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Lily Luna Potter

"Professor?" Ginny Potter called from the fireplace in Minerva McGonagall's office. "Professor!"

"Yes Mrs Potter?" Minerva replied, quickly scribbling down something onto a piece of parchment.

"Come quick! You have gotto see the baby! Her name's Lily Luna Potter. Named after Harry's Mother, may she rest in peace, and she looks exactlylike Mrs Potter. Same red hair and green eyes."

"Oh, really?" Albus asked interestedly. Severus was visiting another portrait. "I wonder how Severus will react." He smirked at the thought.

Ginny raised her eyebrows. "Professor, are you going to come see the baby or not? Because I did not push that kid out of my vagina for nothing."

Minerva frowned disapprovingly at the redhead, but still followed her through the fire.

"Oh, little Lily is adorable!" Minerva cooed, looking down at the tiny baby. The little baby had a tuft of red hair, and was staring up at Minerva with piercing green eyes, waving her little fists in the air.

"I don' wan' 'er!" James whined. "She's a girl!"

"Sweetheart, she's your sister." Ginny told James.

"I don' wan' er'!" He wailed again. And then Albus started copying James. He was going through that stage where he idolised his big brother and did whatever James did.

Harry laughed. "But Lily's your baby sister. You'll have to protect her from the icky boys who will try to take her from us." He told the two kids.

James cocked his head and thought that over. "Yeah." He finally agreed.

Harry and Ginny smiled.

"Who are her Godparents?" Minerva asked, tickling the little child's stomach.

"Luna and Rolf Scamander." Ginny said.

"So Lily was named after her Godmother. Who picked the name?"

Harry blushed. "Ginny did."

Ginny rolled her eyes. "He wanted to call her Nymphadora Lily, but I convinced him that she'd be teased at school. Lily Luna is better."

Minerva hid a smile. "Really Potter? Nymphadora hated her name. I'm sure that little Lily would as well."

"You're all ganging up on me!" Harry complained.

"Get used to it Hon." Ginny ruffled his hair.

Minerva stepped out of the fireplace and collapsed into her comfortable armchair. "Lily is so sweet. She's a carbon copy of Lily. Same hair and eyes." She told Severus who was now pretending to sleep. He had actually been eagerly awaiting Minerva's return, he wanted to hear whether or not Potter's brat really looked like Lily. "She was very aptly named."

Severus cracked open one eye. "Can't you see that I am sleeping?"

Minerva raised an eyebrow. "I severely doubt that you were Severus."

Severus scowled. "Well, no matter how much she looks like Lily, she will be just as much of a trouble-maker as her dunderheaded brothers."

Albus shook his head sadly. "You shouldn't judge someone because of their family Severus."

Severus just glared at the old man, and again closed his eyes pretending to sleep.

Minerva's lips thinned. Albus then whispered loudly, "Did you know that he drools when he sleeps?"

Minerva stifled a laugh as Severus' eyes flew open again. "I do not drool when I sleep!" He hissed angrily.

Albus just laughed.

"Lily Potter's coming to Hogwarts today!" Minerva exclaimed as she read the list of the new first years.

"Well that's exciting." Albus beamed.

"No it is not! I refuse to see yet another Potter in this office every day!" Severus growled.

"Close your eyes then."

"Potter, Lily Luna." Flitwick called. There were whispers as a tiny girl with fiery red hair skipped over to the stool, and sat down. After about 10 seconds, the hat shouted out,

"GRYFFINDOR!" Lily beamed and handed the hat to Flitwick, before plopping down next to her brother.

"Congrats kid." James grinned at the girl. Lily smiled mischievously, and gave her new wand two tiny, almost imperceptible, flicks. The floor now looked like a sea of lily petals, and slowly, everyone's voices went higher and higher, as if they were sucking in helium. James was the first to notice. He clutched his throat and stopped flirting with the brunette next to him. "Bloody hell! Oh crap! Oh my Merlin!" He squeaked.
Soon everyone else noticed and they started squealing. Lily gave her wand another wave, and this time, the teachers were targeted.

They'd turned into muggle fairy-tale characters. Flitwick was one of Snow White's dwarves (Everyone couldn't help but giggle at that), Neville Longbottom was the Big Bad Wolf, Poppy Pomfrey was Tinkerbell, Minerva was Ariel and so on. It would be considered an understatement for people to say the Minerva was mad. Minerva was furious! There she was, watching the sorting, when suddenly, she was wearing a highly revealing sea shell bra! 6 year olds should be wearing something like this, not 70 year olds, give or take a few years!

"Who did this?" She growled, quivering with supressed anger.

Little Lily stood up. "I did." She didn't seem very guilty, but proud. "I guess I'll be going to your office?"

Minerva's lips thinned. "You are correct Miss Potter." Lily smirked at her brothers and cousins, and then skipped out of the room, her emerald eyes sparkling with mirth.

"Hello Mr Dumbledore, Mr Snape." Lily greeted the two portraits that her family had told her about. She was a bit wary of Snape, James hadn't said much good about him, but she smiled at him anyway.

"Miss Potter! Already gotten in trouble?" Dumbledore chuckled.
Lily already had an innocent look firmly plastered on her face. "Me? Of course not! I just wanted to visit my Father's favourite headmasters."

Severus raised an eyebrow, hiding his shock at seeing a mini-Lily Evans right in-front of him. "In the middle of the welcoming feast?"

Lily nodded cheerfully. "Yes. You see, I've heard that my brothers have given you the impression that the Potter family is just a bunch of trouble-makers, so I'm here to set things straight."

"Miss Potter, are you a compulsive liar?" Minerva was standing in the doorway.

"Minerva! When did you dye your hair?" Albus' eyes twinkled, and Severus looked hugely entertained.

Minerva frowned and conjured a mirror before throwing it away angrily.

"Temper temper, Minerva." Severus cautioned with a smirk.

"Miss Potter. Does your family have a gene that makes everybody prank on their first day of school?"

Lily smiled. "Of course not, where on Earth did you get that idea? We're all just trying to outdo each other."

Minerva sighed. Why did she have to deal with 3 generations of Potter's? And then add to that the Weasley twins… It was a wonder she was still alive. "How does this charm come off?"

"Why Professor. I would've that you'd have figured it out by now. All you have to do is transfigure everything back. Were you not Transfiguration professor?"

Minerva frowned as she processed this. "So I don't have to roll around in flower petals?"

Lily stifled a laugh. "Of course not. Where do you get these silly ideas from, Professor?"

"So what were those flowers for then?"

"Oh," Lily waved her hand dismissively. "That was just for decoration."

Minerva closed her eyes. She would never understand those Potter children.

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