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"Sir, I apologize. It was the best I can do," Xy'liah heard as she entered the Lieutenant's office. She continued walking until she saw two men facing each other, a blond headed individual hanging his head low in front of his superior officer who, judging by his face was none too pleased. Without warning, the displeased officer reached out and took the soldier's collar into his hand and drew him near and high.

"If that's your best, then you are useless to me. I could shoot you dead with a clear conscious. Is that what you want?" he said in his displeased tone.

Xy'liah could sense the fear of the soldier as he stuttered for the right words to say, "N-n-no, sir!" He was released afterwards.

"Then focus, Jillins." The commanding officer turned his attention toward Xy'liah and Vette. "Dismissed."

Jillins saluted his Lieutenant and left. Xy'liah got a quick look of the soldier's face when he turned to leave and saw it a pale white. Her eyes then turned toward Baras' assigned contact. He was not a bad looking individual; tall, broad shoulders, a defined jaw line, not to mention the barely noticeable remains of shaven facial hair that Xy'liah found quite intriguing. A mischievous smile came into her mind. She was going to enjoy toying with the Lieutenant.

He gave a small bow to her, "I apologized for the delay, my lord. Lieutenant Malavai Quinn. I'm to be your liaison here on Balmorra."

"It's a pleasure to meet your acquaintance."

"And to you, my lord," Quinn said with another slight bow. "Lord Baras will brief you personally, but I'm to acquaint you with the climax here on Balmorra first."

"Do it quickly, Lieutenant. I don't have time to waste."

"I won't mince words, my lord," Quinn cleared his throat before continuing. "Even though the Empire wrestled control of Balmorra from the Republic during the war, we were never really able to completely eradicate them. There is a rather sizable resistant movement. No one wants to admit it, but it's clear that the Republic is backing it."

"The Republic cannot be tolerated."

"I agree, my lord. It is my dreams to see our enemy vanquished. I have a secure line to Lord Baras. I'll patch him through immediately." The Lieutenant turned toward the holoterminal and entered the code to connect to Baras.

Xy'liah subtly eyed the Lieutenant as he worked to connect them to her master. Within seconds, Xy'liah saw her master appear before them.

"Ah, I see you convened with my apprentice. Very good, Lieutenant. Leave us," said the Dark Lord.

Quinn turned and gave a small bow to both the Master and apprentice before walking off to oversee his other duties.

Xy'liah turned toward her master, who watched him walk off until he was at a safe distant, "Quinn owes his career to me, but we should keep the details of your mission between the two of us. We must act swiftly. Nomen Karr's Padawan has directed the Jedi's suspicions to my undercover agent there on Balmorra. Do you recall this?" He turned his gaze toward his young apprentice, who stood there looking rather bored.

"Of course, I remember everything," she said in a defiant tone.

Baras frowned, but chose to ignore her disrespectful tone. She has not been the most pleasant apprentice he had trained, but no doubt she is by far the most powerful and probably the only one that could carry out his plans. Usually Baras would not hesitate to dispose those who defied him, but her powers were invaluable to him that he found himself holding back whenever she gave him her little attitude. He had to remind himself time and time again to keep from going insane that her attitude arisen from her origins: a descendent from one of the most powerful Sith bloodlines within the galaxy. Naturally her parents had instilled in her the notion that she was the better being in this entire galaxy.

"Good, I'll get to the point then. My spy is Commander Rylon of the Republic Resistance. He is the central contact for all my operatives in this sector. Unfortunately, Quinn is tracking an investigator that the Jedi have sent. That means we have to cover our tracks before you kill Commander Rylon." His apprentice started pacing impatiently before the holoterminal indirectly rushing the Dark Lord, which rather annoyed Baras even more. "Your first mandate is to destroy evidence that links Rylon to the sabotaging of Balmorra's defense systems during the war. To do so, you must break into the satellite control tower. Quinn reports that the tower is a death trap of mechanical security."

"Why can't Quinn handle this?"

"Quinn is busy with other duties I have provided for him. This task is priority one. The Jedi's investigator could be zeroing in on the evidence as we speak. Quinn has everything you'll need. I'll summon him back. Remember he is not to know the reason for your mission. I'll be in touch."

Xy'liah nodded and left to wait for her equipments as her master called out to his contact. A few minutes later, Quinn came to her with a small device in his hands, "My lord, I've prepared what you need on your assault on the satellite control tower. In order to destroy the mainframe, you'll mount this charge to the base and activate it. Then contact me and I'll able to detonate." He handed Xy'liah the bomb, who took it with a frown.

"So I'm basically an errand runner."

"Well, the satellite control tower is a crucial part of our crushing the resistance, my lord. With it gone—"

"I don't need your explanation, Lieutenant," said Xy'liah cutting him off. The Lieutenant patiently waited as the Sith examined the charge he had handed her, though slightly irritated at the young Sith's attitude however. "I'll be back shortly. Come on, Vette."

