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Chapter 1

A new baby is on the way

It was late, very late as Harry was walking back from Honeydukes with all the toffee and fudge he could find. Sometimes being "the Chosen One" had its perks though, not to mention that Teddy had the owners wrapped around his rotten little finger.

Tonight his wife had woken him up at 1 AM asking for something sweet she didn't know what exactly but Harry had walked down the lane and saw the lights on in the flat above the sweet shop and sent his patronus in to beg his case.

The little elderly couple who still owned the shop was always willing to permit these late night stops. Harry had several since Ginny had entered her third and final trimester with this pregnancy. She had 10 weeks to go and Harry could not wait. Not only to meet his baby but also to get away from the hormones that this baby was unleashing on his house.

His wife was the most amazing woman he knew, not only was she smart and funny but she was a brilliant quidditch player and in Harry's opinion there was no one sexier or more beautiful than Ginny Potter. She had beautiful eyes, a body that made him melt, yes even pregnant he couldn't get enough of her, and gorgeous crimson hair.

But with that hair came a temper that could set the world on fire and add in the hormones; well you could say that Harry had been through his share of fires in the last few months. Needless to say he was ready to meet this baby. Ten weeks seemed forever away.

"Hey Gin, here love I got you every type of fudge or Toffee they carry, he even let me buy the new batch that won't technically go on sale till next week….Gin…Gin…" he said in hushed tones as he walked into the sitting room where he had left her.

He looked around the room confirming that she wasn't there. He heard the familiar sounds of a toilet flushing in the hall and headed back, pretty certain of what he would find.

He walked in to see his wife; the love of his life, sitting on her bum on the floor with her head leaned against the side of the claw footed tub. He sat the sack of sweets on the floor by the door and walked over to her. Placing his fingers in her hair he bent down and kissed the top of her sweaty head.

"Are you alright?" he said gently.

"I thought you were only supposed to be sick in the beginning?" she whimpered into the wall.

He sat down behind her and pulled her back into his arms.

"Well you know what the healers said, every woman and every baby is different, she said that lots of women are sick all the way through, and some women, like you can't even handle the potions to help you not be sick. Maybe as we get closer you will feel better." He soothed.

"Oh you mean maybe when this baby is so big that I look like a cow instead of a fat pig, or when I can't even get up off the couch with help? Or when I am so much sweatier than I am now people will stop thinking it is a glow and they will just think I left the house soaking wet! Or when I am too tired to do my hair oh wait I already am too tired to do my hair…and my makeup for that matter. I am hideous and pukey and gross and I just should go move into a cave." She ranted right before retching and throwing herself towards the toilet bowl.

Harry grimaced as he watched her be sick again. It really was hard to see her like this, he couldn't remember in their entire lives when she had been sick or whiney or needy. Well he wasn't likely to forget this period for a while. He handed her a towel as she leaned back against him again.

"You aren't hideous, I happen to think you are amazing, and beautiful. I think that you are the most gorgeous and sexy woman ever." He said unfortunately she chose that moment to dry heave into the toilet again.

'Oh yes, I am a regular Veela woman I am." she mumbled dryly.

Harry couldn't help but grin.

"You are much better; you don't turn into an angry bird creature when you are mad." He replied with a smirk.

"Oh yes that is the clear difference." She grunted as he helped her stand back up.

"Soooooo I am going to go out on a limb and say you don't want the sweets anymore?" he asked as he picked up the bag and started to head for the kitchen.

"What are you kidding I am bloody starving I thought you got lost it took you so long to get back jeese." She said haughtily as she stripped his hand from the bag and made to close the bathroom door. "These sweets and I are going to be taking a late night bath. Would you mind getting me a big glass of milk? And then if you could just sleep on the sofa in the sitting room, you know I can't get out of the tub without help anymore."

"Of course, I'll be right back." He closed the door with a sigh.

"With ice!" he heard her call from the shut bathroom. He shook his head as he walked down the hall.


"Daddy, how long until the baby is here?" Teddy called from roughly ten feet below.

Harry slowed his broom and turned on a dime to face his little godson.

"Well little man, healer Katie says that mommy should have about 8 more weeks before the baby comes home. Why do you ask?"

"Dunno I just was wondering that is all."

Harry couldn't help but notice that the little boy was sporting uncharacteristically dark green hair. His usual colors were vibrant and bright this one was a mossy deep dark color, that usually hinted towards a bad mood, or a sad little boy one of the two.

"What's up?" he said as he pulled himself level with the child sized firebolt.

"Nothin. Just wanted to know when it was coming here that's all." Teddy replied more forcefully.

Harry surveyed him under raised eyebrows.

"Oh well if that is all." He said skeptically. "I would hate to think that you had questions or worries and you weren't talking to me about it. I know you wouldn't do that."

