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Brittany POV

I was sitting in front of the TV looking at a Teen mom marathon because it reminds me of Santana. I honestly don't really like it, because there's too much drama for me. I like cartoons or Disney movies because they are just pure joy and carefree to look at. Even though I always have to cry when the lion dies in The Lion King. Santana always acts like she doesn't care, because it's just a fake cartoon movie, but sometimes I feel tears falling on my chest or on my head during the movie. She's so cute when she tries to act all tough, because I know she's far from that.

I looked over at the clock and saw that my roommate Allison is already gone for four hours. When I came downstairs after my phone call with Santana this afternoon, she was gone. I'm kind of worried now, because I have no idea where she is and she looked upset. My phone vibrated on the table and I leaned over the pillow in my lap to grab it.

INCOMING SEXBOMB: I'm drunk and I miss you and I love you and I want to kiss you and I want you to come home to me. Now please.

A smile grew on my face and I pictured a drunk Santana. She always gets really emotional all of a sudden and over protective, but it's really cute.

I was typing a reply when the front door suddenly opened, I turned around to see Allison walking in. I dropped my phone on the table and stood up.

''Hi, you were gone long.'' I said and tried not sound as worried as I was.

''Yeah, I drove around for a while to clear my head.'' She mumbled.

''Clear your head from what?'' I asked softly.

I took a step closer to her and before I knew it she threw her arms around my shoulders en buried her face in the crook of my neck. Warm liquid trailed down my skin and soft sobbing filled the silence in the room. I got startled a little at the sudden break down and I didn't know what to do to comfort her. I wrapped my arms around her waist and rubbed my hand up and down her back while whispering comforting words. It always helps if I do this with Santana if she's upset. Sometimes I try to kiss away the pain with Santana and that usually helps too, except if I feel that she wants to talk about it. But I can't kiss away the pain for Allison, so I just settle for holding her even though it feels a little awkward.

''Do you want to tell me what's going on?'' I ask when I hear that her sobbing has almost stopped.

I pull back a little and see red swollen eyes from the crying. I hate to see people crying, it feels way better to see a smile on someone's face. Allison sniffs a little before nodding and I take her hand to pull her towards the couch with me.

Once she's settled, I walk towards the kitchen and fill a glass with water. When I walk back I see that she's calmed down again and I plop down next to her.

''Here.'' I smile.

''Thanks.'' She smiles lightly and grabs the water to take a few sips.

''Why are you so upset?'' I ask carefully after she put the glass back on the table.

''Well..'' She coughed. ''Bryan came to me after the dance class because he wanted to talk to me. That's why I was home later than you.''

''What did he want to talk to you about?''

Allison sniffs a little again and it looks like she can burst out into crying at any moment so I place my hand on her arm. It seems to help her calm down again.

''He basically told me that Beyonce's choreographers think I wasn't good enough and that after my trial weeks, I probably have to look for something else.'' She sobs.

My eyes widen at her words and suddenly worry crushes over me. What if they think that I'm not good enough either.

''Wow did they really say that? How is that possible, you are such a good and talented dancer!'' I let out shocked.

''I thought I was doing good too, but apparently they don't think I'm good enough. But that's not the worst part. I dropped out of college for this, to chase a dream here in Los Angeles. I have nothing to rely on now. I left everything behind to come here, I don't know what I'm supposed to do.'' She says and starts crying again.

I'm still shocked from what everything she's telling me and I can only comfort her again. Nothing that I will say now will make her feel better. Sometimes it's better just to let someone talk and hold them if they are sad. Nothing is more worse than people telling you that everything will be okay, when you know it won't be okay and feel like you just hit the rock bottom.

