It had been almost two months since America had returned to the white house. He paced the corridors irritably, despite the fact that it was almost three in the morning. He hadn't been sleeping well since he'd been back. Or eating well. Sure, the new president was great and things were really looking up, but nothing could compare to living with England. He missed the kisses, the cuddling, and, heaven help him, even the scones. He missed having the smell of the Brit all around him, and waking up next to him each morning, and also falling asleep next to him every night. This being apart was awful, he mused as he returned to his rooms and flopped down on his couch, falling slowly into a fitful slumber.

Little did America know that England felt the same way. Since the lad had left, Arthur had done nothing but walk around and grump. He'd actually yelled at a squirrel to get off his lawn. A squirrel. Oh, France had a hay day with that one. England found that the few massive shirts Alfred had left behind were his new favorite pajamas, and actually grumbled quite a lot when his scent had faded off of them. At last he couldn't take it anymore, and boarded a last minute flight to D.C. His feet tapped impatiently against the cabin floor as he watched miles of sea pass below him. Finally, finally, finally, the plane landed. England couldn't get out of the airport fast enough.

He barely held himself back from speeding through the streets. It took some convincing to get the guards at the gate to let him through, but eventually he made them realize just who he was, and they let him past with their sincerest apologies. He had the same problem at the door. Well, then again, this was the White House. As he was arguing with security, the president happened by on his way back to bed.

"Oh..hello Arthur." The man said, looking surprised, and a little bit amused at the brit's sudden appearance. "Are you here to see Alfred?" Arthur nodded. "That hallway, last door on the right, he hides a key on top of the door frame because he always forgets his." Arthur nodded, as the security men let him go, realizing he was welcome here, and took off down the hallway. He found the door, and the extra key, and let himself in.

The apartment was large and well furnished, decked out in red, white and blue. Arthur smiled happily, seeing that the American was living well here. As he attempted to shut the door quietly behind him, suddenly realizing how late it really was, his eyes found America, flopped on his couch and whimpering in his sleep. The door clicked noisily shut and Arthur glared at it as he heard rustling from the couch. Blue eyes blinked tiredly at him, before recognition dawned in them. Arthur's heart did somersaults as the boy's face lit up in an immediate grin at the sight of him.

"Arthur?" America asked, getting to his feet.

"Hello, love. Sorry to wake you but..."

"ARTHUR!" England was cut off by America's overjoyed cry. The taller man bounded across the room, enveloping the Englishman in a tight hug, nuzzling his head into the sandy blond locks of hair. "ArthurArthurArthurArthur." He chanted, hardly able to believe what he was seeing.

"I guess you missed me?" Asked a bemused England, as he twisted the fabric of a soft blue sweatshirt between his fingers, holding on to Alfred for dear life. Alfred moved back to look at England's face, where a soft smile had formed. He almost melted into a puddle of very happy American right then and there. Arthur took his chance, winding one hand into Alfred's hair and standing up on his toes, pressing his lips desperately to America's. Alfred lowered his head immediately, making the kiss easier for the smaller man. They pressed hot, messy kiss after hot, messy kiss on each other's lips, parting as little as necessary.

"You...hah...have no idea *kiss* how much *kiss* I missed *kiss kiss kiss* you." America gasped between kisses. Arthur chuckled.

"I'm getting...the picture...Alfred." England said, moaning softly as tender kisses were trailed down his neck. Rather suddenly, he gave a little jump, wound his legs around Alfred's middle and pressed their lips together once more. Alfred's eyes widened at first, startled by the unexpected move, then drifted blissfully shut as he kissed back, tightening his grip on his lover, pressing him into the nearest wall. Arthur groaned as one of Alfred's hands moved to grope his ass, a little irritated at his pants by now. He let himself drop off of Alfred, shedding his pants and underwear without a thought, hands moving to work at what America had on, letting the other man's pajama pants and boxers pool around his ankles.

America felt England shake a little beneath him as one hand moved to prepare the brit, the other working on the buttons of his shirt as he kissed up and down England's chest. England's own hands threw America's shirt aside, then buried themselves in soft locks of hair once more. America purred in appreciation as England allowed himself to be picked up and pressed against the wall again, grinding against the other man. Arthur whined impatiently, and Alfred shifted his hold on him, hooking his arms beneath Arthur's knees, gripping his hips as he lined himself up with his lover, burying himself within him in one quick thrust. England moaned loudly, one hand moving to Alfred's shoulder for support as he adjusted to the intrusion.

"Move." Arthur demanded. Alfred was more than happy to do as he was told. He thrust hard and fast into his British lover, searching for his prostate. When he found it he was rewarded with a loud moan, and the brit digging his fingernails into his shoulder as he was pounded into the wall. Moans and shoats bounced off the walls as Alfred kept moving faster, harder and deeper as England cried out for more, always more. Finally they reached their limit, England coming first, covering their chests in sticky spend, his head burrowing into Alfred's shoulder. Alfred followed quickly after, making Arthur shudder with pleasure as he was filled with Alfred's hot released.

When he could, Alfred moved them to the bed, cuddling Arthur as close as he could without crushing him.

"I really missed you, Arthur." America said into England's hair.

"I missed you two, you bloody American." England replied. "And I don't care if you move back in with me, or if I move in with you, or if we switch between, but I am not going to put up with being separated from you again. You hear me?" America nodded in agreement. It didn't matter where they went, he didn't care. England could choose, or their bosses could duke it out. But wherever they went, it would be together.

Cheesy ending is cheesy…oh, well, cheese is good!