So this is somehow a what if fic. What could have happened if Hugo was really sent to the orphanatory? It is sad and maybe I will continue it only if I get responses of people really reading it. I hope you like it and please review...

When the station ward took me out of the cell I could hardly breathe. Isabelle and his god-father were waiting for me. They were waiting the automaton. They were waiting for me. Finally someone was waiting for me and I wasn´t going to be able to met them. He pulled me out not too rudely. I thought he was feeling pity for me but even though he gave me to the orphan owner. He was a creepy man and he seemed unhappy. His face was of stone but his eyes told everything. He was miserable. That scared me.

I sat next to some other orphans and heard their cries. I didn´t want to cry. I didn´t want to appear weak so I stood on my seat and watched the city pass by. It was beautiful and full of snow. Now that I thought about it, the temperature couldn´t be more than 40 Fahrenheit degrees. But I didn´t feel the cold, he couldn´t feel anything at all. When I saw the orphan house I couldn´t help to feel the tears appear into my eyes.

The house I saw was enormous but scary at the same time. Old and gray it showed it was old and in bad conditions. I wondered how it was inside, immediately I realized it couldn´t be better than the outside. There had to be a reason NO ONE wanted to go in there.

I stepped out of the bus and entered to the house. I was right; it was as ugly as the outside. The difference was that in there dozens of kids where playing and talking. At least that was the way they looked like. Their eyes showed something else; the eyes of those children were dead, like if they were doing all those stuff only by inertia. I took some steps back scared. That wasn´t the place I was supposed to be. I was supposed to be with Isabella.

Two strong hands took me by the shoulders and make me turn around. Again the orphan owner. I shivered and looked down scared; I had never been scarier in my whole life. He took me by the chin and made me look up.

"Beautiful eyes; don´t you think?" he said to another man. He was taller and he had blonde hair. He was looking with interest.

"He is a pretty boy." The blonde guy answered. I just wanted to run. His eyes over me were making me nervous. "He is going to be chosen really fast."

I looked over him and try to appear angry. What the hell did he meant by chosen? The owner takes me by the sleeve and takes me out of the building.

"No!" I screamed as I tried to pull off.

He is too strong and he shoves me several times in order to keep me still. The blonde guy is leading us toward a black car. Some of the other orphans are looking at me with fear. Finally they look alive. I screamed at them for help but none of them moved. I was thrown into the car and I knew there was no escape. Even though I keep screaming and hitting the window.

"Shut up." The blonde guy ordered me.

"Let me go. I have something to do. It is really important." I said almost in a beg and in only response was a slap.

"I said shut up." This time I obeyed. After some seconds I was brave enough to ask.

"Where are we going?"

"England." I bit my lip and looked down as I tried to fight the tears. "You are going to be adopted by a couple and be their sons." He paused and then he ribbed my cheek in a comforting way. I pulled away from the touch. "If you act properly I will make sure it is a good home."

"I already have a home." I whispered. He laughed and gave me another slap in the other cheek. My head hit the glass of the window making me groan in pain.

"Not anymore."