''I'm so sorry.'' I say softly and pull her against my side again. She curls up into me and while she's crying against my shoulder, I can only think about my own future all of a sudden. Will this be my fate too? I mean, Bryan says that I'm doing a great job so far and is nothing but positive about me. But what happens when I somehow get kicked out too if I decide to come here? I wouldn't have a college degree and if they don't want me somewhere else, I'll end up working in the supermarket my whole life. Maybe it's a little overreacted, because I can always go back to college again. But Santana would've changed colleges for me and I would have to start over on my degree if things don't work out here. Suddenly I feel so much stronger about making a decision about this whole thing.

''I'm sorry for blubbering all over your clothes.'' Allison chuckles lightly and sits up from me.

''Don't worry about it. Sometimes it's nice to cry it all out.'' I said.

''Yeah I feel slightly better now. I know it's all going to be fine eventually, but right now I can't help but feel that my dream is shattered in half you know.''

''I understand that, but if these choreographers don't think you're good enough, they are cray cray.'' I smile and she laughs a little. Santana uses cray cray sometimes and it always makes me laugh.

''And there are so many more chances here in L.A. You don't have to go back. You can still try to chase your dreams, the only one who will ever stop you from doing that is yourself.''

''I want to keep dancing.'' She sniffs lightly.

''Then we're going to find every professional dance studio in this town and kill them with your talent. I'm sure everyone is jumping for a dancer like you.'' I smile.

''You think so?'' She mumbles softly.

''I know so and I'm sure Bryan will help you with it.''

''Yeah he said something like that before I left, I was just too upset to listen to it properly.'' She said and wipes the wetness of her cheeks.

''I understand, maybe it's best to go to sleep now it's pretty late already. You can talk to Bryan first thing in the morning.'' I smile and gave her arm a last comforting squeeze.

''Yeah I think that's for the best.'' She smiles and grabs my hand. ''Thank you Brittany.''

''No problem.'' I smile.

Just when I expect that Allison is going to stand up, she leans forward and before I could understand what she was doing, she presses her lips against mine. My eyes widen at the sudden feeling of unfamiliar lips against mine and I quickly react by pushing her away.

''What are you doing.'' I asked shocked and wipe my lips with the back of my hand.

Allison is looking everywhere but me and she mutters something before finally looking back at me.

''I-I'm sorry I just.. I don't know what I was thinking. You were just so nice and… ''

''I have a girlfriend. Santana is my girlfriend.'' I say a little angry. I know I shouldn't get angry at her now, but she had no right to do that when she knows about that.

''I know, I'm sorry Brittany. I just got caught up in the moment I guess.'' She mumbles and I can see a blush creeping on her cheeks. Her eyes are still red from crying and I feel the anger slowly drifting out of me. Allison is a nice girl, she probably just feels lonely now.

''Get some sleep okay, let's just pretend that it didn't happen.'' I said and manage to smile at her.

''Yeah I should probably do that. Uhm thank you again.'' She smiles a little insecure and walks up the stairs.

As soon as I hear her door closing, I let out a deep sigh. How am I supposed to explain this to Santana. I can't keep it from her what just happened. Maybe it's for the best if I don't tell her, I mean it will only make her upset and it was just a small kiss. I pushed her away as soon as I could so I don't have to feel guilty for that, but I don't like keeping things from Santana even though this is probably not such a big deal. Suddenly I get startled by the sound of my phone on the table again and I grab it to see another text from Santana. A shot of guilt rushes through me and I try to shrug it off before I open it.

INCOMING SEXBOMB: Is my beautiful girl too busy, to text me back? :-( (This is Quinn, Santana asked me to type, because she's too drunk to get the words right. Are you okay?)

Shit, I totally forgot to text Santana back. I know how she can get when I forget to text or call her back when she's drunk. I quickly type a reply while shutting off the TV and the lights in the living room. Walking and texting at the same time is hard so I quickly lock the door and put the rest of the lights out before rushing up to my room. I plop down on my bed and quickly grab my phone. Another text lightens up my screen and I chuckle when I see it's from Santana again. So impatient and cute.

INCOMING SEXBOMB: Babyyyyyyyyy sumthing pwease?:-( Meeh. :-(

That was definitely Santana, I chuckled to myself.

