get in their positions. Reese was among the spectators, his earpiece on so Finch could hear in the other end.

"READY? SET! FIGHT!" He quickly got out of the way. Rosalyn refused to make a move, urging Seamus to strike first. Rosalyn was able to dodge, but tripped over her own feet, causing her to lose balance. Seamus took it as a chance to take his shot.
Reese among other people got up from their chairs.


'Dammit' she thought, not exactly the way she wanted to start, but she will have to deal with it. She needs Seamus to get tired before she even begins. She let him take out the punches, eventually finishing the round in his favor.

"What is she doing?" He asked himself.

"She's trying to wear him out, Mr. Reese." Finch said in his ear.


"She's trying to get him tired. It's a common technique, sometimes used by professionals. If she gets him tired, she'll be able to defeat him quickly and win."

Reese couldn't respond, the bell had rung and the fighters were at it again. Even though Rosalyn was first receiving the punches, she was finally able to give some of her own.

Round after round they kept at it. Neither wanting to be taken out by the other.

They were at the last round, both fighters were tired, but refused to give in. A couple of more punches were given before the referee ended it. He asked both fighters to stand on either side; he waited for a while to build tension. Once everyone had gone quiet he lifted the winner's arm.

A loud cheer erupted by many. Reese smiled as he touched his earpiece.

"Finch order some pizza, I'm bringing the champ home." By home he didn't mean Rosalyn's.

He quickly left to congratulate Rosalyn on her win. For sure she would be tired, but very much satisfied.


"Mr. Reese! Why did you bring her here? Nobody is supposed to know about this place!" Finch cried when Reese brought Rosalyn to the library.

"Oops. Sorry, Finch." Reese said with a smirk. He wasn't sorry. Now that she knew about them, it is only fair to tell her as much as they could about what they do.

Finch rolled his eyes, of course he isn't sorry, but right now he was very happy and was letting it slide.

"Wow, so this is the place?" Rosalyn asked as she looked around.

"Yes, but it was supposed to be a secret, not even Detective Carter knows about it." Finch said. He walked towards Rosalyn, and hugged her.

"You stink." He said.

"That's the smell of victory, Uncle." She laughed.

Reese brought a chair from one of the rooms, set it next to Finch's chair, and grabbed another one.

"How do you feel?" Finch asked, leading Rosalyn into his little work station.

"Tired, but very happy. I finally got him out of my life. Now I'll be able to rest more peacefully at night.

"Normally I would scold you for that, but I will have to agree with you." He sat down, moved the keyboards further away from him, and grabbed a plate.


Now that Seamus is out of the picture, Rosalyn is now able to sleep better at night. Finch is happy and Reese has his ego bruised.

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