Hi. My name is Prince Blake Stormhunter and I rule Dragonspyre along with my brother, Prince Wolf Battleblade. I am fourteen. My girlfriend is Princess Danielle Moondreamer of Celestia and her sister is just plain ol' Brecken Daythistle. My dear cousins are Princesses Jasmine Soulblood and Alyssa Unicornblade of Grizzleheim.

But of course Wolf and I don't rule our fair world alone, we have checks and balances. Just like in that country known as "America".

Recently Jasmine (age twelve) insisted that I sign up for the "Apprenticeship Progam" that Ravenwood was hosting, which was where Grandmasters or higher take on an apprentice and train them until level thirty-five. Me, being a level fifty-six, and Jasmine, level fifty-one, thought I was the better of the two to train her sister if she was assigned to him.

But of course that sweet little girl (age six) wasn't assigned to me. Jasmine forgot one thing: Alyssa was a Life wizard. So as soon as I was assigned an apprentice, Jasmine withdrawled her sister from the program because she's a sharp girl that can take care of herself. In some cases, she's even wiser and smarter than her sister. Not to mention even more well-manored.

Instead of Alyssa, my apprentice was another girl. A fourteen-year-old girl. A Storm wizard. Named Tatiana Seahammer. At first I thought her name meant nothing, but then I remembered. In my family, it's tradition to grant a child with a last name that suits his or her personality; and man does she pack a wallop!

Tatiana had bizzare, silver eyes and curvy lips that wore purple lipstick. Her hair was somewhat short and spikey in the back, but she had bangs hanging over her right eye. The color was magenta. She dressed in the Storm colors: Purple and yellow.

"Hello, mentor." She greeted as she strode up to me on our first day of training.

"Err.. Hey.. Tat...Eye..anna.." I read off of my scroll.

"It's Tatty-anna." She corrected me.

"Okay, Tatiana." I corrected myself after her. "The first thing we need to do is test your water type." I said, putting the scroll away.

"Test my water type?" She sounded confused.

I nodded. "Storm wizards always have to start off by "bending" only Fresh Water. It's rare, but a few Storm Wizards are born with the ability to bend Estuary Water, which is harder to fix as they level up. Only advanced wizards can bend Sea Water."

"That's dumb." She told me.

"You won't think that when you're dying of thirst in Krokotopia. Now, show me what you can do." Yeah, I probably forgot to mention that we're standing outside of the Ravenwood entrance with no one but ourselves and Bartleby and the other school trees occasionally supervising.

I stepped back as she held up her Baton Wand and her other hand. "Nn.." Was the weird sound she purposely chose to make as she strained to make the tinest spring of water come out of the ground.

Atlast it did. I bent down and held my hand up, filling it with water, and sipped it. I spat it out instantly. "Plleah!"

"What's wrong?" She cried, her voice dotted with worry. Although she still tried to control her spring, which quickly errupted into a cold geyser.

A lightning bolt quickly errupted from the sky and dove through the chilly geyser, splitting it and splashing water onto us and Blossom. It stopped.

"What's going onnn, Wizaaards?" Professor Halston Balestrom asked us from outside the Storm school a few yards away.

"I think Tatiana's one of those Diviners." I told him.

"Ohh?" He stuck his tongue out as some of the remains of the water rained down. "Eugh, it's not Estuary Water, Blake!"

"It's not?" Tatiana sounded worried enough that she might piss her pants.

"Noo! It's Sea Wateeer!"

"S-Sea Water?" I repeated.

"Come along, Miss Seahammer, so we can fix this." Professor Balestrom motioned for her to come over.

She ran over and picked him up, snuggling him. "Oh, you're so cute!"

"He won't be when I dissect him." I whispered. It was an old joke between me and the professor. Me going to dissect him. Heh.. Heh.. Heh heh. Uh, Uh.

"Wait, Professor Balestrom! I can help her! Promise!"

"Are you sure?" Halston gasped, trying not to suffocate from Tati's intense hugging. "Not even a Transcended wizard could handle such a task.."

Tatiana giggled, putting the professor down. "I'm a problem."

"Yeah, and you sure pack a wallop." I said, scratching behind my head. "That was some fountain you conjured up."

"Conjure.. That's something Morgan would say!"

"Who's Morgan?" I asked stupidly.

"Morgan Moonvault is my best friend, she's a Myth wizard!"

I exchanged a glance with Professor Balestrom. We both knew - Their relationship would either crumble or become unbelieveably strong as they became stronger wizards.

"Okay, Tatiana. I think that's a good enough lesson for today." I sighed.

"But I didn't even learn anything!" She protested.

I waved as I walked towards the Commons tunnel. "Relax and go eat some pie. Oh, and Happy St. Patricks Day."