TO SEXBOMB: Hi Honey! I'm sorry it took me longer to reply. Hope you're having fun! I'm going to bed in a minute so I'll talk to you 2morrow okay? Xxxxx I love you too! :)

TO QUINN: Hi Q! Yes everything is okay here! Hope you guys are having fun! Can you take care of Santana for me? I see you next week!:) Xxx

I put my phone on my night stand after I send the messages and walk over to my drawer. I slip into some clean underwear and throw Santana's shirt over my head. It's a little too short for me, but I like how it smells like her. It makes me calm and less nervous about everything. I have to have a good talk with Bryan tomorrow about what I'm going to do. After removing my make up and brushing my teeth, I slip underneath the covers of my bed. Just when I turn out the light, my phone vibrates again. I prop up on one elbow and reach for my phone.

INCOMING SEXBOMB: Dream sexy bout me!:) Love yu. kissy

INCOMNIG QUINN: Yeah, it would've been more fun if you were here too. And of course I'll take care of that crazy drunk ass haha. Enjoy your last week there Britt! Xxx

I smile at the texts and put my phone back on the nightstand. I crawl back under the cover and let out a big tired sigh. Another night sleeping without Santana next to me.

Santana POV

''Gross love birds wake the fuck up! My baby is coming home today whoop whoop!'' I yell as I jump on Quinn's bed.

''Santana her plane lands in four hours, relax.'' Quinn growled and buries herself back into the crook of Rachel's neck.

I roll my eyes and let myself drop on top of both of them. They both let out a loud squeak as I half straddle Rachel and partly straddle Quinn.

''I want to arrange a surprise party for her at breadsticks, please help me.'' I say in my sweetest voice ever.

I see Rachel opening her eyes slightly while Quinn just snuggles closer into her with her eyes shut.

''Don't look at her babe, she's going to do that bambi eye thing with that damn pout.'' Quinn whispers.

''Please.'' I pout again and bounce a little up and down.

Normally I don't beg anyone, especially not Rachel, but this surprise party is for Brittany and I'd do anything for her. My mood is also indestructible today, I can't wait until those four hours are over.

''With what do we have to help then?'' Rachel says after a loud yawn and pulling Quinn closer into her.

''I'm going to sing a song for her and it would be nice if you can invite everyone to come and pick up the cake that I ordered. I'll give you the money for it.'' I say sweetly again.

''I suppose we could do that, right honey?'' Rachel says and looks down at Quinn.

''Ugh fine, Brittany deserves a nice welcome home party. Can you now get off of us Santana?'' She sighs.

''Yay thanks!'' I chuckle. Instead of getting off them, I bounce up and down extra hard.

''Santana!'' Quinn squeals. ''Stop that!''

''Now you know how I feel when you do that to me.'' I chuckle and get off them. .

''Whatever.'' Quinn chuckles. ''Don't forget your appointment with the dean in an hour!''

One hour later…

I was waiting in a stuffy room and shifting a little on my seat. I don't know why I'm nervous for this conversation, maybe because what he says will have a huge impact on my future. A very good, or a not so good. Suddenly the door goes open and a big guy with grey hair and dark eyes stands in the opening while scanning the room.

''Santana Lopez?'' He asks.

I nod and he beckons his head. I let out a nervous breath and follow the dean into his office.

''Take a seat ms Lopez.'' He says and sits on his big chair behind his desk.

''Thank you.'' I said and sit down on the tiny chair. He grabs a file with my name on it and scrolls through it. I wait patiently for him to say something while I feel nerves bubbling up inside of me.

''So, I'm reading here that you are thinking about a transfer to UCLA, is that right?'' He asked and looks up from the file.

''Yes sir, that's right.'' I smile a little insecure.

''Well, your grades are sufficient enough I think to make that possible. But you have to keep these up in order for you to actually get accepted at UCLA. Do you know which major you want to follow there? They don't have the one that you're doing now.''

