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"Put a spell on the door, Bonnie," Damon ordered as he laid her on the bed, his voice gentle and reassuring. He didn't want anyone inside –not Klaus, and definitely not his brother. Before Bonnie could get another word out, he disappeared somewhere in his closet.

Bonnie is too dazed to talk, but nodded her head nonetheless. The power returns to her like fresh air after a hangover –strong and insistent on her senses. She was a witch at heart, and it doesn't take long until she followed Damon's request without a sweat. The magic was working a hundred percent now, but her humanity, not so much. She felt detached from her world, and if she didn't remember that she was in Damon's room watching him pleasure himself a few hours ago, she might as well have forgotten what happened. She also had the strangest craving for berries, but thinking about eating them made her want to vomit. Suddenly, a pale arm and a towel appeared in front of her. He dropped it on her lap when she did not bother to take it.

Damon didn't say anything. He was watching her closely. He tried to remember the first time he dabbled in animism, and the after-effects were not particularly attractive. He spent a few hours making a complete fool of himself, thinking he was a crow, and made a habit of collecting insects, frogs and garbage (which truthfully explains his distaste of Stefan's diet). He pivoted away from her, hoping to give her privacy, and tried to think of something snappy to say but came up with nothing. He wanted more than anything to hear her voice, have her go on Judgey mode on him –anything, but like Bonnie, it seemed like he, too was a bit caught up on his internal musings.

Her breasts still dangling out in the open, Bonnie's consciousness was still shifting from bird-brain to human brain. She looked at Damon, then back to the towel. She wanted to flap her wings, but only her thick dark hair was on her back and she was starting to feel itchy. "Ah…" she croaked. It felt weird to hear her voice. Bird time was definitely not what she expected, because she felt like she'd been dressed in feathers her whole life. That, and her nose felt stuffy too –like she'd been snorting in bird seeds for years. "Ah… Ah… CHOOO!" she sneezed shamelessly.

Bonnie's ears twitched when she heard the vampire clicking his tongue disapprovingly, and before she can think of anything else, she found herself sitting in his bathroom, her hands between her legs, feeling up the cold steel of his bathtub. When Damon leaned over somewhere near her feet, she gasped and pasted herself on the side, but to her surprise, he only opened the faucet. When the strong current of water hit her toes, the fear had left her, and all she could do was giggle in delight.

Damon stepped back for a moment and absorbed the sight in front of him, although, of course, her nudity was more than distracting even if mixed with nostalgia. A smile formed his face then. It was positive –Bonnie definitely thought she was still a bird. Well, a big part of her still did. Her soft, nervous laughter was like mind fuck –the good kind, that is. He wondered if it was the same way she laughed when she was truly happy. His chest clenched with emotion as he watched her reach out to touch the water with her fingers, the deep blush on her face a beautiful contrast to the brightness of her smile. He felt a twist on his gut, because when the fuck was the last time he saw her this blissful?

All sorts of emotions filled his being: sadness, remorse, pity, desire, curiosity, longing, happiness… Bonnie was still so engrossed with the way the water went through the creases on her fingers that she didn't feel that he had placed himself beside the tub, a bottle of his shower gel in his hands. He put a generous amount on his palm and matted the thick soap on her shoulders. He bit the insides of his cheek when she stiffened and turned her head to look at him.

Let me take care of you. "You're like a baby," Damon said instead, and continued to lather the foam on her back, her neck. He washed her arms, her collarbone, but he avoided touching her breasts, as much as his dick wanted to. He reached down the floor and got his shampoo. He rubbed it between his palms and then applied it on her hair. All the while, Bonnie kept her eyes on him, and he was certain he was doing a good job not getting any of the shampoo beyond her eyebrows. He avoided her gaze still, feeling like he was the one in the nude.

Then he took the showerhead from the wall and turned it on. He knelt back to his previous position and carefully washed her hair. Damon swallowed the thick lump in his throat as he watched the water cascade all over her face and skin, her eyes close, a cute frown on her forehead, her plump mouth open…. God, she's gorgeous.

