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Neji: ramen?….

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Neji: what?

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Neji: really! What would you do?

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Neji: *gulp* Would you really do that?…

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Neji: Owww! What was that for-

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Chapter 3- Neji's house: Menma's pov

'This day is turning out pretty good…' I thought smiling to myself.

"Hey! Lets go to Neji's house right now!" said Naruto "This path will take us to his clan's village."

He pointed to a path and started walking.

'I wonder if Neji will remember me….' I thought.

"Do you think we'll have time to visit Neji?" asked Tenten interrupting my thoughts.

She turned and faced me.

"Maybe.." I replied.

As we continued walking towards the path we saw a village.

It was the Hyuga clan village!

'Finally' I thought 'My feet are killing me!'

All of a sudden we heard a voice.

"W-Who are you and w-why are you h-here?"

'Wow' I thought 'I bet that person is nervous….'

The person stepped out of the darkness.

She had long dark blue hair and pale lavender eyes and she was about the same age as Tenten.

She was definitely a Hyuga…. But a very pretty one…..

"Hi Hinata!" said Tenten "Its just us! We came to visit-"

"Hey Hinata!" interrupted Naruto "We came to visit your cousin Neji!"

Hinata blushed.

"Me and N-Neji lives in that b-big house in the m-middle of the v-village.." she replied pointing to the house.

"Thanks Hinata!" said Naruto running towards the house while thanking her.

That left just me and Tenten standing there with Hinata.

"Your welcome Naruto…" blushed Hinata.

She turned and faced Tenten and me.

"So u-umm… whose that?.." she asked pointing at me.

"Oh! This is Menma!" replied Tenten.


I waved at her.

"Hi…" she smiled.

"U-um I hope you don't mind….but a-are you a girl?" she asked.

Tenten fell down and started laughing hysterically.

I blushed a deep crimson red.

I was bewildered! I didn't know what to say! This is the first time someone asked about me being a girl! Ummm.. What do I say?

Suddenly Tenten stood and faced Hinata.

She was still giggling.

"Sorry Hinata but he's not a girl…sadly no…HAHAHA!" Tenten started laughing hysterically again and I was turning more red.

"Ohh…. I'm sorry….." said Hinata blushing furiously.

"Lets go Tenten.." I said grabbing her hand and dragging her to where Naruto went.

'Gosh' I thought 'That was embarrassing!'

Finally we caught up to Naruto.

He was waiting beside the door.

"What took you so long?" he asked.

"Lets just say we had a few questions…." I said turning a little red.

I looked over at Tenten.

She was trying very hard not to laugh.

Naruto knocked on the front door while I stood there looking at the house.

It was extremely huge!

The door slid open.


I looked at Neji.

'His hair got even longer….' I thought 'I wonder if he is ever going to cut it….'

"Hey Naruto, Tenten, and…. It can't be…. I thought you were dead…." said Neji.

Tenten explained everything to Neji.

When she was finally done he sighed.

"Wow" he said.

He looked around.

"Sorry about that… Come in the house… It's almost nighttime and I bet you haven't eatin dinner yet…" said Neji.

Neji led us to the dining room.

We were surprised!

There on the table was!…..

To be continued….

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