''Yes I'm aware of that sir. I've seen one major there already that I'm interested in.'' I said.

''Well that's a good thing that you've already examined different possibilities ms Lopez. The only thing that I can advise you now is to keep up the good results and I'm sure there wouldn't be a problem if you decide to transfer to UCLA. It would be a shame for us though to loose such a good student.'' He smiles. ''Even though you are also known around here for being a little rebellious.''

My eyes widen suddenly and I choke almost in my words. I scrape my throat and turn my attention back to the dean.

''Uhm yeah I can work on that sir.'' I mumble.

''I think it's best if you listen to your teachers more often sometimes, it can save you trouble along the way.'' He smiles.

''I will.''

''Good. Do you have any questions for me?''

''Uhm well I was wondering how soon I could transfer?''

''Right, well you can transfer after the semester is done and of course if all the other things are in order too.''

''Okay, that's all I need to know.'' I smile.

He smiles and stands up while stretching his hand out to me.

''I hope everything works out for you Santana.''

''Thank you sir, I hope so too.''

Three hours later.

I was standing in front of the arrival gate where Brittany told me that she would come. I had picked up flowers on my way here and called Quinn and Rachel to ask if everything was ready at Breadsticks for her surprise party. I felt nervous and happy, like it's the first time I'll see her or something. The butterflies in my tummy intensify when slowly people are coming out of the doors. I'm almost jumping up and down to look over the people that are already coming out with their luggage to see if Brittany is there behind them somewhere. Suddenly I see a familiar flash of blonde hair as the doors swung open again and Brittany walks out with her suitcase while scanning the line of people to see where I was. I'm sure that my smile is so big that I could easily fit in my whole fist or something and I felt frozen in my spot at seeing Brittany again. My heart started beating impossible faster and love was pouring through every vein in my body. I quickly snapped out of my trance and raised my hand in the air.

''Brittany!'' I yell.

She turns towards me and as soon as she sees me, a smile similar as mine crosses her face. I quickly walk towards the exit as Brittany comes around from behind it and I practically run towards her.

''San!'' She says excitedly and drops her suitcase and outstretches her arms at me. I throw myself onto her and wrap my arms so tightly around her neck that she lets out a muffled groan. I feel her arms wrapping around my waist and lifting me up in the air. I let out a few squeals as she spins us around and I bury my face in the crook of her neck. Immediately the familiar scent that I love so much invades my nose and gives me tingles all over my body. Her laugh sounds even more perfect than I remember as she puts me back on the floor again.

''I missed you so much babe.'' I said against her ear while trying to hold back my tears.

''Me too.'' She says and pulls back slightly.

I see countless sparks floating through her blue eyes as she leans forward and presses her lips against mine. She kisses me with so much passion, aggressive, but soft, impatient and yet calm like everything is okay again. I let out a moan as I feel her tongue entering my mount and push myself further into her as I kiss her back with all the love I feel for her. After a few minutes I realize we are still very much in a public place and if I don't want to rip her clothes off in the middle of the airport, I should pull away now. I let out a disappointed groan and pull back slightly so that our foreheads are leaning against each other.

''Wow.'' Brittany chuckles lightly and strokes her hands up and down my sides.

''Do I still got it?'' I smirk and place a quick kiss to her lips again, just because I can.

''Very much so, did you keep practicing while I was gone?'' She teased.

''Says the girl who was kissing a wall every day.'' I chuckle.

''Mhm but this..'' She mumbles and presses her lips against mine a little softer and longer than the one I gave her. ''is way better.''

My eyes flutter open again and I'm not sure exactly how I'm still standing straight on two legs while I feel like I'm melting under Brittany's touch.

''Were those for me?'' She smiles and points at the flowers that were lying next to us on the floor.

I snap out of my trance and quickly grab the flowers to hand them to her.

''As a matter of fact, yes they are for you.'' I smile.

''They're beautiful thank you honey.'' She smiles and gives me a kiss.

