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Life In Lillian

Alice snuck down the hallway, wincing as a board creaked under her feet. She darted into her room, just in time to hear her father open the door. She hurriedly jumped into her bed, pulling the sheets up. She closed her eyes as her door opened, and her father came in.

Louis Dainard stood over his 'sleeping' daughter and grunted. He patted her head and walked out of her room, his footsteps fading as he got farther away. As soon asa the sound of his feet disappeared, Alice shot up. She quickly put on her shoes and quickly rushed back down the hallway. As she reached the door however, she heard a growl behind her. "Going somewhere?"

She turned around, eyes wide, to meet Louis. "H-hi daddy..."

He nodded at her shoes. "Where you going."

"Just... out..."

"To see the Lamb boy, huh."

She shrugged, and he narrowed his eyes. "You forget something?"

She looked at him, confused, and he held out a jacket. "You forgot this."


"You need to wear a jacket outside! It's very cold!"

She gave a deadpan stare, and he pouted. "I don't want you to catch a cold!"

"Uh, okay, dad. Thanks."

She put the jacket on, and walked outside. She looked back up as she wheeled her bike onto the road, to see her father standing in the window waving. "TELL JOEY I SAY HI!"

She nodded, still confused, and biked away. The man skipped into the living room, and turned on the television. He flipped through the channels until he reached the one he wanted. He clasped his hands together as 'Peewee's Playhouse' came on, and started singing along to the child's show.

As Alice pedaled away, she heard the first bars of the theme song come on, and winced. "Damn... I hate that show."

Soon she arrived at Joe's house, and knocked on the window. As she looked through the window, she gasped. Joe was on the ground, hugging something while it whined.

Alice stared at him, and his smile faltered. "What? Do you wanna come down and play with Lu and I?"

Tears sprang to the girl's eyes, and she ran away from the window. Joe shrugged, and looked back down. "Did you like that Lucy? Do you wanna play with Joey more?"

The dog barked happily, and the boy continued scratching her head and hugging his beloved pet.

The next day Cary walked into the diner to see Charles sitting at a booth crying. "Hey, what's wrong?"

The chubby teen looked up, rubbing his nose. "My camera lens broke."

"Well get over it."

Affronted, Charles stared at the pyromaniac. "You asked me what was wrong."

After plopping down into the booth and putting his feet on the table, the other boy snorted. "You didn't have to answer."

"Actually Cary, when someone asks someone a question, the person feels obligated to answer." A new voice joined in.

Cary rolled his eyes and without looking up, answered, "Math-Camp, why don't you make yourself useful and get me some ice cream. You know what kind."

Preston crossed his arms. "What's in it for me?"

Making a 'duh' face, Cary looked up at Preston. "I don't blow up your house and burn your precious comics?"

Preston thought for a moment, before grudgingly slapping the hand Cary held out for a high-five. A few minutes after he trudged off to get in line, Joe showed up and sat down next to Cary. "Guys...have you seen Alice?"

The others shrugged, and Joe sighed. "She came over last night, but she saw me playing with Lucy, and ran away."

Charles nodded sagely. "She probably was hurt you didn't pay attention to her."

Cary snorted and got out of the booth, leaning against the table. "See, that's why I don't have a girl. They overreact way too much."

Joe gave an emotionless laugh. "I though it was just cause they were all after you because you're famous."

"I'm just waiting for the right one," Cary flipped his hair to the side and smirked. "none of the chicks here are hot enough for me."

Charles laughed. "Whatever man."

As the boys returned to their conversation, the diner doors opened, and two girls walked in. "You're kidding. Seriously, that's crazy!" a girl with short brown hair and light blue eyes exclaimed.

The girl in front of her stopped and turned around, flipping her long, wavy dark brown hair, with her hazel eyes twinkling. "Honey, if I wanted to lie to you, I would've just not told the story."

The other girl laughed and playfully bumped her friend's shoulder. "Oh, shut up."

As the two walked further into the diner, the boys noticed them. Charles smirked, quietly saying to his friends, "Well, hel-lo ladies."

Joe mumbled something about Alice and put his head down. Cary snorted, and put a smirk on his face as he turned around. "Psh. As if they're that ho-"

The smirk fell off his face and he trailed off, seeing the two. "Oh my God."

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