Nathan and the Swamp Witch finally encounter each other one on one for the first time since their fight in front of Rana's house. During the fight, the witch overwhelms Nathan and impales him through the chest. The Swamp Witch then decides to finish him by creating a killing spell, but before the witch can cast the spell, Airi, who has grown fond of Nathan, blocks her attack, taking the hit instead. Just before her body disappears, she confesses her love to Nathan and dies in his arms. Unable to control his emotions, Nathan goes berserk, ignoring his injury and charges at the Swamp Witch, intending to kill her.

"Let's see how you like the pain you cause to your servants!" Nathan lifts his right fist as he charges.

The Swamp Witch attempts to strike Nathan with her sword, but he evades and strike the witch's face with full force, sending her flying a long distance backwards. Before she can recover, Nathan charges at the witch and violently pummels her body with his fists. Nanael watches the fight worried, knowing that Nathan has lost some of his humanity in his rage. Enemy soldiers again attempted to interfere, but Nathan easily took them down before continuing his work on the Swamp Witch.

"You are just as much of a monster as I am." The Swamp Witch remarked, but is still unable to fight back.

Nathan then uses his strength as part of the beat down as he grabs the Swamp Witch by her leg and begins slamming her body all over the ground. His partial loss of humanity causes his merciful side of his personality to slowly subside as he continues his beating. Nathan temporarily stops to see if the Swamp Witch is dead, seeing that she isn't moving, but to his surprise, the witch opens her eyes and attempts to speak.

"Do you really think you are doing any favors for my servant? You can't even save yourself from becoming like this."

Angered by the Swamp Witch's words, Nathan screams and tosses her body in the air while forming a fist. As soon as her body is falling within his height, Nathan punches her on the abdomen at full strength, causing her to crash through a part of the already destroyed stone wall. Nathan then picks up his sword and walks up slowly to her.

The Swamp Witch attempts to sit up. The strike to her abdomen has caused major injuries to her body as blood begins to spew out of her mouth.

"I guess I shouldn't have taken my opponents too lightly." The Swamp Witch said to herself.

The next things she sees is Nathan standing right in front of her with his sword aiming straight at her.

"Am I going to die from a monster just like Airi?"

Hearing this causes Nathan to become hesitant to strike. He then suddenly had flashbacks of his past experiences in the Continent and finally remembers his morals and battle that is currently happening. Seeing that Nathan has regained his senses, she strikes him on the leg with a knife she had hidden in her attire, causing him to fall. Before the Swamp Witch could kill him, she spots Melona heading towards her direction and hands the sword over to her.

"Good, you are here. Finish my job for me will you?" The Swamp Witch orders Melona.

Melona takes a brief look at Nathan, whom is looking right back at her while clutching on his wounds on his chest and leg. Melona had another idea in mind. She aims the sword towards Nathan, but much to his surprise, she drops the sword and shoots the Swamp Witch instead with the Glock 17 she found, putting her down on her knees.

"I don't appreciate people killing my friends." Melona retreats before the Swamp Witch could get up.

Nathan attempts to reach for his sword, but the Swamp Witch steps on his hand and grabs it.

"You will all die soon anyway."

Aldra, who is still in hiding, orders an arrow to be fired. The arrow hits the sword, forcing the Swamp Witch to release her grip on the weapon. Soon, arrows begin bombarding the battlefield, mainly towards enemy soldiers. Gainos forces begin to charge from all sides, aiding the allied forces. The tables are turned as enemy forces are now falling back.

The Swamp Witch sees that this is now a losing battle, but does not give up as she attempts to reach for Nathan's sword. Nathan, who is greatly weakened by his wounds, lies motionlessly and watches as the Swamp Witch grabs the only weapon surrounding them.

Nathan suddenly hears a gunshot and sees the Swamp Witch falling in front of him, dead. It turns out that Rana and his family secretly followed Nathan and Airi to the camp as he sees Cattleya and Owen following and the gun used to kill the Swamp Witch was the souvenir he gave to Rana, which he obviously put to use.

Rana sees Nathan injured and gets worried as he rushes to him. "Onii-chan, are you okay?"

"So now I am your brother, huh?" Nathan laughs a little much to his relief.

