So this story has finally come to an ending. I know it's not what you all expected but I like it. I may write a sequel. I'm not sure yet but I might. I do plan on finishing some of my other stories up soon first before I start it (if I do). Thank you all to the people who reviewed. I really appreciate it and I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Santa Barbara 12:00 AM January 12th, 2020

"What are you doing here Pipe?" Shawn asked as he walked into his office. Piper was sitting in his chair reading a book.

"Making sure everything's set up." Piper said without looking up. Shawn had been released from the hospital earlier that day. He had laid in bed for what seemed like hours before he got up and went to the office.

"What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be resting?"

"Couldn't sleep." Shawn walked over and sat on the couch. Piper looked up and nodded at him. "I miss it Piper. I miss all of it." He said fingering the ring that was around his neck. When he got home the first thing he did was put the ring on a chain, then it went around his neck. He was keeping the ring just in case he and Juliet ever decided to actually try to get married.

"All of what?" Piper stood and sat next to Shawn on the couch.

"When things were simple. When all I had to do was get up, put on a suit and go to work. I miss my old office; I miss all of the nights we spent trying to figure out a case."

"I miss all of that too." Piper agreed.

"You get to go back to that."

"No I don't. Dad thinks I should stay here and help you run this side."

"So will he take the other side?" Piper nodded. They say there in the dark in a comfortable silence.

"I've got an unopened bottle of Scotch and a case that needs breaking in. What do you say?" Piper smiled at Shawn.

"I'd say you better go get that Scotch while I clear off the desk."

"Looks like the team's back!" Piper and Shawn high fived before Piper darted out of the room and Shawn began to clear off his desk.


Santa Barbara 7:00 AM January 12th, 2020

"So O'Hara- Juliet how are things?" Carlton asked as Juliet walked to her desk.

"It's a little hard adjusting but in the end I think everything will be okay." Carlton nodded and looked back down at the file in front of him.

"I was going over some of Spencer's files. It seems like he's one hell of lawyer. He knows how to run a court room." Juliet looked at Carlton who looked back at her.

"Carlton I know you don't like Shawn. And with him having an extremely successful career…."

"I never said that." Carlton interjected.

"I want to thank you. You've been an amazing friend all of these years, helping me with Tiffany. And just being there. Thanks Carlton."

"It's what partners are for O'Hara and friends." Carlton said and Juliet smiled.

"O'Hara! Lassiter! We got a break in on 3rd street go take care of it!" Vick yelled. Carlton stood up, grabbed his suit jacket and put it on. Juliet grabbed her badge and they walked out of the station.