Determined to finish the task at hand, he then squeezed the water from her thick mane. He now proceeded to apply some conditioner to the tips of her hair. Bonnie now found her knees more interesting than his obvious display of weirdness. He sat back on the ball of his feet and smiled at his work –she looked sparkly clean… and damn sexy. He decided to let the hair conditioner steep for a minute or two when he remember something.

"Your, uh… neighbor," Damon said, his voice coming out hoarse. "Had she known how to use her broom wisely, she could have killed me tonight." He then told her the story about how he had been caught by the old snarky woman earlier. While Damon spoke, Bonnie gaped at him with her huge green orbs, and it didn't take long until she's giggling all over again, burying her face on her knees. He felt proud of himself for making her laugh. "We should let her in on the patrolling at night. I bet she can kill more rogue vampires than you and I combined."

Bonnie laughed again, probably with all the imagery he's been giving her.

He just looked at her, completely enthralled. "Bonnie…" The urge to pull her close was getting stronger by the second. Her glistening skin was not helping either. "You should rinse your hair." His nerves were on edge –and it was probably because of the way her eyes pierced through him. Or it was because she was in his bathroom, naked, good enough to fuck. Bare Bonnie, by far, was the most erotic thing he has ever seen in his un-life. He turned away, but she smiles at him, and that action alone was enough to render him motionless. The breath hitched on his throat when she took the showerhead from the waters and handed it over to him.

Must be the bird brain, wanting to be taken cared of… Damon told himself, but took it upon himself to wash her hair again. This time though, his other hand trailed on her shoulder. He almost had her in this awkward half hug, pressing her to him, despite having the lower half of his body outside the tub. He groaned when her willowy hand clutched on the dark of his shirt, and she turns her dark head towards him, and once again, her haunting green eyes are back on his. When she bit her lower lip, Damon licks his own and unable to stop himself any longer, he dove in to kiss her when a loud pounding disrupted their moment.

"DAMON!" BLAG-BLAG-BLAG! "Where the hell is Bonnie? Stefan told me you brought her in there!"

Damon and Bonnie gawked at each other, jolted back to reality.

Bonnie's still naked.

He's still Damon.


"She's with me," Damon half shouted from the bathroom, his voice confused. Like Bonnie, he was unable to tear his attention from her. He still had her secured in his arms, and from what it looked like, she wasn't complaining. He couldn't help but whisper, "What took me this long to see you?"

Bonnie raised a brow at him, as if to ask a sarcastic, You have a bird fetish?


Too overwhelmed by the naked muse on his tub and in his arms, her wide eyes, and the 'Bonnie revelation' that dawned on him -something which reminded him of snow days when he was younger, Damon growled and turned around. He marched to the pounding sound and turned the door knob open but it didn't budge. He tried yanking it off, but he remembers the spell.


"Stop abusing my door, Blondie!" Damon warned, his separation from Bonnie already giving him a headache. "She's in here with me. She's safe."

Caroline paused. "Open the door, Damon."

Damon clenched his jaw. "The door is rigged with a spell, Caroline. Bonnie… IS… FINE!"

"BONNIE!" Caroline insisted.

Damon felt like he was going to explode, but all the anxiety and frustration left his body when a soft touch of hand landed on his wrist. He looked to his right and saw Bonnie there, a shy smile on her face.

"C-Caroline," Bonnie whispered, her voice raspy. "I'm…" she looked into his eyes. "I'm with Damon."

Caroline was immediately silenced.

"I'm with Damon," she repeated, and it sounded good to her own ears. And by the look on Damon's face, it was great news to him as well.

Was it this easy, the transition?

Maybe it was, if we chose for it to be.

Damon tugged her to him and wrapped his arms and hands all over her towel-covered body. "Bonnie?"


"Can I kiss you?"

Bonnie nodded with a smile. "Please."

It's a simple, chaste kiss of Johnny Walker and berries.

But somehow, it feels like their world has changed forever.



The End.

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