"Where is Onee-chan? I thought she was with you in battle."

Nathan becomes saddened as he continues to think about Airi. "I am sorry Rana, but Airi is no longer with us. She died during battle before I can even save her."

Rana did not take the news well and begins to cry. Nathan struggles to get up and attempts to comfort Rana despite being bloodied. Rana is then locked into an embrace with the equally dismayed Nathan as he continues to cry. Not wanting Nathan's life to end in tragedy, Nanael flies back up to Heaven once she sees that her part in the battle is done. With the Swamp Witch dead, her former servants turning against her, and the rest of the enemy soldiers falling back, the war to protect Queen's Blade has been won.

In the aftermath of the war, the gates of Gainos have been reopened to begin the Queen's Blade tournament. Many female warriors who has taken part in the war enters through, except for a few, most noticeably Cattleya as she, Owen, and Nathan continues to take care of Rana, who is still mourning over the loss of Airi. Nathan, who is still recovering from his injuries, continues to comfort him as he also tries to figure out how to get back to his world, knowing that his dad needs him. In an attempt to cheer Rana up, Nathan decides to take him for a hike in the forest, in which his parents immediately agreed to. As they continue their hike, Nathan hears a familiar voice.

"Seems like you have earned the respect from some of the elves with your leadership."

Nathan turns around and sees Alleyne and Nowa in a carriage on the way to the tournament.

"You definitely pass with 100 points for the risks you are willing to take for us. It is because of you we won the war."

Nathan still feels unhappy. "Then why doesn't it feel like a victory?"

Nowa sympathizes with Nathan's situation. "I don't blame you for your sadness. A lot of lives have been lost in the war. We still mourn for the ones we care about so you are not alone."

"We better get going. The Queen's Blade tournament is going to start soon."

"Yes Instructor." Nowa lies back as the carriage starts to move.

Alleyne turns back towards Nathan one last time and smiles. "If you ever need us, you know where to find us."

Nathan then turns to Rana. "Do you want to go fishing with me?"

"Of course." Rana soon begins to smile again and Nathan smiles back.

"Most of your friends are nice."

Nathan pets Rana on the head. "They are aren't they?"

Once they found a lake in the forest, they took out the worms and immediately launch their poles into the water. After catching about 3 fishes, Nathan saw Nanael suddenly dropping out of the sky hitting him hard on the head, catching both him and Rana by surprise.

Once Nathan recovers, he sees Nanael on top of him still dizzy from the headbutt.

"Geez Nanael, watch where you fly." Nathan grabs his head still feeling the pain on his head.

Once Nanael recovers, she puts her face closer to his and smiles sinisterly. "Sorry, but you better thank me for this. I had a lot of trouble trying to convince the Chief Angel taking part in this."

"What? What are you talking about?"

Nanael kisses Nathan on the cheek and flies off. "You will see."

"Nathan, look!" Nathan turns back and looks up only to see Airi flying back towards him.


"Onee-chan!" Rana becomes excited compared to Nathan, who is more confused by her surprise return.

As soon as Airi lands, Rana wasted no time running to her and was given a hug in return.

"It's really nice to see you both again."

"Airi, is that really you? Did you really come back?" Nathan said still shocked.

Airi walks towards Nathan and puts her hand on his cheek and giggles open touching him.

"You can thank Nanael for that. I also see that by the fact that most of you I know are alive that you have won the war. It's sad to see with these injuries, but I am more happy that you are able to survive."

"You can thank your friend Melona for that."

Airi becomes a little surprised hearing her name. "Melona?"

"Melona delayed the Swamp Witch from killing me by turning against her using a weapon she took from me. Apparently she didn't take your death well either."

"Sometimes Melona can be a mystery even to me, but seeing how she actually helped out against the war, I think it is safe to assume which side she is on."

As the three continue to celebrate their reunion, Melona secretly watches them from the trees.

"With my contract with the Swamp Witch broken, I am finally free to do what I want, but first I want to win the Queen's Blade tournament. See you until then my friend." Melona then walks away.