Now I feel actually kind of frustrated that I organized that party for her while all I want to do right now is make up for the lost time of the past two weeks and spend the rest of the week cuddling and making love in bed or anywhere else.

''Just like you,'' I smirk and causes Brittany to shake her head in amusement. I grab her suitcase handle and with my other hand, I interlace my fingers with Brittany's and start to walk towards the car.

''I can't wait to get home.'' Brittany smiles after stepping into the car. ''I want to show you how much I missed you.'' She purrs and starts leaning over the center console to press feather light kisses in my neck. My breath starts to get heavier by the second and it's insane how turned on I already am now. Those two weeks were definitely no good for my stamina and strength to not take her here in the car. A moan escapes my mouth and I feel Brittany giggling against the skin in my neck. When she's about to straddle my lap, I softly stop her by putting my hand in front of her leg.

''Wait.'' I breathe out.

''What is it?'' Brittany asks confused and drops back in her seat.

''I really want to right now, but I kind of have a surprise for you.'' I smile and trace my fingers over the frown on her forehead so it softens out. A curious smile spreads her lips as she leans into my hand.

''A surprise? What kind of surprise?'' She asks excitedly. ''Did you bring my family here again?''

''No it's not that.'' I chuckle. ''You'll see, but you have to let me drive and I can't concentrate if you are in my lap being all kinds of sexy and adorable.''

''Okay, I'll try to keep my hands to myself.'' She chuckles and buckles herself up in her seat.

''Just for now.'' I wink at her and start the car.

Brittany POV

After driving for almost a half an hour and talking and laughing about some silly stuff, I recognize the street that we're driving in. Santana parks the car in front of Breadsticks and steps out of the car to open my door.

''What are we doing here, isn't it closed?'' I frown as I take her hand that helps me out.

''Is it?'' Santana says confused. ''Let's take a look first.''

I can see on her face expression that she's up to something and that she does know what we are doing here. I decide to let her take the lead and wrap my arm around her waist as we walk towards the door. Santana grabs my hand and twists the doorknob.

''Hmm, I guess it's open.'' She smiles. ''After you my lady.''

I give her a curious look, but she just beckons her head towards the entrance. I step in, but I can' really see anything, because it's dark.

''It looks clo…''

''SURPRISEEEEEEE'' Suddenly the lights go on and I see all my friends standing in front of me. The place is decorated with balloons and a big ''Welcome home Britt'' Sign on the wall behind the stage and a huge cake with a picture of me dancing.

I feel overwhelmed and startled at all of this and quickly kiss and hug Santana before I throw myself on my friends to hug them all.

After an hour, I've talked with almost everyone here and now I'm just enjoying sitting on Santana's lap with her arms wrapped tightly around me while everyone is dancing or talking. While I'm looking around the room, I see Quinn and Rachel dancing and laughing with each other, Puck, Sam. Finn and Mike are laughing too, while Mercedes and Tina are standing with some girls from my dance group.

I slide off Santana's lap so I'm sitting next to her and interlace our hands on my lap.

''Thank you for this. You never stop surprising me.'' I chuckle and press a kiss to her lips. I want to keep kissing her and never pull back, but it's probably not a good idea considering what it will lead to while all our friends are here.

''Well I have another surprise.'' She smiles. ''I've talked to the dean this morning about a possible transfer to UCLA. He said that if I keep up my good results and improve my attitude in class, that it's probably no problem for me to transfer to UCLA. So you don't need to worry about me dropping out of college, we can go to L.A. next semester''

I feel overwhelmed suddenly by all these different emotions. The fact that Santana would do all that for me was overwhelming enough and I'm just confused about what I want now. But I already made a decision.

''I love you so much you know that.'' I smile. Santana suddenly looks at me worried and traces her thumb over my cheek.

''I hope those are happy tears.'' She mumbles sweetly.

''I have to tell you something, but you have to promise me that you won't get mad.'' I say.

''Oookay, what is it?'' She ask with a worried expression.

