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In A War Known As A Game

Chap. 1
When The Non-Game Starts

Shinichi yawned as he walked into the library. He'd been up for what felt like an eternity. Between schoolwork and the dead bodies, that somehow made their way to him on, and of course the police station's many help requests, he didn't get much sleep. Not that he complained; he was back to his old self, which was all that he'd dreamt of and after the fall of the Black Organization his fame had skyrocketed. This caused the reporters to be after him like bloodhounds, wanting him to tell the story of his two years undercover. Telling them that they were very painful memories had been a very bad move that had only served as fuel to their fire, making them twice as fierce. So he didn't tell his story, who would have believed him? Oh, yea, by the way, I lied about being undercover. I was actually shrunken to a child, living with the love of my life, which after two years moved on. Loony bin next, consisting of nicely padded white walls and doctors forcing pills down the throat, yea, not telling that story.

The detective smiled as he stopped in front of his favourite bookcase. He'd done well today; finished today's and tomorrow's workload so now it was time for a well deserved break with his favourite detective Sherlock Homes. He was in the process of picking out a book when someone cleared their throat behind him, seeking his attention. Shinichi spun around; he was supposed to be alone.
'Pink smoke, white hat, gleaming monocle,' Shinichi's mind supplied him as he fell unconscious.

He was tied to a chair; he felt it as he slowly woke up. It was a comfortable chair, obviously made to be comfortable since it kept his body in a half-lying position. The more he woke up the less if felt like ropes that tied him and more like safety belts from a car, only more padded.
"Shin-chan! Shin-chan, it's time! Wake up," his mother's voice cut through the haze. Her voice was trembling and it sounded like she'd been crying, what was going on? As soon as Shinichi was able to use his body he opened his eyes. A rounded computer screen was in front of him, and he frowned; he'd never seen that kind of screen before. It was transparent and huge, hanging over him like a very close ceiling and as he moved his head he saw that it reached down to the floor. It was like he was lying in a computer tube.

"Shinichi, remember what I told you," Shinichi's head snapped to the other side, towards his father's voice that sounded deadly serious.
"What's going on?" Shinichi asked confused, when did his parents get back?
"Remember, it's just like chess, but you can't afford to lose too many pieces," Yuusaku said while holding into a crying Yukiko.
"What? What the hell are you talking about? Did KID set you up to this?" Shinichi growled annoyed, something was definitely wrong.
"You were called in, don't you remember?" after those words his mother began to cry even worse.
"No! The last thing I remember is KID gassing me with his sleep-inducing gas," he stared at his mother, seeing her cry like that made him antsy and it didn't seem to be fake tears either.
"KID? What are you talking about? You were brought here by an ICCA, Independently Contracted Collecting Agent," Shinichi stared confused at his father; nothing he said made any sense.

"What? Collecting Agent? For what? Where am I? What am I supposed to do?" his father shook his head at his questions.
"I'm sorry Shinichi, you're already in the chair, pretending to be confused won't get you out," the detective raised his eyebrows, "we were called in for moral support, look." His father nodded towards the other side and Shinichi looked. There were row after row of the same strange chairs, and the closest chair-prisoner was just a child. She was crying to her parents who were also crying. By almost every chair there were one or two adults, speaking with the one in the chair and Shinichi frowned.
"They are just children," he mumbled and turned his eyes to his father demanding an explanation. This couldn't be a set up by KID; there were too many elements, which meant that something else was going on.
"Yes, of course. The chairs only works for people under age of 25, but for safety reasons they only take in people under 20," his father mumbled quietly and his mother stopped crying.

"But why? Why are we all here?" both of them looked at him like he was crazy.
"War, my son, war," his father sighed, "and you're absolutely right, we should be able to solve these kind of things without killing children." Shinichi became even more confused, war? Since when was Japan at war? Why was he here, he wasn't a soldier.
"Since when did a war start?" he voiced his thoughts
"Oh, let's see, it would've been year 2135 the war broke out, the 100th anniversary is next year," Yuusaku sounded serious, but he couldn't be, could he?
"But, isn't it 2012?" they looked at him with confusion and his father smiled a bit.
"I understand that you don't want to see us worrying about you, but this is no time for jokes, and everyone who becomes a player in the War Games, dies," Shinichi froze at his last word; he couldn't be serious, he just couldn't. Shinichi studied them for a bit, they both looked sincere and his mother looked like she wanted to cry again.

