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Santana POV

It was the beginning of my second year in college. Everything seemed to be going great for me. But of course I am Santana freakin Lopez, no one could mess with me. My first year started out a bit awkward. I wasn´t in the closet anymore and soon, I had made a name around the school.

Every girl practically threw themselves in my arms, not that it bothers me. I've always enjoyed sex, but I never go into the cuddling part. Some girls just wouldn't leave me alone afterwards though, but I can't blame them. I'm the hottest piece of ass in the entire school and I'm good with flirting and charming the ladies, even straight girls have spent the night in my bed.

I'm not very into the straight girls, because after the mind blowing sex I gave them, they always whined about they were straight and never should have done this. Although there was a good thing about it, they always left before I had to come up with an excuse to get the girl the hell out of my room.

I've never had an actual girlfriend, well some girls thought they were my girlfriend, but so did two other girls at the same time. I managed to keep it a secret, but eventually one of them (Sugar) caught me in the shower with (ugh what was her name again, never mind I just call her the hot blonde) and so I lost them. It was actually a relief, because it was exhausting to remember all the lies I told them.

My roommate Quinn is a bad ass. We're friends since day one and she was so understanding when I told her about being gay. Well I didn't exactly told Quinn, I showed her in my bed. Yep it was pretty awkward for a while, but we've talked about it and we both decided to just stay friends and never do it again. We liked each others company and sex would just ruin our friendship. Besides, Quinn had a thing for a short brunette, Rachel Berry, I think she is annoying as hell, always talking about Barbara Streisand or whatever that comes out of the hobbits mouth.

Anyways here I am, in my bed with the biggest hangover ever. Ugh why do I always have to drink so much.

I looked over to my side to see a half naked girl beside me with her eyes closed. Great, just what I need, a hangover, and some random hook up drooling all over my pillow. I looked to the other side of the room and saw that Quinns bed was empty. Fuck, now what do I say to this girl to get her out. Quinn always helps me to get rid of them.

I quickly took my Phone and began typing a message:

TO FABRAY: Hey fattie, where are you? I seriously need you to come rescue me from god knows who.

We always call each other different names, but we both know it's never meant in a negative way. Sometimes we act like we're best friends and the next day we insult the hell out of each other. That's just one of the reasons why we love each other. We can be ourselves without judging.

Suddenly I heard a sigh behind me and I saw that the girl began to wake up. Shit, fabray where are you when I need you.


INCOMING FABRAY: Hey satan, again? I'll be right there, but you owe me one

TO FABRAY: thanks, where the hell are you anyways? Dont tell me you're with man hands

INCOMING FABRAY: Dont call her that, and yes I am. Watch it or you can handle it yourself.

TO FABRAY: Fine, just get here.

I was laying with my back towards the girl, when I suddenly felt a hand around my waist and a head breathing heavily in my neck. I turned around and saw a hot brunette looking at me with tired eyes.

"uhm goodmorning uh'' shit what was her name again.

"Don't worry, I know you don't like to cuddle, I'll just take a quick shower and I'll be on my way" the brunette said.

Before she got up, to leave me a little shocked, she lowered her head and whispered in my ear
''and by the way my name is Lauren and you were amazing'' She then turned around and walked to the bathroom. Fuck maybe that girl wasn't so bad after all.

Ten minutes later Lauren left and gave the me a quick peck on the lips. '' call me whenever you want to you know…...''she said. I winked at her and said '' I will babe'' With that I shut the door to never call her again.

I left the shower with just a towel and walked into the room. I froze in my spot when I saw Quinn walking in with the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She was tall with long blond hear. Her legs were toned and seemed endless. Her eyes were the most gorgeous blue I had ever seen and her body was smokin. Although her choice of clothes were a little bit strange. If Quinn hadn't snapped her fingers in front of me, I would have just keep staring and say nothing.

''Hee babe are you in there?, I see that you don´t need my help anymore'' Quinn said playfully, looking around the room.

''This is Brittany, she just transferred here and she has almost the same classes, so I just showed her around a little. She is Rachel's new roommate" Quinn said.

