I'm not a stalker! I'm a secret admirer!

Okita/shinpachi but not much. Just crack. My first Gintama fanfic sorry if it sucks.

This crack fanfic came out because of my boredom.

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Otae was worried about her younger brother.
Whenever he goes home, he goes straight to his room doing who knows what. She remembered the last time shin-chan was like this.

'is he in love? does he already have a girlfriend?'

So she decided to invite gin and kagura.

"what's wrong with shinpachi-kun this time?" gin asked with his usual nonchalant tone.

"whenever he goes home, he just go straight to his room and he also skip lunch and dinner sometimes"

"is he penpalling a girl again?" gin asked.

"I don't know but I'm worried about him, I want to help my brother if he has any problems"

"maybe shinpachi needs to get laid already" kagura said as if it's the most normal thing to say.

"kagura-chan, how could you say such?" gin hit her on the head.

"ow! I learned it from you!"

'I'm beginning to doubt that this guy could be any help for my brother' otae thought.

"let me talk to him" gin said and made his way to shinpachi's room.

Knock Knock Knock

"shinpachi-kun, I'm coming inside"

Gin then slide the door open then his eyes widened.


'Why are there pictures of okita-kun in shinpachi's room? And it's too many of them!'

Hijikata and sougo were both on their patrol duty.

"oi sougo, that four-eyes is still following us"

"so you noticed too"

"that boy has been following us for an hour, what does he want?"

"I don't know either hijikata-san"

"is he plotting against us with that katsura?"

"who knows" sougo shrugged.

"maybe we should arrest him"

"nah... just let him be, it's not as if he can do anything to hurt us anyway and if he ever do anything suspicious, I'll just blast him with my bazooka" the sandy brown haired boy said with nonchalance.

"oi that would be too much"

"Hey, isn't that the yoryuza boss?" sougo said pointing at a random direction.

"huh?" hijikata stare at where the younger man was pointing.

Indeed, it was the natural perm.

"oi bastard!"

"My name is not bastard, you bastard!" gin retorted.

"you bastard, why's that four-eyes following us?" hijikata pointed at a trash can where he saw shinpachi hiding ineffectively.

"I said I'm not a bastard! Excuse me, I'll take him home" gin walked pass the two shinsengumi officers and towards the trash can where shinpachi was hiding.

"Ow! Gin-san, that hurts! Let go!" gin grabbed shinpachi by the hair and drag him home.

"your sister was so worried about you yet here you are stalking another guy"

"I'm not stalking!"

"yes you were! and you're a stalker!"

"I'm not a stalker, I'm a secret admirer!" shinpachi said in indignation.

"secret admirer my face! we're going home!"

"you're such a jerk gin-san!" shinpachi groaned.
"I shall follow you again tomorrow okita-san and not even gin-san can stop me!" shinpachi yelled as he was drag away by the silver haired man.

"what's that guy talking about?" hijikata asked.

"I have no idea" sougo shrugged.



I told you, there's no actual okita/shinpachi in this fic, just stupidity and crackness.
hope you like it even though it sucks.

Let me know if any if you want a serious okita/shinpachi fanfic.

I noticed that there's not much of hijikata/okita and gintoki/shinpachi fanfics here... Why is that? I like those pairings especially gin/hijikata.

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