It wasn't possible, it was year 2012, not 2234. War Games?
"Dad, I'm not very good with games, I'm even worse at war games," the detective mumbled and Yuusaku nodded.
"I know, just think of it as chess, and don't lose your chess pieces. From what I've understood if you lose all pieces, the chair will kill you. There is a small chance of survival, if you take out a certain number of the enemy's aircrafts you will be spared, released for six years and moved to the ground battle when you're 25." Shinichi looked down at himself as two boards of some kind emerged from the armrests.
"It's starting," Yukiko mumbled and hugged her husband with a last sob. The boards clicked together and his arms were released from the restraints. The screens flickered on and he grabbed the control sticks that emerged from the board. Buttons appeared on it as well and Shinichi frowned, this certainly looked like some kind of game chair.

"How do I know which button does what?" he asked confused and stared at the board.
"It should be at the screen," his father mumbled and Shinichi looked up.
"Damn it, dad. I don't think I can do this, even if was just a game... Last time I played a war game I got turned around and walked the wrong way, thinking that my own allies were my enemies," Shinichi mumbled, still not really believing what was going on around him, but still memorizing the action of every button. He waited, he didn't want to press 'ready', there was a time limit counting down, showing how long he could memorize the buttons.

The detective had memorized the actions of every button before half of the time had gone.
"Dad, this is all wrong. I don't remember anything like this, I don't remember a war going on," Shinichi looked up at his parents, "I remember it to be year 2012, nut-jobs thinks the world's going to end the 23:d of December, an earth quake happened near the Izu islands, an Italian cruise ship ran aground and capsized." Shinichi was rambling and his parents shook their heads.
"No, Shinichi, it's 2234, not 2012. I don't understand what you're trying to do, but it won't help. You need to fight for your life, it should be starting soon," his father said calmly and Shinichi's eyes were drawn back to the screen. The clock was just about to reach zero.

The screen was filled with what looked like a landing bay. It looked like whatever he was going to control was mounted with a camera and was moving towards a small opening. Shinichi grabbed the control sticks, one for controlling the flight and the other for controlling the weapons and as soon as he was out of the landing bay he increased the speed. He flew over what looked to once have been Tokyo, but it was in ruins. There were a lot of aircrafts around him and they had a small membrane of green around them, rendered by the computer. They were all flying toward a battle that was taking place over the city. There was a small number above him and Shinichi frowned.
"What does the number 10 mean?"

"It's how many aircrafts you can use," his father replied quietly and Shinichi hummed. The detective pressed a yellow button and that number decreased by one, he pressed it again and it became an 8. Shinichi threw a glance to his sides; the two aircrafts that he'd called out was heading for him. He panned a little to the right and so did the other planes, and he slowed down his speed to allow the planes to catch up to him.
"Interesting," he mumbled when he was flying in a formation with his own aircrafts. Shinichi felt a sharp pain in his temples and instinctively his hands were drawn to them. Something had latched into his head, and a thick cord went from his temples and into the chair.
"Mind control?" he mumbled and got back to steering the aircrafts, 'this is ridiculous.' He was nearing the battlefield when he pushed the 'evasive manoeuvre' and he watched how the planes did some kind of wild spin with each other.

It looked like most of the others only used one or two planes, while he had three. The machine seemed to read his mind when he used evasive manoeuvres and avoided the enemy crafts' fire. Shinichi didn't fire, he didn't want to, he couldn't bring himself to do it.
"Shinichi, you have to fire," his father's voice reached him.
"No, they can force me to sit in this chair, but they can't force me to kill. I'm not a murderer!" he answered coldly as one of his aircrafts was shot down and he called in another one. If it really was reality, which was impossible, he didn't want to kill anyone. However it could be reality, once he'd thought that being shrunk to a kid was impossible, but he had been proven otherwise, so jumping realities or dimensions or whatever wasn't so farfetched, or maybe it was? He had to keep an open mind, he'd been shrunk so who was he to say that this wasn't reality.

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