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"Where is him?" asked Isabelle with a serious voice.

The police officer sighed as he put the final point on his last report. That was the fifth time in that week and he was getting tired of the young girl´s insistence. He rubbed his eyes tired and then stood slowly. It was already 8 pm and he wasn´t in the mood of fighting with the blonde girl. Like if he hadn´t enough problems already. The clocks at the station were malfunctioning, even some were completely out of time and he couldn´t find the man in charge of them.

"I already told you where I send the young thief."

"He is not a thief!" shouted Isabella but immediately she recovered her composure. "He is my friend and I am worried."

"You shouldn´t be. He is perfectly fine; safe and sound in the orphan place where he must be waiting for a family… " started the officer but Isabella cut him off.

"He is not there. I went today and there is no record of him. Nobody ever saw him and nobody knows where he is."

The officer stopped coldly. The blood stopped running through his body and a shiver ran up his back. She had to be kidding him. The little thief was in the orphan, he had to be.

"He must have been adopted." he tried to lie but he knew how fake he sounded. Isabella frowned not buying it.

"Then why he isn´t here?" the officer stood quiet not to know what to answer anymore. "He is my best friend and I know he is in danger. I can feel it."

The older man shook his head not wanting to believe it.


"Have you ever gone to a circus?" asked Abraham. Hugo was sitting next to him as he kept eating the candy. His eyes were puffy from the tears he had kept for himself and he could feel his heart racing one hundred miles per hour.

Hugo nodded softly. He preferred watching movies than looking at some stupid clowns but he had gone to one or two.

"And what do circuses have in common? Asked Abraham as he took another candy from his bag and put it inside his mouth.

Hugo thought about it for a second. "There are always clowns, acrobats, horses, monkeys and lots of junk food." Abraham laughed by the last comment.

"What about elephants?" Hugo raised an eye brown confused. "What if a circus had a huge and talented elephant?"

Hugo looked down and thought about it. Elephants weren´t common in France and the only ones he had seen were the ones in books. He imagined a circus with an elephant and automatically he imagined lots of people entering just to see the elephant.

"Now imagine if that elephant has something special."

"The circus would become famous." ended Hugo still not understanding where Abraham was going.

Abraham took another candy from his bag and Hugo took it without hesitation.

"You are Augusts' elephant." Hugo blinked confused; he was far from being an elephant. "You are his ticket to fame."

"I don´t understand." whispered Hugo trying to ignore the twist in his stomach. He remembered all those looks August use to give him; the way he was always trying to make him look "cute" and "interesting." He understood; the thing was that the fact he was being used made him sick. August didn´t see him like a person, he never did. "Am I something that attracts people? Why?"

Abraham brushed Hugo´s hair away from his forehead and stared at his eyes. They were so deep and blue he wasn´t surprised by August election. The last kid he had bought had come from Africa. His name was Zulee and he had been about 15 years old in that time. Abraham remembered when they met. He was thin and kind of short but something about his posture and his eyes made him look fierce and dangerous. The kid didn´t stay long under Augusts' control. After 3 months in England he managed to escape.

"Because you are special." Abraham took Hugo by the chin and really observed the kid´s face. He had soft facial features, he looked still like a young kid and you could sense the innocence every time he showed he was scared or confused. His skin was so pale he could easily see the bags of lack of sleeping under his eyes and the pinkness of his cheeks showing he was feeling uncomfortable. "You are a beautiful kid with amazing eyes."

Hugo pulled away from Abraham´s hand and stood up. "There are lots of other boys who have blue eyes and they are not enslaved by crazy magician´s"

Abraham sighed. "Yes, maybe, but it is weird to see a French little guy in England."

"Bullshit." hissed Hugo. Abraham tried to hide the laugh that wanted to burst out. It seemed pretty funny to hear such strong words from the mouth of such a little kid.

"You shouldn´t say that. How old are you? 10…11?"

"I am almost 13." answered Hugo surprised by the other boy perception. Did he really look that young?

Abraham smiled and then nodded. "You have to be kidding me." Zulee also looked younger that what he appeared.

Suddenly a loud noise filled the theatre making both boys jump. Hugo knew the meaning of that sound, the show was about to start and August was telling the rest of the crew to prepare immediately.

"Crap!" he shouted as he realized he didn´t have his make up on, hadn´t picked up the people´s tickets and he wasn´t sure which trick was going first. He ran toward the door and opened violently making it hit against the wall. "I have to leave now." He knew that August would be mad if he didn´t show up with his makeup done and he would become insane if he didn´t appeared in time to present the first trick.

Abraham opened his mouth to answer something but Hugo was gone before he managed to say something. Alone in his room he tried to understand August and his weird fetish with young and exotic kids. Suddenly, another thought hit him just like the one that he had when he met Zulee. From where did August got that kid?

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