What I think would happen if Rosalie never told edward about bellas cliff diving and it was Alice that brought Edward back after seeing all the bad stuff happening to Bella.


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Chapter 1

Edwards POV

The days dragged on endlessly and pain was the only reminder that I was still alive. Bella was the only thing I even remember anymore, I've tried everything to get her out of my head but it's impossible. I'm know it's because I would rather have her in my head than gone from me for ever. I thought ironically about how I told her that our kind are easily distracted. God I'm never distracted from her, the pain, guilt, and longing for her only increase and make me question my own sanity.

This was making it impossible to stay away. IMPOSSIBLE. the more I thought of her the closer I was to giving in. I think about her all the time and when I close my eyes she's right there staring at me reminding me of what awaits all I have to do is let go. Lose control. Slip just once and I'll have EVERYTHING I want all over again. God this is killing me. Soon I'll need restraints to lock me here, as pointless as I know they will be, for they couldn't even hold me if I got the strongest restraints in the world.

I looked out my window at the remote wilderness, that surrounds the Island. I couldn't stay with my family, all of them happy and mated would only serve to remind me of what I could have. Not that this existance is any confort, I know what I've lost. And you know where to find it, I thought bitterly. Isle Isme, carlisle's gift to esme for there honeymoon lifetimes ago. I knew I needed a remote place and begged carlisle to let me use it. Sometimes he is too kind, makes me wish that I truly was his son. And makes me wish I hadn't dissappointed him so. He dosen't say or even think it, but I know after everything that we've gone through he probably wishes that he had more peace in his existance with his wife and kids which is another reason I had to leave. So that he wouldn't have to see me like this, so he, like Bella could have a peaceful life without constant drama and pain.

I laid on the bed, (not that I truly needed to), and covered my head with a pillow trying to block oout the sweet sound of her voice. But of course that was no use, after all her voice was in my head not in the room (not that the pillow would have helped if she was just in the room either, damn vampire hearing). Suddenly to my left I felt and figure. I could smell the sent of lilac and honey in the air and a nice lithe step almost dance like growing closer to the bed.

"Alice how did you find me here?" my voice thick from non-use (except for groaning and swearing at the trees).

"Edward," she said calmly sheilding her mind by consentration on old bible verses, "you and I both know if I want to find you I can."

she didn't say it with her usual air of superiority but more with contempt and fear. I removed the pillow and sat up to get a better look at her face. I was nervous as to what this was about.

"Alice I told you im not coming to Denali, I would just rather be alone," i could tell by the look on her face that something was up so I figured I would start there.

"I'm not here about that Edward," she rolled her eyes but I could tell that she was struggling with somthing her voicce was barely above a whisper.

"Then why are you here Alice," My voice gaining egde while she seemed to be getting smaller and more nervouse, " did you come to see the mess for yourself, now that yu have you can leave!"

I moved to the back area of the house. Looking out into the water at the reflection of the moon against the endless back sky. beautiful, and completely, and pointlessly wasted for all I could see were Bella's beautiful eyes.

"There's something I have to tell you and I thought It would be better to do it in person," her voice was barely a whisper," It's about Bella."

I flinched at the mention of her name," I'm not going back Alice, she's far better off without me, I just can't."

"Edward, I don't know how to say this," I looked her dead in the face and saw it there, right there, fear like nothing i've ever seen before, "Edward you were wrong."

I froze, no, I couldn't have been wrong, her life was at peace now that I was gone. That why I left in the first place, so she could have a life, something she deserved.

"Edward, I went back," This time she flinched.

"What the hell do you mean you went back," I growled in her face my anger rising, " you promised me you'd leave, that you wouldn't bother her, that you wouldn't look into her future!"

"Edward!" she screamed at me so loud I staggered backward, " Edward she's in more danger than she's ever been, when we left we left her completely ungarded!"

"How, how is that even possble, we left, she should be safe, she was suppose to be safe, " My voice was bearly audible. I didn't who I was trying to convince, her or me.

"Edward," She came close looking like she was going to put a conforting hand on my shoulder but thought better of it. I was not in the mood to get conforted.

"What happend?" I murmored quietly, completely defeated.

"Victoria," I hissed involunterily at the mention of the vampire. My eye's shot up to meet hers. During one of my futile attempts to block Bella out of my mind, I had been tracking her. I still was, up until a few days ago. I just needed sometime time to myself. It wasn't like tracking was helping anyway.

"She's been stalking Bella, trying to find a way at her," There was something I was missing here.

"What are you not saying Alice?"

"Well," she looked at me nervously, and then deciding she couldn't say it, she open her mind. I could see her, my Bella, she looked tired, but seeing her finally after so long was like a life jacket holding me above water. That was until I heard her telling Alice about WEREWOLVES.

"Werewolves, she was suppose to be safe from this supernatural nonesence, and now she hanging around 2 week old werewolves. this is a nightmare," Edward wanted to run back to her right that second.

"I hate to say this but, Edward that's probably the only reason she's alive right now. laurent came to hunt her as a favor to victoria, if the wolves hadn't step in," her voice cut off there.

She didn't need to say more, I got it loud and clear. I never imagined that Bella would still be in danger with us gone. When victoria was around all I could get from her was her intense confidence in the fact that James would not fail. I never could have imagined she had this response in her, I didn't think she had truly mated with james. I thought they were together more out of convience.

"I've already told Carlisle there just waiting on you," she said looking at me curiously.

"What are they waiting for? Every second that we're gone she's in danger, if not from Victoria then the werewolves," I hissed the last part. Leave it to Bella to find as many mythical creatures as physically possible.

"Edward there's just one last thing," then she looked at me timidly, "I think you should let me talk to her first, tell her that your coming home."

"I-I can't Alice, I just," Now that I know she needs me I couldn't fathom waiting any longer.

"I know edward believe me I know. It's just thinks haven't been easy for her since you've been gone and I just think we should give her a heads up," I search her mind and face for any contradiction, but she block me out completely. I couldn't blame her, after everything I said to bella in the forest, i can't imagine what she'll say when she see's me again.

I can't believe after all the pain and confusion struggle and and longing after her that my whole disicion to leave was a mistake.