''I don't want to go to L.A. now, I want to finish college first. Here.''

I can see that Santana's confusion increases.

''Why? I thought that it was your dream to dance and be there?''

''It still is. But I've talked to Bryan about it and he says that I'm still young and that if I finish college next year, that I can call him and he'll arrange something for me again. The choreographers there already said that they would be happy to accept me then. And if anything doesn't work out, I'd still have a college degree so I could make something out of my life.''

''Are you sure that's what you want to do Britt? You're not doing this because of me?'' She asks softly and still a little confused.

''I'm sure I want to do this. I'm not saying that you're not a part of this descion because obviously I care about what you want too, and I know that you want to finish college here. Besides, all of our friends are here, our life is here. When we both graduate college, we can still go to L.A. or wherever we want. I don't care where we're going as long as you are next to me.'' I smile.

''Britt I don't want you to give up your dream.'' She mumbles.

''I'm not giving up on my dream, I'm just proponing it for a year.'' I smile. ''And besides, my biggest dream already came true when I found you and I never want that unbearable feeling of missing you again''

''Me neither Britt, well if this is what you want, I'm behind you one hundred percent.'' She smiles and wraps me up in a tight hug.

''I have to tell you one more thing though and it's not a big deal but I just feel like you should know it, because I don't want to keep anything from you.'' I say a little insecure and pull back from the hug.

''You can tell me.'' She smiles.

''Well I told you about what happened to my roommate, how she got kicked out of the group.''

''Yeah, what about it?''

''Well she was really upset that night and I just tried to comfort her and be nice you know, so when she uhm when she was about to stand up she uhmm…''

''She what?'' Santana asked confused.

''She kind of gave me a kiss, but I pushed her away immediately and told her that I had you!''

''That fucking bitch..'' Santana hisses and pulls away from me.

''Please san don't be mad, she felt really embarrassed and sorry for it and she apologized to me like a hundred times.'' I say as I grab Santana's hand. ''It was more like a quick peck and I pushed her way, but I didn't want to keep it from you. Are you mad at me?''

Santana closes her eyes and shakes her head back and forth before opening her eyes at me again.

''Of course I'm not mad at you. You pushed her away, it just stings a little to hear that someone else touched your lips when they have no right to.''

I quickly wrap my arms around Santana's neck and pull her into me. I kiss her passionately and hold my lips firmly against hers for a second before pulling away slightly.

''You are the only one who can kiss me, and the wall with your picture on it.''

Santana chuckles lightly and I can see that she's not mad anymore. She wasn't mad at me, but I'm sure she was thinking about the fastest way to get to L.A. and attack Allison. Allison talked with Bryan by the way the next morning about what to do and he would help her find another professional dance studio. I'm sure she's going to make it there.

''Let's hope you don't feel any urge to kiss a wall when I'm here.'' She chuckles. ''But thank you for being honest with me Britt.''

''I'll always stay honest with you.'' I smile. ''Oee, I got you a little something while I was there.''

Santana cocks her eyebrow curiously when I take a little box out of my purse.

''I was planning to give it to you when we were alone, but I can't wait anymore.'' I smile and hand it to Santana.

''Britt, what…''

''Relax, I'm not asking you to marry me, yet.'' I chuckle. ''Open it.''

Santana smiles at me before slowly opening the box. Her eyes widen and she clasps one hand in front of her mouth before pulling the little necklace out of the box.

''Now we both have a heart shaped by swans.'' I smile.

''It's beautiful baby.'' Santana breathes out while looking at the necklace. ''Thank you so much.''

''Let me put it on.'' I smile.

I grab the necklace from her hand and Santana turns her back at me. I softly put her hair to the side and put the heart formed by swans, just like the one I got from Santana, around her neck.

She turns around and wraps her arms around me to pull me into a deep kiss. Tingles flutter all over my body as I pull her closer against me. A muffled moan escapes my lips when Santana suddenly pulls back.

