James Potter Day's

By Mathieu Leader

Chapter Six Letters

Dear Sis:

How's mum and dad I hope you enjoyed for caravanning holiday in Anglesey for Half-Term, which Hogwarts don't have which sucks.

Doing well in all my subjects have noticed a boy called James Potter seems to bit a shy but having spending time with him in the Slug Club a club where students hang out he seems friendly enough.

Although things with Severus cannot be good, as he's been with some odd friends Avery, Rosier, and Wilkes they do not seem to be friendly.

Hope you are alright


Lillian Mary Evans

Dear Sis:

I did enjoy my trip away.

But I cannot understand why you are friends with Snape he always seemed to me to be an oddball.

Mum is fine tending to the garden, and dad is working hard on those new commercial aeroplanes.

Nice that your doing well little Ms. Special!


Petunia Evans

Dear Mum:

I'm confused I like this girl called Lily she's a Muggleborn and my circle of friends don't like her because she has dirty blood and does not deserve to use magic.

I just don't know what to do I'm proud of being a member of the Prince Family.

Also I'm annoyed that there is still no Defence against the Dark Arts so I've asked Madame Whitwell to see if he could lend me some books from the library because she is the librarian here at Hogwarts.

So I've been studying hard...

With Lots of Love

Your Little Half-Blood Prince

I got your letter my little Prince

The most important thing Severus is to keep an open mind that's what I did when I dated your dad.

It is good that your taken an interest in your education I wish I was as studious as you.

But may I remind you of Merlin he was sorted into Slytherin and had no prejudice against anyone magical or not so try and live up to Merlin's ideals and who knows who might be as great as or greater than Merlin himself.

Love Mum

Dear Mr. Potter

We would like to say your wife Ophelia has responded well to treatment and she'll be with you via portkey within the next month.

Yours Sincerely

Dr. Demeter Finnegan Chief Healer of the Magical Bugs and Illnesses Ward of St. Mungos Hospital

Dear Dr. Finnegan.

I would like to thank you personally for the exemplary care my wife has gotten in the months that this tragic illness has befallen her.

Warm Regards & Best Wishes

Lawrence Gabriel Potter Manager of Potter Apothecaries

My generous mistress:

I have been to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and spoken to Bartholomew Crouch head of the Auror Office.

It has become apparent that the Death Eaters have kidnapped Orion for his alchemic skill.

But the Ministry has become aware of the illegitimate Black. Malfalda Hopkirk of the Department of Records is in negotiation with the goblin Griphook to have the money from Vault 78 the vault belonging to our Sirius and Regulus to be transferred to their eldest sibling as it now appears that they are dead.

My condolences


Dear Ms. Hopkirk

I'm writing to you to say that Bilius Phineas Weasley has been officially disowned by the Noble and Most Pure House of Black. Due to him being a terrible mistake from a youthful bout of passion therefore he is disinherited from our fortune.

Yours Sincerely

Walburga Violet Black

Dear Mrs. Black

Despite your families valiant protests the law is clear on the matter as Bilius is a Black by blood, and with neither you and or the father. Or Sirius and Regulus themselves not having drawn up a will specifying where the valuables from their vault is to go I'm afraid that all funds most go to their closest living relative.

Yours Sincerely,

Dolores J. Umbridge of Wizengamot Administrative Service's Records Office.

Dear Mrs. Umbridge

May I remind you that my father is Sir Pollux Agamemnon Black and is the key shareholder and the ministry's representative on the Magical Banking Exchange Commission and has the choice to approve or disapprove this transaction?

Kind Regards

Walburga Black

To whom it may concern:

Unfortunately Mrs. Black although your father is a powerful contributor and respected official within Gringott's banks I'm afraid his family ties will not sway our decision on the matter.

Sincerely yours

Kavasir Braddock Governor of the Bank of Gringott's

Dear Dumbledore

There are things I've seen Dumbledore whilst being kidnapped too terrible to mention with the giants and with him having the codex I fear that they are going to plunge the entire world into war.

As well I have been in contact with Mrs. Dumbarton and she knows too of the Order and what you're planning.

Alas I must assume the responsibilities as head of the family without any heirs of my stock.


Orion Adonis Black

Dear Orion my apprentice.

It is good that you are alive and are assuming your role within the household.

Eldritch Diggory has been elected to the post of Minister of Magic and it has been brought to my attention via you that Mrs. Dumbarton has Sybil Lydia Trelawney, staying with her and I need her as she is the key to me staying here as Headmaster.

Because there are dark secrets regarding the House of Gaunt and I was not to be Headmaster at Hogwarts but Colewort was.

As for Lily Mary Evans she does not know the importance she will have on times that are afar.

The prophecy from young Lupin goes like this.

Future affects the past and past effect the future and the nature of the kingmaker will be revealed.

From the time of the Founders a secret shall be revealed connecting one a shy boy named James and a flower called Lily their fates are intertwined.

Although the House of Gaunt has one scion already known but there is one who is unknown who bides their time the flower called Lily she is the one whose aunt came from the fabled House of Gaunt.

Dear Sis

I have found some interesting news Nana and her sister Emily came from an ancient magical family called the House of Gaunt.

Don't forget to tell mum the news


Dear Lillian

I'm not pleased about you finding out our families history because it's a secret, Lily your grandmother and namesake and her sister Emily do not want to be reminder about what their sister and brother could do so they went to live as Muggles.

Kind Regards


To be continued
what secrets does Dumbledore know about the House of Gaunt?

Now Lily knows her heritage and how will it affect Hogwarts?

Who is the mysterious Mrs. Dumbarton?

Story notes:

I hope you liked how I've written this chapter in the form of letters

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