As soon as Shiki and I went to A-East, we saw some Reapers are guarding the section, so we come up with an idea in a form of a disguise. I was wearing a trenchcoat I bought from the other day and use it while Shiki acts like a statue to keep them off our backs.

"We have to assume they're coming here to take down the Game Master," one of the Reapers stated while he and his buddy are looking for us. "There's a redhead girl, and her twin sister. Her twin should be easily overlooked so stay in precaution."

How I hate being called her twin sister just because she took on my appearance in the Game. I gritted my teeth and clenched my fist, looking angry at this.

"That can't be her," the other Reaper turns to my attention while not trying to look at them in the eye. "That girl we were looking for was her clone."

I also hate being called her clone just because she's me in the Game. I was getting angry at this, but I tried to stop myself from attacking them for this kind of statement.

"Hey, you two!" the third Reaper called in. "There is a figure that looks like the redheaded girl!"

I calmed down as soon as I hear this news. This is not good.

"Then, let's crack it open just in case!" that Reaper and the other two left.

I got to save Shiki from being pummeled by them. As soon as they're going to use a mallet on her, I make use of my icy pin to freeze one of them, saving her life.

"Hey, aren't you girl with a trenchcoat?" the Reaper asked before he sees my disguise has been removed. "You're her twin sister!"

I was angry at this, so I clenched my fist. But now's not the time for that...

"Shiki, let's go!" I exclaimed as I started.

"Okay, Eri!" she runs off with me.

As we run for our lives, we saw the Reapers are running from behind.

"I'll stop this," I said as I activate my pin to put an icy barrier, then I continue my run. "That was a close call."

"It is, Eri," Mr. Hiryu shows up in front of us.

"Mr. Hiryu..." I said with disdain.

"So, you went here in time."

"And we're going to take you down," I put up a good fighting pose against him.

"Yeah, that's right!" Shiki exclaimed, then turns to me. "That's a nice pose."

"Thanks," I feel complimented.

"Very well, you two should feel my power!" Mr. Hiryu has some dark aura surrounding him, and this is not good.

"Ready, Shiki?" I asked my best friend.

"Ready, Eri!" was her reply.

We are ready to battle this creep, and earn back our freedom.

Author's Note: I'm sorry. I'm busy with my other fanfics.