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POV Izzy

The date was 1812 and the war against England wasn't going well. With Papa and our brother Slater out fighting it was left to me and Tory to keep the house up to task and keep it open for the wounded. "Izzy we need more bandages Nik and Kol are bleedin' out." Tory said rushing in with blood cloth in her hands.

"Got it right here go get those boys comfortable and make sure the two others are out of our way. That Elijah worries more about those younger ones that I'm tempted to drug him just so he'll sleep." I said handing the cloth to my sister.

"Well maybe if you hadn't turned them human he wouldn't have to worry you damn witch." Tory said brushing her midnight black hair out of her face.

"I wouldn't had to of if they hadn't have gone after you." I said tying my dark red hair up in a bun. Laughing Tory walked away into Slater's room where Elijah and Finn sat with their younger brothers. After bringing the water in I watched Tory drag Elijah out the door.

POV Tory:

"Elijah look you really need to calm down. My sister and I can take care of your brothers. I know we caused this BUT if you hadn't attacked first we wouldn't have turned them human. Also you should have taken them to a safe place to wait for us to change them back not sit there and bring them into a war zone." I said as I let go of Elijah.

"Well if you damn witches would have just given us your blood this wouldn't have happened." Finn said as he stepped in front of Elijah.

"Fuck you asshole. If you would have shut your fucking mouth and looked before you tired to make us your blood whores you would have realized we were witches." I shouted in the oldest brother's face. Then Elijah stepped in putting a hand on Finn's chest, because he realized that I was five seconds away from turning the cocky vamp into the cockroach he really was.

"Look Miss. Van Klaus you're right in saying that we should have looked at you better. We would have realized that you weren't what you seemed." Elijah said apologetically.

"Well…just keep out of our way as we work on your brothers…otherwise they will die." I said walking back towards my sister and to check on Nik and Kol and Elijah watched me walk away. As I got to Izzy she looked at me "Now Tory is that the type of language a young lady should use?" Izzy said sarcastically rolling her eyes in amusement.

" No that's why I use it." I said. Now Izzy and I walked back inside to put fresh bandages on Nik and Kol. Elijah came in to see if we needed any help. "Do you lady's need any help?" Elijah said. "Kol tends to flinch every time we use the medicine you could hold him down for us." Izzy said.

"Sure no problem." Elijah said. So as Izzy and I sat Kol up we quickly unwrapped his bandages to put the medicine on Elijah slipped in behind him to hold him still and Finn watched next to Nik's bed as Izzy and I did a healing spell on Kol. As Finn sat there and watched he asked "what are you girls doing?" I looked up at him as I said "we are doing a healing spell on him then we will do one on Nik and in a weeks time they will be better and we will change them back." Finn looked at me relived and started to relax back in his chair.

As we started chanting we realized something went wrong we realized in order to heal them and turn them back they needed fresh human blood. Izzy turned to me and said "we need to kill people." "But who should we kill." I said looking at Izzy. ''Well if you want someone to kill we can find them for you and they are not innocent either." Finn said. We looked at each other and said together "Alright but we have to kill them otherwise it wont work."

Finn and Elijah looked at us and nodded and Elijah said "Alright we will go get them for you guys." I looked at Elijah and said "But they can not be innocent so go to the prison." Elijah nodded and him and Finn took off at a dead run to the prison. I looked at Izzy and she looked worried " I don't like the fact that we have too kill two people innocent or not it's not how we are supposed to be we are supposed to keep the balance of the species even if they are original vampires." Izzy said

"But it's our fault they are back human in the first place." I argued back intensely. " yeah but it's what's right but I do see your point it feels off …I just feel something bad is going to happen when we kill them." Izzy said. I looked at her and gave her a huge and said "Nothing is going to happen they need our help Izzy we did this to them it's our fault the least we can do is save them from dying." "Ok we will save them your right it's our fault we did this to them the least we can do is save them from dying."

POV Izzy:

Elijah and Finn came back with the prisoners. "Here are the guys you asked for. Both are murders. The blond one killed a child and the black haired killed his own family." Finn stated shaking his head in disgust at the lowly humans before him. "Wow humans never cease to amaze me." I said as I looked at Tory.

"I told you so. Humans need to be thinned into those who have innocence and those who need to be sent to the grave." She said with an evil smirk on her face. Laughing I took out the two knives we were going to use and handed one to Tory.

"Okay so we're going to kill them be ready to lead Nik and Kol to them as fast as you can!" I said turning towards the brothers. As I looked towards Tory I had to chuckle at how crazy she looked with the knife in her hand. "Izzy I wanna start now damn it. I know both these kin killers. One killed my fiancé the other killed my best friend!" Tory said as recognition lit her dark grey eyes up. Wincing at the image of Damon and Katrina dead I whipped around and punched the kin killers in the face.

"You fuckers. You're the assholes who killed my family. I think I'm going to enjoy killin ya'll now!" I said as Tory laughed next to me. In the corner of my eye I saw Finn and Elijah's shocked face at my outbursts. "Huh ya'll brought your brothers early. Damn this means we have to hurry." I said as Finn and Elijah set Kol and Nik on the couch. Tory looked at Elijah and nodded then said "Ok on the count of three we'll slit their throat and you help Nik and Kol attack them….ok ready 1.2.3 now!"

And as we are chanting the incantation they attacked them kin killers. After about ten minutes the spell was done and they were back to normal Nik and Kol looked at us in concern as we both collapse to the floor in extreme agony then it dawned on Elijah " Finn we have to change them now!" just as Kol latched on to Tory and Elijah to me. Once we were drained of blood the two vampires made us drink their blood completing the transformation into vampires.

End flash back

Tory's pov

Looking at the tree's flying by I knew we would be going back to the place where it all began. Looking down at the invitation we received I realized that we would see the four brothers once again. "Welcome home Isobellah welcome home." I said looking over to the passenger seat of the car to see Izzy nodding back as she said "I'm not sure if it's good to be back but we will see."

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