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Epilogue: One Year Later

Lovino had been human for an entire year now. It had taken him a while to get used to all the little details of being human, especially colds, coughs and public behavior (which he still hadn't mastered).

The Italian stood in the kitchen of the small apartment and stirred the tomato sauce he'd learned to make by scratch. The noodles were boiling in the pot beside the sauce.

"How is dinner coming along, sweetheart?" Antonio walked up behind Lovino, and wrapped his arms around his waist. Lovino blushed, but shoved Antonio away, "I'm cooking it! Now go away!"

Antonio laughed, "It smells wonderful, but why do you always make pasta?"

Lovino shrugged, "Don't like it, don't eat it. I'll eat by myself and take care of myself tonight, as well."

The Spanish man pouted, "Oh, Lovi … how mean~!" he leaned forward and pressed a kiss to Lovino's temple, "You know I love everything you cook~! Even if it's always pasta~!"

Lovino blushed and turned his head to kiss Antonio. The taller man stepped back, "So guess what today is?"

The Italian shrugged, "I dunno … Saturday?"

"Well, yes, but it's been exactly one year since you were a cat~ one year ago, I woke up to my human Lovi~!" he hugged Lovino to him.

The smaller of the two pushed away and turned off the stove, "And? So what?"

"We've almost been together a whole year~ and it wouldn't have been possible if you hadn't turned into a human in the first place~! I was just remembering seeing you for that first time."

"And spitting your coffee all over me." Lovino remarked, draining the pasta and putting it in a bowl.

He made their plates and set them down to eat.

"But anyway, almost our one year anniversary~! I went and got you a present~" Antonio said, eating up that last of his pasta.

Lovino blushed, "P-present?"

"Yeah~! I thought you might like them~!" he walked into the living room and held up a carrier. Inside were two small kittens.

"Aren't they cute? They remind me of you, when you were their age~!"

Lovino smiled, a blush coming over his face, "They are cute … do they have names yet?" Antonio shook his head.

"How about … Romana for the girl kitten and …"

"Um … Tristán?" Antonio offered.

"Perfect … Romana and Tristán it is!" Lovino smiled, letting the kittens out to play. The two stumbled around the floor, chasing toys and meowing for milk. Lovino smiled, treating them just like his own. He crawled after one of the tabbies and laughed as the kitten turned and ran up to him, with her fur standing up and her tail in a poof. He chuckled and ran his hand down her back to calm her.

"Romana!" he muttered as she took off and tackled her brother.

"And you said you never wanted kittens …" Antonio teased.

Lovino glared, "Shut the hell up, bastard … these tabbies are adorable!" he picked them up and took them to the couch to watch his favorite channel.

Antonio kissed Lovino and went to take a shower.

"How about I tell you two about something magical?" the kittens mewled and nuzzled against Lovino as he began to tell them about his own self being a kitten.

"All because of that wish, I was able to have a permanent home, a wonderful boyfriend(but don't tell him I said that or he'll never let me live it down) and two cute kittens." He didn't notice how their eyes lit up brightly.

Lovino smiled softly at the kittens. Tristán purred as he rubbed up against Lovino's hand. His sister just sat in the corner of the couch, glaring.

"I've always wanted kittens of my own ..." Lovino smiled, reaching out and petting Romana's head. She hissed lightly and swatted at his hand, but her little claws barely scratched him. Lovino laughed lightly, "But I did become human ... and I'm a man ... Antonio is a man ... we can't have kids together.

"We could adopt ... Antonio has mentioned this before ... Though ..." he rubbed their heads softly, earning purrs and hisses, "I think you two are perfect. I can be your mama," he froze, his cheeked reddening, "I mean ... daddy ... and I can pretend you're mine, right?"

His answer was Tristán curling up under his chin and falling asleep. Romana also walked close to him. She laid down beside her brother and slowly raised her little face to Lovino's, pressing her nose softly against him.

He chuckled and kissed her head, "I love you, too. Good night."

The two were laid in Lovino's old cat bed and Lovino smiled, joining Antonio for bed.

"Thank you, Antonio, they are cute …" Antonio kissed Lovino softly, "I'm glad you like them~!"

Lovino yawned and fell asleep, curled up against Antonio's chest.

The peacefully sleeping didn't last long, though.



Antonio sat up in bed, wondering who the hell was in his apartment. Their door burst open and Lovino jumped up as well, only to be tackled by a five year old child, "Mama! We made the wish, too!"

"What the …?" Lovino looked at the little boy in confusion. He smiled a toothy grin and hugged onto Lovino. Lovino looked at Antonio, whom was having a similar problem with a little girl.

"Um … Antonio … who are they?"

"I don't know …"

The girl looked up and pouted, "Mama doesn't 'member us?"

"But … mama just put us to bed a while ago!" the boy argued.

"Romana? Tristán?" Lovino stared in amazement and confusion. The boy smiled brightly and tightened his grip on Lovino's waist, "Yay! We made the wish to be human, too! So that mama could have kids like he said he wanted!"

Antonio looked at Lovino, whom blushed a dark red, "It's not what you think, jerk! Don't get any funny ideas!"

"Aww~! Lovi wanted babies?" Antonio leaned over and pulled Lovino into his arms, "How cute~! We have kids now~!"

Romana and Tristán tackled the two adults in a huge hug.

"We should introduce them to their uncles Feli and Ludwig~!" Antonio laughed. Lovino just blushed a dark red and attempted to kick Antonio.

Antonio laughed and kissed Lovino sweetly, "I love you, sweetheart~"

"Yeah, yeah … whatever … I love you, too …" Lovino hid the smile he had, staring at his growing family.

oh the crack~ there's just so much of it! ^_^ I love Tristán and Romana~ they are my ocs for Lovi and Toni's kids~

~Lady Pyrien