Tears Never Dry



Ziva entered the office, 2 hours late. Her face had never been colourless in this sense and her eyes showed some kind of lost.

"Ziva, nice of you to join us," Gibbs commented. He expected tardiness of Tony, but never Ziva.

She avoided his eyes and slowed her pace. Tony was missing, but McGee was at his desk as usual.

"Care to give us a reason for being late? Did you have something better to do?"

Ziva now felt the tears bubble in her eyes, and before she knew it, she was sobbing her heart out. Gibbs stood up and walked over, placing his arms around her body. His jacket slowly became wet as she let her emotions pour out.

"What's happened, Ze-evah?" he asked softly, pronouncing her name in his own special way.

"Just before I was about to leave for work this morning, I received a call from an Israeli number," her head left his body, "It was my old neighbour Haya. I just thought that it was a nice, courtesy call. But then I found out there was an explosion at a Mossad get-together. 20 agents were killed, including some of my closest friends. The reason I was late this morning is because I've been making several frantic phone calls to find out what exactly has happened. I almost called my aba before I chickened out."

"Oh," she knew that Gibbs wasn't going to apologise, and she fully accepted that.

Ziva let go of him and turned around, to find McGee. He pulled her into a hug. This surprised her. She'd hugged Abby plenty of times, Gibbs a few and even Tony once or twice, but never McGee.

"Will you be okay to work today?" he asked, his tone full of sympathy.

"Yes, thank you," she told him.

She detached herself from him and gave a weak grin, oblivious that it still looked like a river was running down her cheeks. She sighed and began to sob quietly again.

"Hey boss, I've got….Zi, what's happened?"

She ran full-forced into Tony's arms. His face was instantly one of concern.

"Long story short: a group of my friends were killed in Israel," she whispered in-between sobs. He nodded silently and rocked her gently.

"It's going to be okay," he took a stab in the dark at comforting her; "They didn't die in vain. I bet they're in Heaven right now, watching you. Smiling at you."

He didn't even believe in Heaven or Hell, but he knew Ziva did.

"Thank you," she whispered. He nodded, still holding onto her. He didn't want to let go, and she didn't want him to either.

"You want to stay at my place tonight?" he kissed her forehead, wishing that it could be her lips.

"Please," Ziva replied, "Thank you, Tony. That's kind of you."

"You're welcome," he finally let her go.

They both went back to their seats, oblivious to the looks they were getting from their co-workers.

That evening, they drove back to Tony's apartment, in complete silence.

And what happened that night is a story for another day.

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