''I have another surprise for you too.'' She smiles and gives me a kiss on my cheek before walking towards the stage.

Quinn and Rachel quickly sit beside me and the rest is sitting down too as Santana and the Breadsticks band take the stage.

''Hello Everyone, thank you all for coming to celebrate Brittany returning to us after two horrible weeks.'' She chuckles. ''This next song, I want to dedicate to my girlfriend Brittany.''

''This is so beautiful Britt, I've seen her practice it this morning.'' Rachel whispers excitedly beside me.

I smile back at Rachel and focus my attention on Santana who gives me wink before starting the song.

You found me
Singing songs about the rain
I found you; I couldn't find words to explain
How you were the day I was the dark of night
How the world spun around us like a satellite
How you met me in the middle and I held on tight

You will always be my beautiful distraction
One part sweetness two parts passion
Everyday you make me feel brand new
You asked for my heart not perfection
The first one to lead me in the right direction
This crazy world won't change the same old me
Who loves the same old you

I felt happy tears escaping my eyes and Rachel's and Quinn's hand on mine.

You brought me back when I'd forgotten how to fall
To fall in love
Showed me I could have it all
And not give up a single thing I am
When I said I couldn't you said
Yes we can
It took me all this time now I understand, I do

You will always be my beautiful distraction
One part sweetness two parts passion
Everyday you make me feel brand new
You asked for my heart not perfection
The first one to lead me in the right direction
This crazy world won't change the same old me
Who loves the same old you

Santana's voice keeps mesmerizing me every time, no matter how many times she has sung for me so far. The necklace around her neck sparkles by the spotlight and I look down at the one she gave me. It was meant to be, I know that for sure. Everything that happened, it happened so it all lead to this perfect moment.

Here I am talking about forever
Never thought I'd say it, never ever
Hold me once, hold me twice, hold me for the rest of my life

You will always be my beautiful distraction
One part sweetness two parts passion
Everyday you make me feel brand new

You asked for my heart not perfection
The first one to lead me in the right direction
This crazy world won't change the same old me
Who loves the same old you

Santana POV

The song ends and everyone stands up to cheer for me. I only look at Brittany though who has the most proudest and happiest smile on her face. My heart swells at the sight and it gives me the confidence to do the next thing I planned for her.

''Thank you, I have one last thing that I want to do, before I'll get off the stage and let everyone drink and dance like morons again'' I chuckle.

''So uhm I kind of wrote a letter for you Britt. While you were away, I obviously spend a lot of time thinking about what this would all mean for us. You know I'm not that good with words, so I wrote them down. I uhm, I'll just read them now.'' I smile nervously.

No one knew that I was going to do this too, and I saw everyone looking at me with confusion and curiosity. Brittany mouthed 'I love you' with a smile and it gave me the courage to this in front of every one. I quickly grabbed the little letter out of my pocket and scraped my throat before reading out the words that I wrote over the past two weeks.

Dear Brittany,

I never thought that I would ever find something that some people can only dream about. I never thought that I would be worth it, to have someone like you. So sudden and so unexpected, I understood what people talked about, when they were talking about love. No words could ever say how much I love you. No song that is ever written, can explain exactly how I feel about you. Only you know what I feel for you.

No matter what I do or say, whoever I was or am, it doesn't make a difference to you. You will always be honest with me. Express what you think, instead of always saying what I want to hear. Like no one else you know what I can be like and how to get me back. Honestly I don't know what I would do without you.

If I forget myself, you bring me back and I know it. If I would ever get lost and don't recognize any roads in life, I only have to look at you and I know who I am again.

One word is enough, sometimes even a glance. You simply nod if no one understands me. If I think I know better than everyone else again and try to get my way, you prove me wrong every time. Like no one else you know what I can be like and how to get me back.

Before time is gone and the thoughts that are on my lips the whole time will never be spoken, I want you to know now, Thank you. Thank you for being my light and love, but most importantly, thank you for changing me.. into myself.

With all my love, forever yours, Santana.

The End