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this is Spain/Austria at first, then SpaMano, GiriPan, and PruCan with slight notions to a one-sided GerIta, and since this story is complete, those are NOT subject to change ((oh and a little one sided Jacques/Lovino XD'll see ...))

This is M for Romano's mouth, and a lemon in future chapters as well as some other perverted themes. This story is mostly just cute fluff, but there is a bit of a darker undertone to keep the actual plot moving.

Please enjoy~!


Chapter One: The New Kitten

Antonio tapped away mindlessly at the desk top in front of him. A light afternoon yawn escaped his lips and he found himself wishing to just siesta the rest of the afternoon away. However, doing that would get him in trouble with his boss again. He bit his lip and wondered if coffee would help with the sleepiness that was overtaking him.

He rose from his desk and walked to the small break room, where the coffee pot sat, inviting him for a cup. As he poured the hot liquid into the cup, the door opened behind him and he turned, setting the pot back into it's heating cradle.

His boss, Ludwig Bielschmidt walked in, looking rather haggard and messy. Very unusual for the usually uptight and clean cut man. Bandages covered his fingers and scratches covered his face.

"Oh, Antonio, I didn't see you there." the German man frowned lightly and walked over to the coffee pot to pour himself some.

"Hola …" Antonio muttered lightly, looking down at Ludwig's hands, "If you do not mind me asking, what happened?"

Ludwig winced, "My brother brought home a stray a while back. She had kittens. Well … for the most part, they are well behaved and cute and waiting for good home opportunities. The mama was already given a home, as well as all but two of the kittens. My dogs get along well with them, so I thought 'what the hell, I can keep them'," The man took a long drink from the burning hot drink, "But while one is a little air headed, the other is a demon. I've already tried giving him a good home, but he scares away all potential families and tears me up if I try and touch him. I can't keep him, but I don't want to throw him out in the cold either."

Antonio licked his lip. He could … maybe … take the kitten. His apartment complex allowed for pets of a certain size and he was sure a cat met those requirements easily. He wouldn't be very messy and wouldn't be hard to clean up after. Plus, ever since Antonio and Roderich had broken up for the third time that year already, he had been feeling a little lonely.

"I can take him."

Ludwig looked up, "Are you sure? He's a devil. Quite the mean one, too."

The Spaniard nodded, "Yeah, I can take him off your hands for you. Maybe all he wants is a little more attention, right? I mean, you've got your job, your brother, three dogs and another kitten to take care of. Maybe he was just too much?"

The German nodded, "Maybe. Well … I'll bring him in at lunch." he finished his coffee and rinsed the cup, "Just be prepared for him."

"Does he have a name, yet?"

"Um … Gilbert suggested Feliciano for the nicer one and Lovino for the meaner one. I don't know where he got the names, but they fit so … Lovino is yours now."

Antonio smiled, already feeling excited about the new kitten. While he preferred turtles over a lot of things, he figured a kitten was just as good and could do more that a turtle, like sleep on the foot of the bed, purr and chase toy mice around the living room (as well as catch real ones).

He nervously awaited the arrival of his lunch hour, which would bring his lovely new pet. His leg bounced and he thought of what he was going to have to buy. Kitten chow was a must as well as a few toys. Oh~! A big pillow or bed for him to sleep on and some cat bowls. Maybe a scratching post and that cute cat toy he saw on the television a while back … pedicure cat … no … manicat … not that either, "PediPaws!" he grinned, adding it to the list.

By the time he'd finished writing the things down, the door opened and Ludwig walked in with a cat carrier and several new, bleeding scratches, "All yours, Antonio."

Antonio thanked him and looked at the carrier, which had been set on the floor. He bit his lip and knelt down to peer inside. A small tabby kitten was scrunched up against the back of the carrier.

It was an unusual cat, to say the least. He was an off white kitten, with dark red-brown patches all over and a little curl jutted out from his forehead. The cat turned his slitted hazel eyes to Antonio and stood up and walked the short distance to the carrier door and he looked his new owner over

"Hey little guy~ you're Lovino, right? My new kitten?" he smiled, "So cute~! I'm going to call you Lovi, okay?"

Lovino-cat growled and hissed, standing up on his little paws to arch his back and let his tail fluff up.

Antonio only cooed and picked up the carried to set it by his desk.

The day ended and he loaded Lovino into the car, "Okay, Lovi, we're going to stop by the pet store real quick to get your things, okay?"