"I'm not worriesen about anythin. And I'm not scared either if you think so cuz I'm not. And I know that this is all our baby and that you is still gonna want to be my daddy and mommy even though you are having a baby from mommy's belly now and not just me that came from my mommy Dora's belly. I am'nt scared of it at all. So don't think I am I just wanted to know is all, and I am not stupid. Vic is all wrong I'm aint stupid about it. I ain't." the green headed little boy said before maxing out his miniature broom's speed and flying off to the edge of the forest and landing with a thump.

Landings had never been Teddy's strong point. Harry sighed deeply as he flew over and softly skidded to a stop a few feet away.

"You are right. You are not stupid. Victoire should not have said that. It wasn't very nice at all."

Teddy shrugged his little shoulders and threw his broom to the ground before collapsing into a heap of little boy beside it.

"Yeah well I got her back."

Harry rolled his eyes and tried to stifle his laugh, those two were constantly doing accidental magic against one another, but for being accidental they sure had precise control over what they wanted to happen.

"Yeah well, you know how we feel about getting back at people. That isn't the right thing to do either."

"Well she deserved it and I will take the grounding for it just fine."

"Ted between you and your mama I am going to go crazy these next few weeks honestly. You can't just get back at Vic every time she makes you mad it is wrong. But she should not have said that at all. You aren't stupid son, and it is ok if you are a little scared or nervous, even though I know you aren't. But I'll tell you a secret. I am. I am afraid to do this whole new baby thing. I had lots of help when you were a little bitty baby. I was still in school and Gramma used to keep you and I would babysit and come visit then. You didn't move in here until me and your mum got married. So you could already walk and talk, though you were much more of a handful when you could do all of that. But I remember one time me and mum babysat you in the summer. You were so little and you cried and cried and cried. We got no sleep at all; we finally fell asleep on the couch with you. You were great at keeping me and mummy behaved that summer. You kept us on our toes." Harry said as he sat down cross-legged in the tall grass along the edge of the wood.

"I like these trees; they make me think of fun things. Did my dad and your dad really hang out it there?" Teddy asked skirting the subject.

"Yep they sure did, and your uncle Sirius too. They loved these woods. I never cared for them much, I had too many detentions and spooky stuff happen in there, and I was always scared of the dark. Your uncle Ron saw some really big spiders in there; he is really scared of spiders. How bout you?"

"Uncle Ron is silly, only girls are scared of spiders."

"Yeah, well those were pretty big ones, even fang was afraid." Harry replied grimacing at the memory.

He couldn't help but laugh when he watched the little boy roll his eyes.

"Daddy, fang is scared of everything. I'm not scared of that forest. I'll just tell the big spiders my name and they will know that one dad ruled these woods when he was in school and that my other dad's dad did too. And that my dad killed Voldem Voldem…. Oh you know his name it is way too hard to say. Were you scared of him?" Teddy asked as he looked at the ground and pulled blades of grass up by their root.

It took Harry a moment to answer.

"Tom, just call him Tom. And yes I suppose you could say I was scared. I was afraid of who he was going to hurt. And when I was young, before my sixth year I guess, I was scared of him coming back and I was afraid of fighting him. But I figured out that it was silly to be afraid of that. You just have to figure out how to not be afraid of what scares you that is all."

Harry had to look over to see if Teddy was still even listening he took so long to answer.

"But what if you were afraid that everyone was going to be ok but not love you or want you anymore. They were going to love someone else instead. How did you not be afraid of that?" he said quietly.

Harry could remember having a talk similar to this several years ago. He had thought that they squashed this fear, but he could understand the fear of not having a real family, he knew how hard it was to figure out that real didn't mean normal.

"Well little man, I was very afraid of that when I thought your mum loved someone else. But I just asked her. And she told me I was being a prat and that she did love me no one else. You know sometimes you can love someone so much you are always afraid they are going to go away. But that is the great thing about our family. No matter who else chooses to go away, we won't because we love you so much. Remember we need you here. You make us a perfect family."

"You will have a new baby soon and you could still be a family without me now." Teddy replied with a shrug of his shoulders as his hair darkened even more.

Harry pulled the skinny little 6 year old into his lap like he used to when he was very little. Teddy rarely allowed this now, claiming he was too big for that.

"Teddy, we could be a family with or without a new baby or with or without any babies but we can only be a perfect family with you. Who would teach the new baby all the cool things you know, and all your secret hiding places? Who would give mummy all her special Teddy bear hugs and who could ever be my little man like you? Whether we have a baby girl or a baby boy you are still our Teddy and you will always be ours, we love you just as much as your mummy Dora and your daddy Lupin do, nothing or no baby can change that bud." He said before squeezing him into a hug.

"Yeah well that's why I am not scared of it." Teddy replied as his hair slowly turned the lime color that was more normal.