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Words: 1.400
Chapter rating; K+

Chap. 4
The Cure of APTX 4869; Side Effects

Kaito grinned as he saw the Detective of the East enter the library. He was sitting in the armchair and Shinichi had been too absorbed in his own thoughts to notice him, despite the white outfit and top hat. With a grin and catlike movements he walked up to him. He stood behind the detective as he was trying to decide which book to read and Kaito cleared his throat. The detective spun around and The thief sprayed him with a chuckle. Shinichi fell asleep and Kaito caught him before he touched the ground. Why he did it, he didn't know, maybe just because he could.

The thief was watching the sleeping detective with a grin. The gas would keep him asleep for a couple of minutes and he took out a black pen from his pocket. There was no reason for KID not to have fun in the meantime so he drew a KID doodle on the detective's cheek, pleased with his art he waited for him to awaken. Kaito frowned in annoyance when ten minutes passed and poked him in the chest with the pen, the gas should have stopped working by then.

The thief watched how the detective started to twitch and from time to time opened his eyes with an empty stare to look at something only he could see. It was the most disturbing thing he'd ever seen.
"They can't force me to kill. I'm not a murderer!" Shinichi mumbled clearly and twitched. Kaito decided that he'd had enough of the detective's creepiness and should wake him. The thief shook him and said his name but Shinichi didn't awaken, so he started yelling and shaking him violently; it didn't work either. The thief had never had anyone react badly to the sleeping gas, and he didn't know what to do. He tried to pour water on him and he even slapped him hard.

"How?" The detective mumbled and Kaito stared at him, why didn't he wake up? Or was he already awake? As Conan he'd jumped of a building, maybe the sleeping gas had subsided and creeping Kaito out was his revenge.
"I'm not a murderer, I will not kill," Shinichi mumbled with a frown and opened his eyes that were looking at something.
"Hahaha," the thief clapped his hands with a laugh, "very funny Meitantei! I have to confess, you got me!" The detective still twitched.
"I don't want to kill," he whispered with a pained face and Kaito was out of options, whatever the detective was dreaming; it wasn't pleasant and he stared down on him. Kaitou KID would never gas someone again, or at least not the detective of the East.

"I killed them," the detective whispered and looked like he was halfway between crying out in pain and disgust. "I killed them all?" His breathing was uneven and he was twitching badly. Kaito folded his mantle and propped the detectives head on it, he was going to stay and watch over him until he awakened. "I'm a murderer now, aren't I? And nothing's going to change that," Kaito listened as the detective's voice grew cold. "I'm a murderer, I've killed people, I've killed children, and I'm a monster, I don't want this." The magician bit his lip Shinichi sounded like he was in pain.

"Oh, Meitantei, what's wrong with you?" he mumbled and sighed. "Meitantei, I wish you could answer me."
"KID?" Shinichi suddenly said.
"Meitantei, can you hear me?" Kaito was standing on all four and staring down at him.
"Me a heaa," the detective sighed in his sleep and opened his eyes. "Who's behind me? I know an exit," he said clearly and KID stared into the eyes, Shinichi was completely gone.
"Meitantei, you're scaring me," KID mumbled and swallowed, he looked really creepy.
"Here," the detective mumbled and closed his eyes. "Tch, watch it or you might die. Just don't kill me," Kaito had enough and shook him violently again.
"Meitantei!" he called out but only got a small frown in response.

"I'm Shinichi," he said happily and moved his arms. "I'm not a murderer!" the detective suddenly yelled, making Kaito jump back in fright and shock, "I won't shoot them! I refuse to kill!"

"Meitantei! Are you okay?" Kaito called back and received an annoyed huff from Shinichi. "Don't go dying on me!" The detective snickered; he had now gone beyond creepiness to the magician.

Shinichi mumbled a little but stopped twitching, it looked like he was having a calm period in his dreaming so Kaito lifted him and carefully carried him to his bedroom. The thief tucked him in underneath the covers and brought the desk chair to the bed. He glanced to his watch; thirty minutes had passed since he gassed him, but the terror Shinichi had caused him made it if feel like hours.
"Oh, please wake up soon," he mumbled as he seated himself beside the bed and sighed, Shinichi was calm and breathing slowly. Kaito waited, maybe he was going to wake up by himself, ten minutes passed, or maybe not. Kaito narrowed his eyes and grabbed into the detective's shoulders. Shinichi's fist flew up faster than he'd expected and hit him in his face.
"What! God damn it! That hurt!" the thief cried out, covering his face with his hands and stomped his feet while spinning around in the room.

"Thanks, I aim to please," the detective huffed and Kaito stared at him. His nose had started bleeding, but at least it wasn't broken.
"I see," Kaito said loudly and sighed. "You aim to please, by hitting me in the face. Hakuba would love that," he mumbled to himself and took out a handkerchief. The detective was quiet for a while until he growled angry and smacked himself in his face with an open hand, making the thief snicker. "What the hell?" Shinichi mumbled and fidgeted a little. He was gritting his teeth for a while but then relaxed. Kaito sighed relieved it looked like the detective finally had calmed down and was sleeping peacefully.

"Ten minutes," he mumbled and Kaito looked at him. The thief started playing with the deck of cards that he'd been shuffling and watched the detective sleep. He looked calm for a while before he mumbled, "five minutes." Kaito decided to ignore him and continue to shuffle the cards. The detective hummed and his arms twitched slightly. The detective tensed and Kaito observed him. Shinichi grabbed into his collar and screamed in pain. Kaito jumped where he sat and the cards he'd been holding scattered all over the room. The detective had curled up as he screamed and then suddenly seated himself. He looked around, obviously confused and the thief tensed when the detective's eyes landed on him.
"KID," Kaito twitched, he'd expected annoyance, anger or confusion, but not relief from the detective, who suddenly laughed. "Did you put me to sleep, and then watched me?" Somehow the detective was having a blast while Kaito had had a horrible time.

"I'm impressed, KID, I truly am," Shinichi said to the white-clad thief after he'd stopped laughing. "It must have been horrible." The thief nodded and started to pick up his cards.
"Yes, it was. It was the scariest thing I've ever seen," he mumbled in agreement, "you know, I've never known you were so creepy. I'm never going to put you to sleep again; I'm going to have nightmares about you." The Detective of the East smiled and shook his head.

"Yea, I've seen myself on Haibara's video. It's a side effect of the cure and according to her it's going to wear off in a couple of weeks. She calls it 'Vibrant Dreams', I call it going through hell, since I'm not aware that I'm dreaming and my brain is making up ridiculous scenarios, mostly nightmares, and I never seems to wake up before I'm killed, and that hurts," Shinichi looked at his right hand and slowly moved his fingers.
"Did anyone come here?" he wondered and Kaito shook his head, making the detective grin. "My knuckles are sore, did I punch you?" The thief smiled annoyed.
"Yea, you did. And on a related note, I came with more information about the organization that's after me, which also wishes to punch me in the face, but with a bullet, or an axe," the thief joked and handed over a file to him.
"Don't put me to sleep next time." Kaito shuddered and shook his head while the detective looked at the file.