Their reunion was short-lived as Nanael notified Nathan a day later that the Head Angel plans to teleport him back to his world. Seeing that his influence might unintentionally change the Continent, Nathan reluctantly agrees much to the dismay of Airi, Rana and his family, and even Alleyne as he tells everyone he is going back to his home world. Leina is just as sad as everyone else while Elina tries to deny her feelings, but finally shows that she has grown slightly fond of Nathan as she sadly turns away upon hearing the news. Not wanting to see Elina like that, Nathan runs towards her and hugs her from behind.

"You idiot! What are you doing?" Elina continues to struggle.

"I don't know if we will ever see each other again, but the memories won't be lost. This I can promise you Elina. I am sorry that I have to leave."

Once Elina stops struggling, she turns around and embraces Nathan as she begins to cry.

"This is the first time that I ever have these feelings for someone other than my sister. Somehow I always feel safe around you as if you are a part of our family. Please promise me you won't forget."

"I won't, but promise me that you will try to become a better person." Elina nodded.

After comforting Elina, Nathan turns to Alleyne and Nowa and offers his hand to the older elf.

"Thank you for helping me out until they end. I am glad to see that the elves and humans were able to work together side by side."

Alleyne accepts Nathan's handshake. "You were the one who brought us closer together. I am very glad that there is another that me and Nowa could trust."

Nowa briefly hugs Nathan. "I want to believe that we can see each other again someday so I am not going to say goodbye."

Nathan nodded in response.

Nanael then grabs Nathan by surprise and hugs him from behind. "Don't forget about me too, okay?"

"I will definitely remember you as well."

Nanael then points to the sky illuminating a bright light, signaling that the portal has been opened. Nathan turns to Airi and Rana, who are accompanied by Cattleya and Owen.

Rana begins to cry and rushes towards Nathan to embrace him.

"Why do you have to leave?"

"You are not the only one who has a family Rana. My father will be lonely without me. I can't just leave him like that since my mother left."

"I see. Then Onee-chan and I won't say goodbye then. I really want to see you again." Rana lets go of Nathan.

"I believe that our paths will cross once again if I am needed."

Lastly, Nathan turns to Airi. "About the confession you made before you disappeared, I have been thinking about that for quite some time and I feel the same way honestly. If I were to come to this world again, you would definitely be the one I will be looking for."

Airi kisses Nathan again on the lips. "If you do come back, can you promise me that you would cook something for me?"

This caught Nathan by surprise. "I thought you only needed to suck on life energy."

"Not anymore since I was revived by an angel instead. I still have all my powers, but I realized that she made my body more human by requiring their sustenance. It kind of isn't fair that Menace gets to eat your cooking, but I can't."

Nathan laughs in response. "That will definitely be done when I come back."

After saying his last goodbyes, Nathan makes his way to the area in the forest where he first came here and realizes that the portal is located inside of a lake nearby. Nathan turns back briefly to get one last look of his friends and jumps into the lake as everyone watches.

When he wakes up, he finds himself back in London next to the bridge from where he fell off. As he walks back home, he remembers that he still has his housekeys inside of the bag he was carrying and opens the door to see his depressed father.


"I am sorry for being one for so long dad, but I needed this trip to find myself."

"Why didn't you tell me you were going somewhere? You had me worried sick so I called the police and they labeled you as missing."

"I was hoping that you would see me as a new man the next time I saw you. I didn't mean to leave just like that, but I felt that it was something I needed to do for myself. I am really sorry."

"It doesn't matter anymore. I am just glad that you are home my son."

The father gets up and the two embraced for the first time in quite a while.

About a year later, Nathan graduates from college and is now the chairman of his father's weapons industry while his father remains the CEO and is now currently dating a woman who has treated Nathan as if she was a caring mother. Nathan approves their relationship as he is reminded of his relationship with Airi back in the Continent and kept a painting of her given to him as a gift by a local artist Cattleya hired.

His father decides to visit Nathan in his office one more time before finishing his shift.

"Hey son, I just want you to know that you will be inheriting everything I have once I retire, but you also have to promise me that you will live your life in the only way that makes you happy."

"That I can do father. You better hurry before your girlfriend gets angry with you for being late."

The father smiles before he leaves. Once the father left the office, one of the officers alerted Nathan of a small struggle occurring outside of the building. Nathan decides to see what the commotion is and saw his father and his girlfriend among the crowd. Once Nathan passes through, the first things he sees are some familiar faces.

