Siempre Mi Amor

Ikuto and Amu are finally getting married, but when Tadase decides to attend the wedding, Ikuto finds himself in a battle to win over his girlfriend all over again. Crackling with sexual tension and scandalous relationships, will it take more than charm, seduction, and feline curiosity to have Amu?

Chapter Two

From the kitchen, Kairi was busy chopping up vegetables and putting them into a pot. He glanced up at a visitor in the doorway and nearly cut off his finger.

"King!" He said with an almost breathless tone.

"Hello, Sanjo," Tadase returned, taking a seat at the table in the center of the kitchen. The room was small and well organized; a color scheme of brown cabinets and black marble. It was a rather clean house, which was to be expected of Kairi, but a surprise from Yaya. "Am I not welcome?"

Kairi wiped his hands off on a rag beside the sink and pulled off his apron. "Of course you are. It's good to see you," he explained, pushing his oval glasses up the bridge of his nose. He took the seat across from Tadase. "I'm just curious why you're here all of a sudden."

Tadase chuckled. "Why, there's no need to be nervous, Sanjo." Kairi raised an eyebrow. "I have been invited here, after all." He reached into the inside pocket of his coat and pulled out the note. He handed it to Kairi.

The former Jack chair adjusted his glasses and gasped. "This is an invitation to Hinamori-san and Tsukiyomi's wedding." He looked up at Tadase in disbelief. "And you've been invited? By who?"


The kingly boy was attacked from behind by a ruthless hug from the one and only Yaya. Her grip was strong for such a small girl, nearly choking him.

She pulled back and smiled down at Tadase. "I'm so glad you came. I didn't think you would!" she chirped.

He laughed, possessing the same charm and charisma he always had, only now it seemed intensified. "Thank you again, Yaya, for inviting me."

Sanjo gulped. He should have known Tadase would take advantage of Yaya's naïve state of mind. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat. "Um, Yaya, have you spoken to Hinamori-san about this?"

Yaya shook her head. Today, she traded her signature pigtails for curls that fell over her shoulders. She still had to make it to the salon to get it done for the wedding. "No, I wanted it to be a surprise. Now we're all together again."

Sanjo sighed and took off his glasses, rubbing at the space between his eyes. This was going to be an interesting day, indeed.

Yaya scuffled over to the living room and Tadase grinned at Kairi.

"It seems Yaya has mellowed down a bit. Your work?"

Kairi slipped his glasses back on. "She's just a little drained, is all. She's been excited for this wedding all year."

Tadase laughed. "Of course." He measured Kairi's expression. "I am surprised that you are going though, Sanjo. Weren't you also in love with Amu?"

Kairi flushed, swallowing. "T-That was in the past," he stuttered for a moment, then regained control of his composure. "Though I assume the same cannot be said for you?"

Tadase merely grinned.

Yaya returned with a present wrapped in green wrapping paper and pink string. "We got Amu a blender for the wedding."

Tadase blinked, surprised. "Hmm, how…practical of you, Yaya." He shot Kairi a glance.

Yaya pouted. "I wanted to get her a stuffed animal, but Kairi said they'd get the wrong idea." She crossed her arms, oblivious to the now flushing Kairi. "What did you get them, Tadase?"

Tadase laughed at both his companions and stood up. "You'll see my gift, soon enough." He gave them a quick bow and walked on out of the tidy apartment.

"I can't believe that bastard is back," Utau shouted, picking up her phone and flinging it across the room. It hit the wall and split in half, but the blonde was too furious to care.

"Calm down, Utau," Kukai soothed beside her. He was half as mad, and possibly frightened of his girlfriend. "He's already here. There's nothing we can do now."

Violet eyes burned into his gaze and he felt himself take a hesitant step back. "You know what this means, don't you? Nagihiko must be here as well."

The room grew silent, suddenly remembering the small blond sitting perfectly still on the couch. Realizing the atmosphere, they took their conversation to a more private room in the apartment.

The door slammed, though Rima didn't react to it. She simply stared at the white carpet beneath her feet, recalling the name Nagihiko. She had just run into the said man earlier today.

Rima Mashiro exited the salon with a deep scowl on her face, but the hairdresser wasn't to blame for her sour mood. She had been mad the entire day, glaring at innocent bystanders and scolding anyone that tried to speak to her, with the exception of her friends. She managed to keep her composure, but only to those who mattered. Everyone else was simply a nuisance.

"Good morning." A smooth voice beckoned from behind her.

