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Vette, the Twi'lek slave girl given to the Zabrak Sith warrior Amoldriak as a servant by Baras, was always so high-spirited, and it was rare to see no smile on her face. Her skin was smooth as silk and the perfect shade of blue. Her eyes were a light violet color, her lips a soft shade of pink, and her body was positively gorgeous, with the perfect amount of curviness, and amazing… uh… tracts of land. Her voice was smooth, and she was able to seduce most with a simple, "Hello." Amoldriak was not one of those people. She found that out pretty quickly. Though he was never mean to her, he would never allow himself to be swooned into giving her any more special privileges, other than the removal of her shock collar.

Vette, though in quite an unfortunate position, never gave Amoldriak crap either. Any insults were much more along the lines of teases, and were never meant to actually verbally wound the other. They occasionally joked around, but they never forgot their respective positions. Either way, one might even call them friends.

Vette was remarkably easy to talk to. Though it obviously bored her sometimes, when they had a break, Amoldriak would confide in Vette feelings and thoughts that he simply could not share with others, as they were Sith. She would listen patiently while Amoldriak told her about his thoughts, his opinions on the current state of the war, and other things that he had to get out. He trusted her, more than most anyone else he had met. Eventually, Vette started to trust him, too. Though in extremely different positions, with him being the master and her the servant, they had become very good friends.

Everything changed when Amoldriak finally kissed Vette, two whole years after their initial hostile meeting. He had fallen in love with her at around the one-year mark, but had waited so long because he wanted to be sure that making a move wouldn't completely shatter the wonderful relationship they had. It didn't. She was wide-eyed and didn't respond for a second or two, and Amoldriak was worried that he had made a terrible mistake. But then, she closed her eyes, and he opened his arms, which she stepped into. The kiss lasted for what seemed like an eternity, and when they finally separated, it was purely for air. They kissed like this several more times before finally stopping their forbidden make-out session. This led to months and months of private romantic gestures, such as a kiss in an alcove, another session in Amoldriak's quarters, and more. This was the "uzh" for a very long time, but it never led to loss of virginity. Not until that fateful night.

They had promised that they would take it slow. It seemed that Vette felt that they had waited long enough. The young Sith honestly did, too, but had been afraid to try. When he got home from a meeting with Darth Baras to discuss his next mission, he was, in a word, pissed at his master. Baras seemed to be deteriorating mentally at a steady pace. He was going to go meet with the Dark Council next week, and Amoldriak feared the outcome. All this had him stressed out, and he was searching for something, anything, to take his mind off of the struggles of life as an enforcer of the Empire. He found it, alright.

There she was, in all her beautiful blue glory, sitting on his bed with nothing more than a half-shirt and short shorts. She was silhouetted in the moon, shrouding her in shadow, yet her eyes, filled with love and desire, sparkled as bright as the most polished diamond. Amoldriak was simply so surprised, he didn't react right away. Vette smiled seductively and gestured for him to come over. For the first time in his life, the young Sith obeyed. As he approached, Vette slowly stood up and walked to meet him. Amoldriak opened his arms, not wanting to waste a second, and allowed her to step into his embrace. She was instantly on him, and wrapped her arms around his neck, bringing him down to allow their lips to meet. This kiss was like any other, but Amoldriak had never wanted another one as badly. They separated for only a moment, and then pressed their lips together again, but this time Amoldriak pressed harder, wanting to gain all he could from this kiss. They did this for several minutes, simply embracing and kissing, until Amoldriak couldn't take it anymore, and led them to the bed.

Vette's shirt was the first thing to go. It actually ripped a little in Amoldriak's mad struggle to get to the mounds underneath. Amoldriak moved from Vette's mouth to her ear, where to which he gave a slight nip. Vette let out a little whimper; it had been painful, but it felt good, and she wanted more, and she whispered for him to give her more, though preferably lower. He obeyed like a dog, and slowly worked his way down from her ear, down her neck, onto her body. When he came to her bra, he stuck a hand in for a preview. He was amazed at how soft they were, as well as how big; he couldn't even fully grasp one. He started pulling it up, and Vette raised her arms to help. In no time, it was off, revealing her glorious tits.

They really were just that. Perfectly rounded and soft, with soft pink nips that stood at attention when exposed to the air. Amoldriak spent a few seconds staring in wonder, and then went to work. He placed his mouth on the top of one of them, sucking on it, twirling his tongue around her nipple. This drew a pleasured moan from his lover, and that encouraged him further. As he licked and sucked, his other hand slowly trailed down her half-naked body, and he savored the touch of her skin. He reached her shorts, and pulled them down. Her thong, which barely covered her vag, was soaked. A simple suck was doing more than he ever hoped for. He would have smirked with the realization that she would be in heaven by the end of the banging, but his lips were stretched to capacity in an attempt to fit his lover's mega-tit into his mouth.

As he sucked, he grabbed hold of Vette's thong and slid it down, revealing her warm, luscious vagina. Her clit instantly grew hard, just as her nipples had. As he continued to suck on the tit, Amoldriak strummed Vette's clit, and she gasped and arched her body. He continued to strum it, and she moaned and groaned, saying in between pleasured sounds, "Oh, hell yes! Don't you dare, stop, damn it!" Amoldriak responded by simply strumming harder. Vette let out yet another groan, along with a, "Keep on going! I NEED this!" The young Sith then stopped strumming, drawing a whimper from Vette, but it was quickly replaced with a, "YES! YES! FUCKING HELL, YES!" as the Zabrak stuck two fingers into her pussy as far as they would go. The Twi'lek gasped and arched her back yet again, and Amoldriak could tell that she was close to her climax, and they had just started. He dug in deeper, sucked harder, until he felt the inside walls close up around his fingers. There it was. He decided to get to the main event.

Like a shot, he was divested of his clothing and standing above Vette. The lust in her eyes encouraged him even more, and all he could say was, "Enjoy the ride." With that, he thrust his hard member into her pussy, causing her to scream in pleasure. He started out slow, but got faster and faster, causing Vette to moan, groan, and gasp. She rocked her hips back and forth, and once she got a feel for his rhythm, she began to go up and down as he did, making it even more pleasurable. They both climaxed at almost the same time, with Vette's inner walls closing around his cock just as he shot his cum into her core. But just because he'd finished cumming didn't mean he was done. He thrust even more, feeling his cock grow hard once again. He increased his pace to a furious one, thrusting in and out of her pussy faster than he ever thought he could. He stopped only to allow Vette to be on top and continued thrusting afterwards with just as much ferocity. His lover's wonderful tits bounced up and down as he went in and out, and in no time, they came yet again. Amoldriak thought that Vette would be growing weary by now, but she just kept moaning and rocking, and shouted out, "DON'T STOP! NEVER FUCKING STOP!" The young Sith was only too happy to oblige. They changed positions every few orgasms, and probably fucked for a full hour, neither ever giving an inch. Finally, they both collapsed, exhausted. They had just enough energy left to get under the covers.

Amoldriak stared at the ceiling, amazed at what he'd just done. He had envisioned his first time several times, but he'd never thought it would be so amazing. He smiled gave his lover's rear a small squeeze, and fell asleep.

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