A hiss was his only reply. He nervously bit his lip. What if the cat was just as mean to him as he had been to Ludwig? He shook the thought away. The kitten just needed attention and love. That's all.

He carried Lovino's carrier into the store and aimlessly looked around for the things on his list. Lovino hissed at everything that passed by and even at children curious about the cute little kitten in the cat cage.

Antonio just shrugged it off and even found a cute little bell ribbon to tie to Lovino.

He drove home and set the carrier inside before grabbing all of his new things and began setting up. The litter box went in the bathroom, which would have to be left cracked open to Lovino could find his way in. The bed and food and water bowl went on the little mat he found (that said gato on it~ he found it cute~) and that was placed near the kitchen. He scattered the toys in the area and smiled and his job well done.

Now all that remained was tying the bell on Lovino and letting him explore his new home. He grabbed the green ribbon and sat down in front of the cage and calmly opened it. Hissing already could be heard inside as Antonio reached in slowly and grabbed the kitten. He slid the ball of fluff into his lap and carefully tied the bell around his neck, "There you go, Lovi~ so cute!" the kitten answered him by biting his finger really hard and running off to hide under the sofa.

Antonio frowned lightly, but figured he would come out eventually. He put away the cat carrier and walked to the kitchen to make himself something to eat. Since it was the weekend, he would be free to sleep in and nap all he wanted the next day and perhaps get Lovino to know him better.

He finished off his meal and tossed the dirty dish into the sink and Antonio made his way into the living room, aware of the hazel eyes watching him carefully from underneath the sofa.

The Spaniard flipped the TV on and sat down in his favorite chair to watch whatever was on. He laughed at the things on the TV, despite not really caring about what was going on. His mind kept drifting back to the kitten, whom was slowly inching his way out from under the couch.

Antonio watched as he finally made a break for it and darted across the room to find his food bowl.

He laughed lightly and wondered if Lovino would be interested in one of those new toys. The man grabbed up a plastic stick with a mouse on the end of the elastic and tangled it. Lovino looked around at his surroundings, but his eyes fell on the toy and his urge to chase it kicked in.

His eyes looked up and saw Antonio held the object and he hesitantly looked back at the wiggling mouse toy. Instinct to chase kicked in and he leaped up at the toy and latched on. Antonio laughed, which startled Lovino and the kitten ran and hid behind his great big pillow bed.

The Spaniard only laughed again, "I won't hurt you Lovi~"

Lovino glared from around his pillow and remained hidden.

The next few weeks were spent exactly like that. Antonio could coax Lovino to him with food, but he rarely got to pet his new kitten with out losing blood.

He washed the newest addition under the faucet and he looked down at the kitten, "Oh, Lovi … what am I going to do with you? You already tore up my curtains … and look! Another scratch! Am I doing something wrong? Am I hurting you or not giving you enough attention? I'm sorry I can't be here all the time, but I have to work."

The kitten just watched him.

Antonio bandaged up the wound and smiled, "But don't worry, tonig-" he was cut off by his phone. He pulled it out and frowned lightly, "Roderich … ?"

He answered, "Yeah? Well … nothing much, just … no … um … sure … okay~! Yeah … I'll be right there~!" he hit the end call button and smiled a the curious kitten, "Guess what, Lovi~! Roderich just called! He wants to meet at our favorite restaurant! We might be getting back together~!" Lovino watched him as he ran to the bedroom to get dressed.

Soon after, the man left. Lovino sat down and looked around the big empty apartment. There was nothing much to do, really, except torture his human, Antonio.

His new human … the cat glared at the floor. His last one was a jerk and gave him away. Now how was he going to see his brother again?

The kitten just walked over to his food dish and crunched a few of the fish shaped kibbles, but he wasn't really hungry. Who the hell was this Roderich person? And why did he take Antonio away on one of the days the human didn't have to work?

Okay, so Lovino didn't like his new human, but he sure as hell needed him to survive! And it helped that the man was nicer and didn't yell like the last one did. Plus the last one had huge scary dogs. Feliciano-cat got along well with the dogs, but Lovino knew better.

He huffed and looked at the shredded curtains. Antonio hadn't even yelled at him for that! This place was going to be a cake walk to live in. He made his way to his big pillow and rolled around on the fabric until he got comfortable and the sun was splayed perfectly on his side and back and fell asleep.

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