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Chapter 31

The day of the infamous party had arrived, and Bella was a mass of nerves. There was absolutely nothing that she could do to prevent the disaster to strike. She had arrived at Leah's house in the early morning and had finally met her beloved cousin Emily.

She and Emily had talked a bit, but Bella couldn't shake the feeling that Leah's cousin would never make Sam happy the way Leah did. It was hard to watch the two cousins together because it was evident that they were bonded by a great affection.

Bella sighed and prepared herself for the support she would have to give to Leah. Then an idea appeared in her mind and a plan started forming, there was still hope. She went out of the house just in time to see Sam coming; she moved swiftly to intercept him. "Sammy, can we talk for a minute?"

He smiled at her. "Sure Bell, what's up?"

She bit her lip trying not to look too nervous. "I was thinking about imprinting… you haven't marked Leah yet and I just thought that maybe you should avoid looking other girls in their eyes… like Emily for example. I know it's silly to think that you might imprint on her… but you never know…"

Sam looked pensive for a moment and a frown marred his forehead. "You're right, I haven't thought about that! What if I imprint on another girl during Leah's party?" He looked agitated. "I can't really go in, Bell… I really can't…"

"Sam, take a deep breath. I didn't say that you shouldn't come; Leah won't forgive you if you don't show up. I just told you to be careful, just in case…" She told him trying to reassure the now super-nervous wolf. "And you can't look like this, you seem scared to death."

He laughed then. "I am scared to death, Bell. When you told me about marking her, I was a fool not to do it as soon as I got the chance. I knew I wanted to be with Leah for the rest of my life, but I wasn't sure she deserved this life with me. Now I realize that I might have made a mistake and there isn't any way I can avoid a disaster."

"Just don't look any girl in the eyes." She repeated.

"I won't and as soon as this party is over, I'll talk with Leah and mark her." Sam replied and then looked at her with his dark eyes, so similar to Jacob's one. "Thank you Bell, for always being there for me and Leah."

"You're welcome, now let's get inside before Leah comes out and kills us." She said.

They entered together in the house, Bella could feel tension radiating from him and on an impulse she placed her hand on his arm and whispered. "Breath Sam."

He chuckled and some tension left his body. Bella saw Emily frowning at the intimacy that she displayed with Sam. She hoped that the other girl wouldn't think that she was trying to steal Sam from Leah.

"Sam, you're here!" Leah shouted happily and she hugged him.

Sam held her close and kissed the crown of her hair. "I wouldn't miss this party for anything."

Leah took Sam hand and led him to her cousin. "Sam this is Emily, Emily this is the love of my life Sam."

Bella was shaking so badly, this was the moment of truth. She watched Sam taking Emily's hand without looking at her. Her fear was palpable by then as was his, she could feel his terror. What if for a moment he forgot to not look up?

A bump on her shoulder distracted her momentarily. She turned and met the sweet amused eyes of Jared. "Bellabell, you look paler than usual. Everything is okay?"

She nodded not sure that she could speak yet.

He passed an arm around her shoulder. "Is there any girl that you think might be interesting to know? Though the one I want is here in my arms already." He whispered.

She shook his arm off. "Jay... You can't really say these kinds of things..."

"I know but I can't really stop what I feel for you." He told her.

"But we agreed... You know that I only want Jake." She said seriously. "I'm sure you'll meet the right girl soon."

"If you're talking about an imprint, I hope you're wrong." He growled.

They were interrupted by Paul's arrival. "Hey babe looking good today, ready to leave the wimp for me?" He told her flirtatiously.

She shook her head, Paul was incorrigible. Then she saw him looking at Emily and she felt the exact moment he imprinted on her. She was shocked and overjoyed at the same time.

Paul had imprinted on Emily!

Sam was safe from her, but at the same time she worried. The imprint had been messed, Emily should have been Sam's, and Kim was for Jared or not? And who would imprint on Claire?

She was stopped in her reverie by Jared's chuckle." Bellabell, you've just been replaced in Paul's heart."

"He imprinted on Emily." She whispered, watching with fascination the way Paul was holding Emily's hand and how she was smiling brightly at him.

Sam turned his eyes on her with a shocked expression, she knew he had heard her and nodded. Sam paled considerably, he was now officially spooked at the idea of looking anyone in the eyes. She saw him whispering something to Leah; his girlfriend frowned and shook her head. He said something else and before Leah could reply he took Paul by the arm and got out of the house.

Jared turned to look at Bella and smiled. "I guess I better go and see what's going on."

Jacob chose this moment to come in. "Hey Bells, what's going on? Why was Sam running away like the devil was following him?"

Bella moved closer and whispered. "Paul imprinted on Emily, Leah's cousin, and he's scared that he might imprint too."

"Hmmm…. That's shocking! Wow, we just have our first imprinted wolf. We can see what will happen now." Jacob said pensively.

"Jake! Paul isn't going to be your Guinea pig. You need to be there for him and Emily." She scolded him.

He looked a bit repentant. "Sorry Bells… you've to admit that he's a pig though." And his grin was contagious and she grinned back.

"Yeah… at least he won't flirt with me anymore." She replied.

"One down and one to go!" He said. Bella looked at him questioningly. "Well, I now have to worry only about Jared… until he imprints."

Bella blushed. "You know I only see and want you…"

He placed his arm around her shoulder. "I know Bells, but I'll still be happier once he imprints. The guy is cool but he really likes you and that it's bothersome to bear when we patrol."

She pressed herself closer to Jake's body, feeling that his warmth was calming her down. "We have so many problems to face and we're so young."

"Bells, whatever danger will be thrown at us, we'll make it through because we've each other. I'm so grateful that you decided to give me a chance and that you trusted me with your heart." He murmured.

She closed her eyes because she didn't want to cry. She had gone a long way from the girl that she had been in her previous life. Now she had a future with Jacob, a pack of wolves to look after and his and her family at their side. She felt blessed and lucky to have had another chance. "I am the lucky one Jacob, thank you for not giving up on me." She whispered back and even though she knew that this Jacob wasn't the Jacob that fought for her life, she loved him immensely anyway.

Meanwhile in Volterra

"So the girl hasn't been changed yet?" Caius asked.

"No, apparently there's been a misunderstanding and she wants someone else." Aro replied.

"This is unacceptable, she has to be turned or she has to die." Caius said.

"All in due time, my brother. The Cullens need to be taught a lesson, and you know what I want." Aro smirked.

Marcus sighed. "Alice will never join the Guard."

"We will see, my brother. We will see…"