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One morning, Bonnie wakes up with the strangest idea in her head:

She's had enough.

And she wasn't high or drunk. She was, however, tired.

She's had enough.

She's had enough of life. Enough of the the endless fighting with the 'bad guys', the ones who were always trying to hurt Elena. And on rare occasions, the ones who wanted her for all the wrong reasons.

So she decided that she was going to be a bird.

And not just any ordinary bird, but a badass Bald Eagle, no-bad-hair-days, goat-snatching predator, and the motherfucking national bird of her country. Hell yes.

But flying around in that form would elicit unwanted attention, after all, Mystic Falls, Virginia wasn't particularly the Bald Eagle's habitat. Worse, paranoid supernaturals would most likely suspect her form to be another homicidal vampire with a bag of tricks up her sleeve. Fucking idiots.

So she settled being a green hummingbird. She found it on a random search on Google and decided it was better than an overkill goddamned Bald Eagle (maybe some other day).

And everything had been going well for Bonnie as she flew across the city, hearing that old Creed song playing in her head, 'I'm free... I'm careless, I believe... Above all the others... I'll fly... This brings tears to my (beady) eyes... My sacrifice...' Those were actually the words she used for her spell, and her sacrifice was what you would call minimal... And everything had been going well, up until she let her curiosity tickle her tail feathers.

Spying on Damon was so not on the agenda.

So this was how he spends his afternoons, Bonnie thought to herself, quite surprised. Said vampire sat on that all too familiar leather duvet in their living room, reading a book. Bird-Bonnie tilts her small, yet not-so-brainless head to get a better view of the title that kept him immersed like a scholar. Her eyes ached to roll when she saw the full title: 1001 Sex Positions NOT YET in the Kamasutra! by Jack St. Worthington.

For the record, Bonnie just wanted to make sure that one of the major threats to Mystic Falls was behaving himself. Klaus and the gang were minding their own business as of late and her mother only made her human heart ache. So she settled for Damon, the self-proclaimed fallback/second choice. Other than that, everyone was at school or working, and he was the only one around who looked interesting (gorgeous) enough to stalk (oh what has become of her, ha!). Besides, they were friends. Sorta.

Oh if only she brought her phone with her and took a picture of this awesome blackmail material! Who knew that the handsome fiend still needed a book to satisfy women? Seriously. Fucking. Hilarious.

With a mental chuckle, Bonnie decided to finally leave the innocent-looking douchebag alone. As she angled her head up the fluffy batch of cotton candy clouds, she readied to flap her little pair of wings for flight, when suddenly, her feathered-body was suddenly held immobile by slightly clammy-cold skin. Her birdy senses tingle; she freaks.

The awkward coldness reminded her of something familiar.


Fearfully, Bonnie craned her fragile neck upwards and saw an even bluer version of the sky beyond. His orbs weren't the peaceful skies; they reminded her of raging seas that engulfed the fuck out of you. Those eyes that on Monday, can make you wet down south till Sunday. For a moment, Bonnie thought she saw fondness shining in his cerulean eyes, but it was suddenly replaced by plain amusement.

From Damon to damn.


Stupid Cheshire grin on his lips, Damon said casually, "I've always wanted my very own little bird..."

You've got to be fucking kidding me.

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