The twi'lek nodded and followed her master out of the Lieutenant's office, "This is a suicide mission, you know." She watched the Sith's expression as she walked side by side. "But then again, suicide missions seem to be our specialty."

"This is nothing, but a waste of my time. I'm just here to cleanup the mess that people before me have failed to do." Xy'liah sighed. "Well, at least I'll have a reason to go back there." Her mind wandered to the Lieutenant. "He's pretty cute, isn't he? I don't see much Imperial personnel with those kinds of looks anymore. They're all old or if not, too stupid for their own good. We'll see how this one goes. So far, he's looking very promising."

The twi'lek frowned, "Men with power? Capable of destruction and demolition? Why am I not surprised?" Though she had been with the Sith for only a short time, she had quickly picked up on her personality.

Over the course of their journey together, the young Sith proven to be the opposite of what the twi'lek thought of a typical Sith. Xy'liah was a very proud woman, which made most of her decisions reckless and rash. She was very impatient in her ways and grew bored easily. Due to this, the Sith was always on a constant search for some entertainment on their journey. Lately it's been flirting and toying with every single bachelor and non bachelor they had come across. It somewhat sickened Vette at the way the Sith shamelessly flirted with her victims, but then again, she was Sith. She knew the power she wielded and never hesitated to use it to her advantage. She was too proud for her own good. Ironically, it was that behavior that made her quite tolerable to Vette. Xy'liah's light-hearted nature and strange Sith humor never failed to entertain. Not to mention that it provided a more welcoming and comfortable environment for the young twi'lek to freely express herself.

Time and time again, the young Sith's ego had left small openings in which Vette could've slipped away unnoticed. Why she hasn't taken advantage of them, she never knew, but she found herself growing more and more concern for the Sith with each passing mission. Perhaps it was those late nights' conversations they had aboard the Fury where Vette found herself discussing some of the most intimate details of her past. Surprisingly the Sith seemed genuinely interested and had encouraged the twi'lek to express more of her feelings. It had intrigued Vette on how different this Sith was compared to the ones she had encountered before that she took it upon herself to watch over the Sith (since it didn't seem like anyone else will) so that she could learn more about her.

Vette gave the young Sith a small look of disgust. "He looks like one of those by the book, brainwashed military servant that the Empire is so eager to recruit."

"That's probably why Baras chose him."

"Lieutenant, we have Lord Baras' apprentice tracked," informed one of Quinn's men. Quinn nodded his approval.

"Keep me updated on her progress." The young Lieutenant turned his attention toward the image of Darth Baras on the holoterminal in front of him. "It seems like everything is preceding nicely, my lord. If you don't mind my asking, I was wondering about your apprentice-"

"She is none of your concern, Lieutenant. I need her there to serve her purpose and then she will be gone. You should be focus on more important tasks."

"Yes, well, I couldn't help, but wonder about her nature. She seems a bit...immature to handle such a mission."

"Who I see capable or incapable is my business, Lieutenant. I do not appreciate you questioning my actions. Now get back to your duties before I find someone else to replace you."

"Apologies, my lord."

The dark lord's image disappeared abruptly, leaving Quinn with his thoughts. He found his mind wandering to the young apprentice. She seemed too inexperienced for Baras to send for such a mission, not to mention Quinn had detected a sense of carelessness from her. He had overheard a small bit of the conversation the young apprentice had with her master. She talked with such a confident, but rebellious tone and Quinn thought he heard her trying to wiggle her way out of this mission. Perhaps Baras knew this and had purposely sent her to death via this mission? After all, Quinn had computed her rate of success to be very slim. The satellite control tower was armed with attack droids inside and out. Even if she managed to cut her way through outside security, she would still have to face what was inside. Her energy would be drained by the time she reached inside, assuming that she did and the minute she let her guard down will be the end of her.

As if her personality wasn't a good enough reason to prove her unqualified for this mission, there was always that companion of hers. Quinn frowned in disgust thinking about the twi'lek. From the looks of her, she was nothing more than a smuggler that probably fell to the mercy of the Sith apprentice. She was not a military personnel and Quinn didn't see the point of her role in this whole Imperial operation. If the Sith needed backup, there were more qualified individuals for the position. He was against having non military personnel in Imperial business. It neither benefitted the mission nor the Empire as a whole. He had his doubts about who his master sent his way to help carry out his missions here on Balmorra. Perhaps Baras didn't think his missions important enough to send more qualified individuals? He couldn't blame him if that was the case. After all, Quinn, himself, thought of Balmorra as a joke. He could be doing more for the Empire, but instead he was stuck on this small rock, carrying out missions that he was overqualified for.

"Lieutenant," came a voice.

