under my facade

I got the prompts and pairing for this fic from the Prompts, Oh, Prompts thread on NGF.

February 17th's prompts:

inevitable heartbreak

passion ; cool eyes ; invincible

a boy like that wants one thing only / and when he's done he'll leave you lonely - A Boy Like That/I Have A Love, West Side Story

Their bodies almost moved like one, in a blur of turquoise and dark red hair. His every limb was against hers; his every breath making her breathless, and his very presence dampening hers.

His usually cool eyes were on fire, alight with lust, and maybe, she thought then, love. The very passion with which he kissed her caught her off guard. Every single kiss was precious for her.

But early in the morning, when he was watching her get dressed, she softly said, "Teddy, last night was great. But - it's just that...we're almost family." He rolled those same lusty eyes and came closer. "You think too much, Lils," he whispered, kissing her again, and expertly taking off her shirt that she had just put on. And she just decided to take his advice and let it go.

After that, it was too late to turn back. They went for it almost every single night to the very last when he left.

She carefully crept nearer to the room, the noises increasing every second, expecting one of her cousins. The door stood slightly ajar, and she pushed it open, and peered inside. The sight that met her eyes still haunted her whenever she thought of him.

They were on the bed almost glued to each other, each wearing half of their clothes. They stopped moving abruptly, and looked around at her.

The vibrant orange hair, so different than it was when he had been doing the same thing to her, struck her first. Then, only did she have the courage to look at their faces.

She saw her cousin looking apologetic and embarrassed. But not him.

His face was emotionless, without any trace of a sorry or even an acknowledgement of anything that had happened between them.

Tears threatened to burst from her eyes, but she said, with a nonchalant tone, "Sorry, Dom. I didn't mean to interrupt." She turned around, not waiting for a reply. Rushing to her room, she slammed the door shut, and let the tears burst.

Now she wished she had turned back. Because now, the pain was invincible. And she couldn't turn back even if she wanted to.

Lily Luna Potter had experienced one of those inevitable heartbreaks that any teenage girl did.

But she was still Lily Luna Potter. Outside, she was the same fiery and passionate Lily. She just never let anyone know what was under that facade.

My first ever LilyTeddy! Yah! And that too, with no mention of Victoire! /proud of myself

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