Chapter 7

Yawning, I sat up on the bench I was sleeping on and rubbed my eyes. Once I finally opened my eyes, I gazed around at all the sleeping figures. I saw the top of a red head sitting down next to the bed where her brother was still sleeping. I let out a soft hiss, wanting to get out and walk around without being questioned, but that was crossed off, especially when Whit woke up and turned to his sister.

Narrowing my eyes, I stood up and stretched, spotting Jonathan and some other boy. "Come on, kid," Jonathan told me and walked over toward Wisty and Whit.

I growled and stalked over to them as Jonathan asked, "Okay, ready for your tour of the enemy camp?"

"Yeah, where are we going again?" Whit asked, looking over at Jonathan.

Jonathan replied, "The City of Progress – the New Order's ideal community. It's kind of the floor model for what they want to carpet the entire planet with. You'll need disguises. Emmet will help you with those." He pointed at me without even turning around. "Oh, and Violet's coming with us."

"You're insane," I snapped. "I'm more wanted then they are! Everyone probably memorized my face by heart!" Jonathan turned and raised an eyebrow at me. "You're not going to change your mind about me coming, are you?"


"Don't blame me if we land in prison."

"I'll make sure you're not recognized," Emmet chirped. I looked at him as he continued. "Don't worry, I'm very good. Follow me you three! First, we got to go to cosmetics to do your makeup."

"Wait, what?" Whit asked, startled. Wisty looked like she was about to explode from happiness.

"Yeah, I don't think so," I said tartly.


"Okay, be on your guard. We cannot get arrested here," Jonathan warned us softly. "One small mistake and we're dead meat. This place is crawling with Erlenmeyers"

I held back a scowl. "And that's why we're here," I muttered under my breath.

"Um, Jonathan, these disguises…" Wisty started, her voice dripping.

Jonathan turned and glanced at us, eyeing Wisty with a puzzled expression, but kept walking.

"Are you sure they are necessary?" She demanded, holding up the sides of her skirt and looking extremely ticked.

"And how are we supposed to get away at a quick notice?" I hissed, glaring at him. "Especially when we girls are wearing a freaking skirt!"

Jonathan glared and replied calmly, "Absolutely. We need to blend in. Otherwise, you know… off with your heads!" Ignoring my question completely.

I groaned and rolled my eyes, stalking behind him and near Whit and Wisty.

"You look like a poster boy for the national guard," Wisty sneered.

Whit retorted: "You look like… a girl. Minus the chest."

Wisty turned to her brother, eyes alight with anger and fists balled and flaming. "Oh yeah?" She seethed. "Well, you…"

"Shh!" Jonathan hissed, glaring at Wisty. I snickered as he turned to an old lady and chuckled nervously: "Ha-ha, how do you do?"

The old lady glared at him and walked away.

"No cantrips! Don't even think about it," Jonathan growled lowly over his shoulder.

"Sorry!" Wisty chirped nervously.

I snickered softly and as Jonathan continued: "If you have to talk to anyone, remember to smile and say 'Ma'am' or 'Sir'. Do not cross the street against the light, do not snap gum in public, and for God's sake, do not let that dog do her business. All dogs in the City of Progress are trained to use litter boxes indoors, just like cats." Feffer whimpered and hung her head.

We walked in silence and Whit muttered, "Wow… everything smells like fresh paint." I sniffed the air and nodded.

"Yeah it does…" I gazed around, relieved to see that no one was staring at us.

Wisteria glanced over and her expression melted. "Oh goodness, they kept the diners," she cooed, wrapping her arms around her stomach. I chuckled and shook my head, knowing there was no way we would go in there.

Jonathan led the way to the diner and held the door open for us. I stared at him in surprise before walking forward into the diner. "You're suicidal," I hissed. He shrugged and led the way to the counter and took a seat along with Whit and Wisty. I sat down next to Jonathan and prayed that we wouldn't be recognized.

"Yes? Can I help you folks?" The cook asked us, looking up from wiping the counter clean.

Wisty looked at him with innocent green eyes. "Gosh mister, it's hard to decide." She looked up at the menu and continued, "May I please have a root-beer float and the cheeseburger deluxe? Thank you."