Quinn snapped out of his thoughts and turned his attention back to the task at hand.

"Our spy cameras have located Lord Baras' apprentice. She has reached the satellite control tower. You might want to see this…"

Quinn raised a questioning brow, "Very well, let's go." He followed his subordinate out to the operations room. "Bring her up on the big monitor."

"Right away, Lieutenant," said one of his subjects and in seconds the big monitor revealed the young apprentice making her way toward the control tower. Quinn watched as the young Sith moved with very little effort, swinging her lightsabers side by side. Her movements were fluid and precise, never staying in one place for long. Her feet barely touched the ground as she was always leaping from side to side and striking down on anything that was moving. Anything that she had missed was immediately brought down by her companion's blasters. In no time, she had cleared out almost the entire front security and made her way up the tower to her destination. Quinn observed her body language as she continued her reign of destruction. Her body twisted and twirled in all directions, bringing down the most formidable foes with just a simple touch. She looked so exotic, dancing her way through the enemy line of fire. Her clothes and body stained with sweat and soldier's blood mingled together, running down the curves of her body. The scene looked almost too good to be true.

"Get us in on the Republic's security cameras," Quinn directed.

"Right away, sir."

The smaller screens popped up with the various security cameras from every corner and angle. Seconds later, Xy'liah was shown running up the stairs and hacking down the droids and men that endlessly came her way. Quinn's eyes constantly moved from screen to screen, observing the Sith in every single angle possible. He found himself quite drawn to the screens; intrigued by his comrade's progression. Deep within him, he felt a small spark of excitement igniting. His plans were proceeding nicely and in minutes, his previous doubts about the young Sith melted away. The more he watched her getting closer and closer to her destination, the bigger the spark grew until it was almost too much for him to contain. He forced himself to look away and to regain his composure.

"Sir, an incoming transmission."

"Put it through."

The image of Darth Baras once again appeared before the young Lieutenant, "Quinn, what is the update you have on my apprentice?"

"She's…" How could he begin to describe what he had witnessed? All the words in the galaxy wouldn't even do the young Sith's actions enough justice. "It's going smoothly, my lord. Your apprentice should be at the mainframe soon."

"Excellent. Put me through to her immediately as soon as she finishes."

"Yes, my lord." Quinn bowed as the image once again disappeared.

Almost there, thought Xy'liah as she sliced apart a droid. She took a moment to catch her breath as Vette ran to catch up with her.

"How's it going, my lord?" asked the young twi'lek equally out of breath.

"We deserve a drink after this," said the young Sith as she brought her lightsabers up to deflect an incoming blaster fire. "Cover me."

"Don't I always?"

Xy'liah rushed for the incoming droids and men and continued slicing and dicing her way up until she reached the satellite's main controls. She turned toward her companion, "Vette! Arm and activate the charge while I watch our back!"

Vette ran past her straight for the controls, "On it!" Behind her Xy'liah could hear the young twi'lek quickly going to work with the charge. She was rather quite gifted with arming and disarming any bombs thanks to her treasure hunting days, which made Xy'liah a bit appreciative to have her at that particular moment.

"It's done, my lord!" said Vette a few minutes later. The duo switched position as Xy'liah retreated back, taking out her holocommunicator.

Quinn's image appeared before her, "My lord, I have marked your progress, and see that the charge is armed. I will detonate once you are at a safe distant. But first, I have Darth Baras on holo for you. I will retreat and leave the line secure for the two of you."

She barely had time to talk for Quinn switched the channels so fast. She found herself once again staring at her master.

"Apprentice, we have more important compromising things to take care of before you confront my spy Commander Rylon. It involves invading a Republic keep to find a lowly ensign named Durmat. He is Rylon's son and he has confided his true identity to him. Ensign Durmat must be silence permanently."

"That was very stupid of him."

"I don't leave loose end, Apprentice and all my connections say that Ensign Durmat is a very loose end. I'll signal Quinn to give you all the details. Be swift."

The communicator went blank and Quinn's figure reappeared, "My lord, Ensign Durmat is being detained in the brig of Republic crater outpost awaiting questioning by the mysterious agent Baras has me tracking. I will alert you if the investigator appears to be heading there. I assume you wish to get to Durmat before she does."

"That's none of your business, Imperial."

"Apologies, my lord. My inquiring mind often gets the best of me. I won't delay you any longer. Good luck on your mission, my lord. I'll be here if you need anything."

Quinn ended the connection and resumed watching the screens. He watched as the young pair rushed back down the tower and toward their exit, "Jiuwa!"

"Yes, sir?"

"Get ready to detonate on my count." Quinn watched closely as the two ran. In his mind, he was quickly counting their steps before deciding they were at a safe enough distant to detonate, "Now."

Explosions of fire appeared before Quinn's eyes and he couldn't help but enjoyed the little firework show his charge had put on.