Author's Notes

Konatsu is a Japanese female name. It means short summer.

I found it funny Yutaka is the name of Tomoki's brother, and Yukata is a Japanese clothing. I keep on getting the spellings mixed up, and figured that a baby-aged Tomoki might too. And then the idea popped up. Silly, but they deserve some love as much as Junpei does.


The first time he heard of a Yukata, he thought his mother was trying to put him into his brother.

Tomoki H & Yutaka H

'Come here honey,' Himi Konatsu coaxed her year old son to wobble over while she tried to take something out of the closet. 'Let's see if we can't get you into this yukata.'

Like all toddlers, Tomoki's vocabulary hadn't progressed all that far. He'd learnt how to say 'kaa-san, 'tou-san, ni-chan quite early on. And he more or less recognised his brother's name because it was mentioned so regularly. Of course, seeing as his name happened to be Yutaka…

The green eyes belonging to the boy plopped on the carpet went rather wide. 'Put me in Ni-chan?'

He got a vision of turning into a little slug or something similar and crawling into his brother's ear. Or shrinking and accidentally being swallowed. Or being a bunch of worms in his brother's stomach when they sliced it open…

'Iie! Iie!'

Konatsu managed to disentangle the hanger and withdrew it and the casual, or "summer" kimono that hung from it, and her own kind eyes gazed at her younger son, confused.

'See?' she said, slipping the hanger off and showing him the multi-coloured robe, before opening it to show nothing was inside. 'Your brother has his own.'

She helped him in, tying up the sash before standing back and admiring the effect. Tomoki admired it as well…until his brother showed up.

''kaa-san? Can you help me with the sash please?'

Tomoki jumped slightly, but Konatsu hadn't been looking at him to see.

'I'll just fix Yutaka's Yukata and then we'll go, okay?'

Tomoki blinked, trying to process that as his elder brother went over to his mother. In the same sentence, his brother's name and the name of the clothes he was wearing sounded a little different.

Not enough for him to be able to say either correctly though.

His mother suddenly picked him up, tweaking his nose.

'Are you ready to go?' She cooed at him. 'You are, aren't you? You look so handsome in your Yukata, my little man.'

She slipped the tiny getas onto each little foot. Tomoki giggled, having concluded his mother wasn't trying to put him inside his brother after all.