Fuck she was so beautiful, keep it together Santana just say something. "Hi uh I'm S-Santana'' Why was I stuttering this can't be happening. I have to snap out of this.

''Hi, I'm Brittany, are you okay? '' her voice was so caring and soft I couldn't help but think what it would sound like when she is screaming out my name when I...

''He creeper snap out of it'' Quins voice helped me back to reality.

"Knock it off Fabray'' I looked to Brittney and smiled ''Sorry, yeah I'm fine I just was a little shocked to find someone else here, because as you can see I'm not exactly dressed to meet someone new'' I gave her my known wink and walked back to the bathroom.

''It was nice to meet you Brittany'' What the fuck I swear she was just staring at my ass! I looked in those beautiful blue eyes again and said ''You like what you see?''

She instantly blushed when I said it and her cheeks became a little pink, oh I had this girl wrapped around my finger already, this is going to be so easy.

She looked so cute when she was blushing. Wait what, cute? I mean sexy! Damn I just want to get in her pants and get to know her. No I mean just the pants. I was getting so confused just with looking into her eyes.

''O Santana don't be such a perve'' Quinn said and smiled at Brittany ''Sorry Santana is a little horn ball, but she is really nice once you get to know her''

''Don't be sorry'' Brittney said and smiled before she looked back at me "And to answer your question Santana, no I don't like what I see''

My smile faded away. Wait what? She can't be serious I'm the hottest piece of ass in this joint. And hold up, no one insults Santana Lopez like that, no matter how hot she is Imma bout to go all Lima Heights on this girl. Before I began Brittany saw the change in expression on my face and quickly said: ''Uh no I mean you uh you have a little something right there''

She slowly walked up to me and brushed her finger against my cheek to wipe away the mascara that was scattered on my cheek from the water.

''So, it's all good, now I like what I see'' Brittany said.

When she touched me I instantly felt an electric wave trough my body. No one ever had this effect on me before

''Oh'' I mumbled, ''uhm thank you I thought you uhm, never mind. Quinn I talk to you later, I want to know why you were with Berry all night, no actually I don't blegh, Brittany I see you later I guess?'' I gave her a wink again and walked back to the bathroom to get dressed.

Brittany POV

''Wow'' Quinn said, ''For a moment I thought I had to stop her from going all Lima heights on you, but I have never seen Santana be so nice to someone she just met.''

Her words flattered me and I felt kind of happy in a strange way.

''Well, I guess she likes me then'' I said.

Quinn has a strange smile on her face when she says ''Yeah I guess so too, hey Britt I have to go to my next class. Are you free for lunch tomorrow? Me, Santana and Rachel had a deal to get some lunch around 2''

I actually wanted to get some rest in my room, because today was all a bit overwhelming. All the new people, the new school, my roommate Rachel who loved to talk which I loved to do also, Lord tubbington who started smoking again and Santana. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I was surprised I was even able to get some words out of my mouth when I saw her. She was standing in the middle of the room in nothing but a towel draped over her tanned wet body. Her dark hair was messy in a wet bun and her eyes, my god her eyes. Those chocolate brown eyes with a playful, but also confused look.

I still don´t understand why I touched her, but it felt like as if a magnet pulled me towards her. I hope she doesn´t think I´m weird now. But when I touched her I swear I saw goose bumps on her arms. Did I had the same effect on her?

''Hey Britt, you don't have to. I understand if you just want to relax in your room. It's a lot to take in on one day.'' Quinn's voice shook me out of my thoughts.

''What, O no sorry I was just thinking about something. I'd loved to join you guys for lunch'' I smiled a little too big.

''Well, great I see you tomorrow then, I'll walk with you to your next class, come on'' She held her arm out and I took it with mine. I couldn't wait to see the Latina again. There was something about her that was so interesting. I want to get to know her better. I want to be close to her. How could I feel all of this after I just known her for 5 minutes.

English is not my first language, so I'm sorry for the spelling mistakes. Hope you liked it :)