"KANNI NABE CAO CHEE BYE LARH! I got another fucking boot!"

"This is Earth, dammit, the ocean here is already as dirty as it is. You're doing a good thing for the planet, so stop screaming! You're hurting my ears."

"Nin ah bu eh cheeken, you wanna fight is it? Lim peh wong you first arh, becos hor you just freakin' pissed me off! Asshole!"

"Guys, please! I am trying to fish here!"


Nobita, Gian and Suneo were fishing on a yacht when Nobita was sent straight into the water by his two buddies, and the bespectacled young man struggled to swim back to the boat (thankfully, his guardian spirit, Saber, taught him how to swim).

"Aw man, Suneo, you really should keep your temper in check you know. And as for you Gian, seriously, the ocean is huge! God knows how many fishes are in there, of course you can finally get your chance!"

"Nobita," Suneo grumbles, "Mr. fat-ass over there has caught 0 fishes and 166 garbage, and you really think that he could catch a fish at that rate?"

Gian tossed his lure into the ocean as he muttered something offending under his breath.

"And besides," Suneo adds, "You already caught eleven of them fishes, sur- what the hell?" Suneo's good eye was suddenly glaring at Nobita's crotch oddly.

Nobita too, suddenly feel a wriggling sensation near his shin, it felt wet and scaly.

"Oi, Nobita!" Gian cried out, as he also saw Nobita's wriggling 'balls', "Did Kohaku feed you something funny again?"

"I have no idea...!" stammered an terrified Nobita, "Akiha made breakfast this morning! Saber was feeding me! Then how the hell should I know?" Nobita's expression is slowly turning white like he is about to faint any moment, the poor man could even move an inch.

That was when Suneo, who had caught absolutely nothing so far, took the liberty to walk towards his trembling friend, and slipped his bionic arm into Nobita's trunks.

Gian secretly snickers at the sight before him.

And within a blink of an eye, Suneo removed his hand from Nobita's pants; with a mackerel that still wriggles fiercely for air in his grasp.

"Wah lao eh, today the fish hor cin guai lan." Gian comments.

Suneo looked at the mackerel for a bit, and then he walked to back of the yacht where he gently sets the mackerel into the water and lets it go.

"Why did you do that for Suneo?" Nobita asked curiously, slowly recovering from the shock.

"Well," Suneo answers nonchalantly as he steps into the cabin for a towel, "Kanade did say that I need to do more good deeds for all the sins I have committed; for the lives I took. So yeah, you get the picture."

"If you every time say that kind of thing hor, you might as- HOLY SHIT! OOH OOH OOH! I'VE GOT ONE I'VE GOT ONE I'VE GOT ONE!"

Gian happily rushed to his shaking fishing rod, dispersing the atmosphere brought by Suneo. When Gian finally fished his catch out of the water, he frowns. He'd caught his one hundred and sixty seventh boot.

Both Suneo and Nobita bursts out in laughter at their friend's disappointment, and as such, they spent the remainder of that day running around the deck in circles; as three legendary heroes frolicking like boys.