Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot, the characters are property of S. Meyer.

AN: set after the birth scene, a 'what if' story.

If tomorrow never comes

Bella felt her life leaving her, after having given birth to her and Edward's baby. She turned her eyes on her right and she met Jacob's one. "Jake." She whispered. He was there, until her heart stopped beating. He had promised her as much and he had kept his promise.

"Bells, I love you." He whispered back with his deep and loving eyes. For a moment she wished that their love had been enough. She lifted her weak hand and he took into his much bigger ones. There were no words needed, she loved him back too.

She took another jagged breath and then she felt darkness overtake her.


"Hello Bella, I'm Samira." A sweet voice said.

Bella opened her eyes and looked around her, she was in beautiful garden and there was a stunning woman looking at her with a kind smile. "Where am I? Am I dead?"

"You're everywhere and nowhere, as for your other question, yes and no, it depends on you." Samira said. "You died giving birth to Renesmee, but I must admit I felt it was unfair. The two young men at your side loved you very much, and you loved them back too. So in light of love and hope, I decided to give you another chance."

Bella blinked. "Another chance?"

The angelic woman nodded. "Seeing your story made me think, you fell in love with Edward straight away and when Jacob came along even though your feelings were almost as strong, there was no chance for you to choose him. So I thought about something, what if I give you a chance to start over? I'll let your life start again from that first day you arrived in Forks. Now you'll have a clean slate, neither Jacob nor Edward will be bonded to you yet and you have the time to really see whom you're meant to be with. What do you say, are you interested?"

She bit her lip considering her offer; she had already chosen Edward not once but twice. "I won't choose Jacob." She finally blurted out.

Samira laughed. "As I said, it's up to you Bella. You might find out that some things aren't as you think they are, if you go back with all your memories of this previous life… let's just say that some actions might not sit well with you. You might see things that had escaped your attention the first time around."

Her words were cryptic and Bella was starting to feel doubtful. "Where's the catch?"

"There's no catch Bella. As I said you loved deeply and you were loved back by two striking young men. If you will decide to stay with Edward it'll be your choice as it was the first time around. I won't do anything to stop you." Samira replied.

"If I choose Edward, will I die again?" She asked.

"That I cannot say, this time fate will do what fate has to do. You might die even if you choose Jacob. Your destiny is out of my hands as soon as you either accept or refuse my offer. It's really up to you." Samira told her.

Bella took a deep breath. If she accepted she could just go back and re-live all the happenings of the first time and maybe this time she would become a vampire and be forever with Edward. If she refused she would pass on and never see either Edward or Jacob again. The answer was easy. "I want another chance." She whispered.

Samira smiled. "Very well Bella, close your eyes and think about the day you arrived in Forks."

Bella did as she was told, she closed her eyes and then a strange noise made her open her eyes again.


She was sitting in her father's car.

"Bells, you fell asleep. We're almost home and I've got a surprise for you." Charlie said.

Bella turned to look at her father and a surge of love burst through her heart. She had neglected him very badly and the only time she had let herself really love him was before leaving him for her honeymoon with Edward. She resolved that now she had another chance to right her wrongs with Charlie. "I can't wait to be home… dad."

His smile could have lit the whole world. When he parked the car, Bella took her time in getting out. She knew whom she was going to see. Slowly she looked up and there he was, still young, not yet a buff and tall shape shifter.

His eyes though, his eyes were the same. Dark, intense with a touch of maturity and passion that had drawn her in the first time around. "Jake." She whispered, and she knew that her road back to Edward might not be as easy as she thought it would.