The cook nodded and disappeared. A few minutes later, he came back with the food and the float and gave it to Wisty who gave him another thank you. Wisty popped a French fry in her mouth and I tensed, feeling like I was being watched. Apparently Whit felt the same because he glanced over his should, I was too afraid to do so. "… Do you feel anything… odd?" He whispered ever so softly.

Wisty took a sip and turned her head around. She stiffened and turned around again, setting down her drink. "… Yes. That lady with the others. They're watching us."

"What should we d-" Whit began but was cut off.

"She's a witch." I stiffened when the old lady said that, trying to keep my eyes from bulging out of my head and trying to keep my breathing level.

"What did you say, Mrs. Highsmith?" The cook asked, glancing up.

"Those two girls are witches. And the handsome blonde one, something's not right with him either."

"A witch?!" Wisty cried, spinning around in her chair "Where?"

"My sisters are certainly not witches," Whit said calmly. Note to self: Thank Whit for saving my butt. I thought and stood next to him, pretending to be worried and slightly scared.

"And this girl," Jonathan said, resting his hand on Wisty's shoulder. "Was just named Sector Leader's Star of Honor."

"What about her?" Mrs. Highsmith demanded, pointing at me.

"She is soon to be a New Order Junior Informant," Jonathan retorted. Note to self: Thank both Whit and Jonathan for saving my butt.

"Maybe… maybe Mrs. Highsmith is imaging things?" Wisty guessed. "Maybe she… sees thing?"

"Mrs. Highsmith, do you have visions?" I added softly.

She blinked, shocked, and snapped, "Just test them!"

"I'll be happy to take the test. If you take one too," Wisty retorted and I nodded in agreement.

"It's not me," the older lady insisted. "Its' them."

I glanced over and saw Wisty glaring at her fork. Oh no… Suddenly, the fork flew forward and Wisty screamed, holding up her hands in front of her face as it jabbed her.

"Her fork flew!" I cried. "That's unnatural!" I cried, pointing at Mrs. Highsmith.

"It is!" Wisty agreed.

The cook screeched, "Call security! She hurt that Star of Honor girl. She's a witch!"

Jonathan stormed out, Whit and Wisty following closely. I got off the chair and scrambled after them, heart pounding. "Come on, guys, we're done here. Let's report this place!" He snapped.

I raced after them and stopped when I realized Wisty wasn't with us. "Wisty!" I cried, whipping around and froze when I saw all the people in the diner, except Mrs. Highsmith and her two friends, floating at the ceiling.

Suddenly, she disappeared with her two friends and Whit muttered, "It was a coven. A coven of witches." I jumped in surprise, not hearing him come up next to me.


"That was… interesting," Wisty muttered as we entered Garfunkel's yanking the bows out of her hair as Whit rubbed his head, messing up his hair. I stopped and shook my head like a dog before messing with it. I caught up with them as we entered the Manager's room were Janine greeted us.

"Meet Margo, she's the team leader for the break-in." Janine explained quickly. "We pulled up all the jail schematics we could find, and all the security information.

"We're still not committed. Our parents-" Whit began but I cut him off.

"I'll help," I promised, glaring at him.

"JANINE!" Someone cried and Sasha burst in. "News from the overworld!"

"Go ahead, Sasha," Janine said, leaning forward in her chair. I glanced at him, wondering what it was about.

"We've just gotten a message from our spies monitoring the overworld prison. More exterminations are scheduled tomorrow morning. Vaporization."

We stared in shocked silence. God, I thought furiously. He's worse then… what's his name? Awolfie Highlighter?

"But there's something else," Sasha said softer, looking at Whit and Wisty pointedly. "Your parents have been captured."

"What?!" They cried.

"Where are they? Wherever they are, we're there. Effective immediately. Sorry we can't help you, Sasha." Whit said dismissively

"No need to apologize," Sasha smirked. "In fact, your parents are being held at overworld."

"We're in," they agreed quickly.

A smile curled on my face at the thought of us all working together. This is going to be interesting…

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