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Kol: Wait...what!

Klaus:*rubs hands evilly* Do come here baby brother!

Kol:...*screams then faints*

Me and Klaus: XD *rofl* OMG tell me you got that on camera?

Elijah: Yes I did!

POV Tory:

As I pulled in to our driveway I smiled at how our old home looked exactally the same as it did when we first left. "Hey Izzy do you think that old swing Finn put up for us is still there?" Tory asked. Izzy looked to me and let out a cheshire smile, "Only one way to find out." She said before taking off to the backyard.

Following Izzy's excited pace we made to the back at the same time, only to freeze at how mother's garden was not only emmaculatly kept, but there seemed to be added decorations. Laughing at the wonderfully designed decorations I knew the only two people who would have kept the garden in this condition would be Finn and Klaus. "Oh Tory it's just how we left it. We must go see if Niklaus and Finn are still here, we need to thank them." Izzy said her eyes sparkling with joy. I smiled at Izzy's joy and walked softly to my mother's herb garden. "No need to worry about out Herbs Izzy, they were able to find all the ones we needed and have planted them here." I said relieved that we didn't have to go on a wild goose chase for our herbs

POV Izzy:

Looking up from where I was picking some Cornflowers, I ran over to where Tory was standing. "Oh they even have wolfs-bane." I said my childish side coming to surface at the beauty and care our boys put into restoring our garden. "Oh Tory we really must thank them." I said my French accent slipping through. "Why of course we will." Tory said in a heavy German accent. Here I should probably explain, you see Victoria and I have the same father but different mothers. My mother was French while Tory's mother was German. When we were both 16 our mothers died and we were sent to our father, although we kept our last names, mine is Roux and Tory's is Van Klaus. Our full names are Isobella (Izzy) Rose Roux and Victoria Marie Van Klaus.

"Hey Tory there are a couple of boxes on the swing, can I open them?" I asked. "Yeah go ahead." She said smiling. Not wanting to hold back I ripped open the boxes and found beautiful ball gowns. "Hey Tory one of these must be for you. The boxes say that they are from Elijah and Kol." I said pulling out my leaf green dress that sparkled under the sun. The dress was decorated with leaves and vines weaving in and out throughout the bust and waist. Wanting to try it on, I ran inside and slipped into it only to hear a gasp from behind me. "Oh Izzy you look just like your mama." Tory said as she brushed my hair away from my face. "Thank ya kindly Tory. Now go try yours on. That crimson will go amazing with your hair, I just know it!" I said pushing Tory to her room. Laughing Tory shut the door only to walk out five minutes later. "Oh wow Tory you look just like you maman too. You know what I just realized...these are the dresses we told them about all those years ago. This one looks just like the one maman first wore when she met papan." I said in wonder. "Woah you're right." She said smiling at the thoughtfulness of our boys. As we put away the dresses I noticed a note on the ground. "Tory there is a note saying that we are invited to the ball the Mikaelsons are throwing." I said loudly. "Well call them up and tell them we will be going. No need to keep them waiting...seeing as Kol has been by the window for the past twenty minutes." Tory said laughing. Kol Mikaelson had pushed open the door with a pout on his face. "How did you know?" He asked sulking. "You spike your hair and I saw the tips. Oh and be here by eight to pick us up please. I assume Izzy is with Elijah?" Tory stated stiffly. Laughing I had to duck into my room so Kol wouldn't know that Tory was joking.

POV Tory:

As I saw Izzy walk away I dropped my act and kissed Kol on the lips. "You ass. You didn't call, you didn't write. For all I knew you were dead." I said smacking his shoulder. Kol flinched as I added a shock to his brain. "I'm sorry hun if I had known you both were still alive then I would have told you that it was safe to come back to." He said pulling me in close. "Yeah well where is Elijah? Izzy is dying to see him." I asked looking out the window at my sister as she spoke with the flowers. "Well he's been behind her for the past twenty minutes." Kol said smiling as Elijah pulled my sister in his arms. "They look perfect for eachother." I said looking fondly at Izzy. "Yeah but so are we. I wouldn't trade you for anything." Kol said, his arms wrapping around me. Leaning back I let out a content sigh, "And you think I would trade you. You are my one and only Kol." I whispered, wishing for this moment to never end.