If you had been listening near the cathedral one particular day, you would have heard a series of frantic clicking. But as it turns out, you can't have been listening because you were dead. Confusing? Maybe.

But anyway, the source of the clicking was a small box. Why was the box clicking? Well, inside the box were two very, very small figures. Clearly twins, they wore hoods of blue fabric and had large, expressive optics which blinked and flashed in time with their rapid clicks.

Click-click? said the one with a 3 on her back. Her twin, with an angular '4' imprint, replied with a complicated flash-double-click sequence.

(Now, since only the dolls making the clicks were able to understand them, I shall interpret for you what my dear friends were saying.)

"4! Look at this!"

"What bit of junk did you find this time, 3?"

"It's NOT junk, it's a… round thing."

"Ooh, a round thing," mimicked 4.

(The sound his sister replied with was a) untranslatable and b) very rude; I'll leave that bit to your imagination.)

3 picked up the round thing, which was shiny and threw off rainbows in the flashes from her optics.

"What is it?" she wondered aloud. 4 poked his head through the large hole in the centre.

"Necky thing?" he joked.

3 thought for a moment.

"No, it's a… 4! We read about these before!"

"We have?"

"Yes, I'm sure we have- didn't the humans use them to record stuff on, pictures, sound, and-"

"Movies!" they exclaimed, at the exact same time. They had read movie reviews in newspapers before, but to actually see one…

Their optics lit up (literally) with the idea and stitchpunk smiles adorned their tiny faces.

"OK, guys," said 7 a while later. She and the twins had built a mini cinema in the old box where our story began; a cluster of cotton-reel seats, a scrap of white paper to project on. 2, 9, 6 and myself sat on the reels and 3 & 4 were positioned on improvised podiums at the back. A dreamy looking 6 perched on the next reel from me, idly doodling on my leg.

At a hand signal from 7, 3 placed her hands upon the DVD, blinked a couple times and suddenly there was a flicker on the paper screen. 6 stopped his drawing (to my great relief, as my leg and eye patch were now covered in psychotic spirals) and turned, enchanted, as the hauntingly beautiful music began to play.

I personally found the film interesting but very confusing. 3 and 4 must have got the wrong information about humans, because according to the movie they used to carry around bits of wood, say funny words and weird things would start happening around them. Also there was a guy with no nose who went round being evil. Strangely enough, the twins have never found out about the evil bloke from newspapers…

We never got to find out what happened to the noseless, evil dude. About halfway through, 1 shoved his frowning head in and guess what happened.


Anyway, we got shouted at by 1 while 8 stood agreeing, a smug look on his stupid face. But as we were on our way out, 1's voice ringing in our ears, 7 gave the rest of us a rebellious look which said more than words:

Same time tomorrow?

Hope you enjoyed my first ever 1-shot. Thanks PoppyECM.6-13 for the ideas, sorry I didn't get them all in…

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