Chapter 1

Narrowing my eyes, I stared at the red-head girl in the cell next to mine. She saw me staring at her and she asked, "Who the heck are you?" Rolling my eyes I growled in The One Who Is The One's voice, "25874362A." She started to laugh, but I didn't laugh, not even crack a smile. "My real name is-" I froze. The girl looked at me funny. I gulped and finished, "My real name is Violet." The red-head smiled and said, "My name is Wisteria. Wisteria Allgood. What's your last name?" Forcing my face and eyes not to give away my fear, I said simply, "I'm sorry Wisteria; I just don't like to give it away." Taking a sharp, deep breath, I tried to hide the alarm. If anyone found out….I'd die, I thought. Wisteria shrugged, but I could sense her curiosity. The silence seemed unbearable when a male voice asked, "Wisty, who are you talking to?"

I bristled. That voice sounded familiar. I backed off into the shadows when Wisteria chirped, "This is 25874362A." Holding back a snicker, I heard the boy replied, "Wha…." Wisteria started to laugh and, "Whit, her real name is Violet." Glancing at him, I relaxed knowing it wasn't him. Stepping into the light, strands of my bright dirty blonde hair fell into my face. Blowing the strands out of my face, I growled, "So, your name is Whit?" He flashed an irritated glare and said, "No; it's Whitford." I nodded and Wisteria asked, "Violet, are you named after the flower? 'Cause that's why my mom named me Wisteria." I looked away and stammered, "I-I don't k-know. I w-was raised by my mom's sister…." Letting my voice trail off, I backed away into the shadows and sat down on the cot. Wisteria murmured, "Oh, sorry."

Whitford said something to her, but I drowned them out. Tears slid silently down my face. Hearing footsteps, I brushed the tears away and hardened my face. Two police officers came by and grabbed Wisteria's arm. She shrieked and I darted toward the bars. Tears sprang into her eyes and she suddenly, quite literally, burst into flames. Crying out, I stumbled back and Wisteria was doused by a fire extinguisher. The officers grabbed them and dragged them away. Watching them, I wondered, what will become of them?

Chapter 2