"Why is everybody looking at us like that?" Elina becomes irritated.

"Because you girls stand out among the rest of the crowd." Airi said, now wearing more casual clothes to blend in consisting of a T-shirt, fashion boots, a leather jacket, and a red miniskirt, although her hair stays the same.

Alleyne also becomes annoyed by the attention. "It is your fault for not warning us that there are no elves here Nanael."

"Sorry about that." Nanael laughs out of embarrassment.

"What are you girls doing here? In other words, how did you get here?" Nathan asked.

As soon as they heard Nathan's voice, the girls came rushing in with Airi being the one who launches herself towards him and locks him in an embrace.

"I told you that we would be able to see each other again." Airi said happily.

Alleyne, Nowa, Leina, and Nanael stared happily at the two although Elina kept her arms crossed and turns away in denial.

"How did the six of you actually get here anyway?"

"You can thank the Chief Angel for that. She says as a reward for helping us win the war, you get to see us one more time." Nanael whispers to Nathan.

"It's more like you get to see me."

"Hey son, do you know these girls?"

"Yes father. I encountered them during my trip last year. They happen to be friends of mine and the one that is hugging me right now happens to be my girlfriend."

"Wow, good job son. You manage to score yourself a very beautiful girlfriend. I wish you two the best."

"Thank you and it is an honor to meet the father." Airi replied.

"It is also an honor for me to meet you. Thank you for taking care of my son in his time of need. By the way, what about the rest of the girls?"

"Let's just say they are from another world. What they wear is part of a tradition even if it looks like a costume. There are a lot of things in this world we don't know father."

"Although the laws are not strict in what people should wear, you better get them some appropriate clothing just to be safe. You already attracted this much attention and it will be bad if the situation goes further." The father suggested.

"Of course. You better follow me." The girls obeyed and they stopped at a nearby department store.

The girls become fascinated by the clothing and explore a little to find what to wear.

"No need to worry about deciding what clothes to wear. I will pay for all of them." Nathan told the girls.

After Airi looked around a bit, she turns back to Nathan. "There is something that I haven't told anybody other than Nanael. I am actually allowed to stay in this world along with allowing myself to go back using the milk that the angels gave me. I expect you to teach me more about this world of yours, because everything is different."

"If you want to stay of course, but for now since most of you aren't actually staying for long, we might as well have some fun in this world while we can before I decide to teach you. By the way, who won the tournament?"

"Leina did, but gave her rule to Claudette, believing that her older sister is better at it."

"As expected."

After the girls are done shopping, everyone becomes excited seeing and hearing new things that they never had back in the Continent, taking great interest over typical things that many people have in their homes such as TV and Cars. Nathan bought Elina a stuffed cat to see if it could help her be more honest towards him. Elina blushes and thanked him in response. Knowing that all of them can visit his world on occasions, Nathan becomes excited on what could happen in their next adventure should they come and visit again.

In the ruins of Mordor…

Legolas and Aragorn found signs that some of Sauron's followers actually survive the destruction.

"It appears that I was right. Just because Sauron is dead doesn't mean all of his forces are as well." Legolas dug through some of the rocks to find some dried blood, but no body.

"It also appears that they left long ago yet there are no reports of attacks in all of Middle-Earth." Aragorn stated.

"With their current state, they are too weak to fight against the people of Middle-Earth. We better go search around for clues that might lead us to wear they are planning." Legolas suggested, in which Aragorn agrees.

As they search, they find a small cavern on Mount Doom and actually saw a gateway created by Sauron's leftover magic before his demise.

"It appears that it is not our world that they are targeting anymore."

"Shall I come with you Legolas?"

"No, you have a kingdom to keep safe in case I am wrong. I will go alone to find resistance. At the strength they are at right now, it is not possible for them to even take over a small country so it is not too late. Give me a few months and I promise I will come back after this is over."

"Take care of yourself my friend."

Legolas steps into the gateway as Aragorn watches with concern.

To be continued…

There will be a sequel to this fanfic and based on the last scene, you can already tell that this is going to be a crossover. I hope you enjoyed this fanfic and, hopefully, you will enjoy the sequel.