Rima froze in the middle of the sidewalk. She was in an inner battle, trying to decide whether or not to turn around. It had been years, years, since she last heard that voice, speaking the words that broke her very heart.

Her surprised expression quickly turned into a frown and she whirled around.

"What Nagi-"

The words disappeared from her mouth. In front of her, arms crossed and a simple smile on his face was Nagihiko in a striking black and white tuxedo. The black color sculpted his lean frame, making him appear darker, sexier. Rima cursed at such thoughts, surprised his hair was cut short, to his shoulders, or perhaps he was simply wearing a wig.

"It's been a while, Mashiro."

Rima internally cursed again. There was something sensual about the way he said her last name and she absolutely hated it. "What?" She demanded in a flat voice. If she had planned to leave him breathless, that certainly wasn't going to happen now.

"You're always so forward, Mashiro." He played with her name again. "It's one of your best qualities."

Rima glared. He was obviously playing some kind of game with her, gauging her expression, but she was in no condition to do anything today. She simply wanted to get this wedding over with and brood in her bedroom.

"Why are you here, Nagihiko?"

He smiled. "To break up a wedding, of course."

Rima gasped. If Nagihiko said that, that must have meant Tadase was behind this. "You can't do that," she whispered, surprised how unopposed her voice sounded.

Nagihiko saw his opening and approached the small, fragile girl. Rima took steps back in return, turning and making her way down the street. Nagihiko accompanied her stroll.

"Face it, Mashiro. You want this just as much as I do."

Rima's fists clenched. "What are you talking about?"

"You don't want them to get married either."

She looked up at him, feeling a certain smallness beside his long, dance figure. People would think she was his younger sister, or worse, her babysitter. It was truly unfair how different they were. Maybe that's why things never worked out.

Rima looked back at the street. "That's not true."

"It is," he reasoned, and as always, casually broke her heart, "because if Amu gets married, she would leave you, and you would be all alone in that little apartment of yours, watching as your friend moved on, found a career, had kids. And here you would be, still so sad, still so alone."

"Shut up," Rima growled.

"You know, you'll always be a second choice, Rima. You were to Utau. Why, if she and Kukai didn't decide to share an apartment, she'd be living with Amu." Rima's head snapped up to his. "And what would happen if, say, they broke up?"

Rima glowered at the purple haired gentleman. "So is that your plan?" she accused. "Break everyone up and leave them to rot?"

Nagihiko laughed. "Why, I wouldn't do that a second time, Rima." He took a step toward her and was bold enough to caress her cheek. "You were a special case, if I recall."

Rima glared and slapped his hand away. "Get away from me," she hissed.

Nagihiko lifted his hands up, showing no offense. "I'm simply here with a warning, Mashiro. You can either help me, or wind up alone, just like you planned to." He raised an eyebrow. "Isn't that why you're so mad today?"

Rima went to say something, but nothing came out. She had been humiliated by him, treated like she was always the lesser one. She felt like the third wheel to everyone and would eventually be left to rot.

Without anything else to say, Nagihiko retreated, leaving Rima to cry beside the apartment complex until her eyes burned.

Ikuto watched as Nagihiko circled the room, picking up various objects. He had started at Amu's side, what was still left for the movers to pick up then made his way to Rima's belongings. He was being rather noisy, digging into drawers and staring at picture frames. His eyes rested on a pair of silver earrings and he sighed.

Ikuto hadn't taken his eyes off Nagihiko since he had first appeared. Even as he guided Amu into the bathroom and shut the door, he refused to think Nagihiko was here as visitor. Whenever Nagihiko wanted something, it always involved the king. What an obedient bastard he was.

Nagihiko finally turned and acknowledged Ikuto. "You don't seem to be attending a wedding." His head tilted to the side. "Had I been mistaken?"

Ikuto glared at his words. "I don't recall inviting you here," he said instead, then with more acid added, "or the kiddy king."

The smile on Nagihiko's face appeared rather lifeless. "Why, we received an invitation." There was a certain confidence to his statement that wiped away any doubts of a lie. "But that's not what I came here for."

"Mashiro isn't here," Ikuto answered as Nagihiko once again glanced at her side of the room.

"Ah, yes, Rima." The cruel smile was back. "I've been fortunate enough to speak to her already though. I wanted to greet the bride."

"Go to hell." Was the response he received.

Nagihiko laughed. "Alright, I suppose my timing was off." He gave a slight bow. "But If I may suggest, please do delay the wedding." He glanced up at Ikuto and smirked. "The king does find such ceremonies delightful. Especially when there is a musician involved."

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